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Art of Recovery

Leili T. Pritschet

Leili T. Pritschet,
In the Name of GOD the Compassionate the Merciful

Leili T. Pritschet, Window of living past

Creating is a wound turned into light.

Events related to a major historical change and revolution made me disabled. The same mishap was the catalyst for me to become a better artist. The long journey to recovery became a road to my self-discovery.

With my art, I take journeys to my inner self, listen to the rhythm of my heart, observe mother Earth, and get encouragement to survive.

Art has been a tremendous tool in my healing process. As a citizen of the world, I choose art as my one true global language. Art knows no nation, favors no race, and acknowledges no class.

Creating art helps me survive, revive, and transform. Art transcends my ordinary life and lets me imagine its extraordinary possibilities. Creating is not part of my life, nor is it an addition to my life. Rather, it is the essence of my life. It fulfills me. Art makes my thoughts and experiences visible, and helps me share my inner-self with viewers in the privacy of their minds.

I can express my inner-self from conscious or subconscious, on a spiritual level, by creating performing or visual arts.

With each dance or each stroke of the paint brush, my body and spirit begin to heal.

My art is beauty, desperation, and frustration mixed with anger. Through my art I express the joys and sorrows of living.

Creating art helps me explore unknown aspects in every nook and cranny of myself. With exploration within, I have become aware of my vulnerabilities and found the courage to expose them.

Every time I make art, I am manifesting energy. I used this positive energy to cope and move on.

I have accepted my disabilities, and I am using them as my abilities. I am loosening up my fears and wounded knots in order to restore the dignity of my spirit.

I have a difficult task to retrieve my smashed soul back to my body, but I am determined to heal the wounds of torture.

I am trying to let in the light.

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