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Panel Review Order List

Artist Initiative Photography Panel B

Wednesday–Thursday, October 25–26, 2017
10:30 a.m. the first day and 9:00 a.m. the second day
Minnesota State Arts Board meeting room

Applicants to be reviewed

Please note that eligibility is subject to change and applicants may be reviewed in a different order than listed below.

  1. Brian Jeremiason
  2. Brett Kallusky
  3. Ellie Kingsbury
  4. Meghan Kirkwood
  5. John Kohring
  6. Lindsey Kusterman
  7. Vince Leo
  8. Mary Ludington
  9. Simone Lueck
  10. Alison Malone
  11. Nikki McComb
  12. Miles Mendenhall
  13. Frank Meuschke
  14. Laura Migliorino
  15. Eric Mueller
  16. W. Scott Olsen
  17. Dick Otto
  18. Jason Pearson
  19. Tony Proechel
  20. Erika Ritzel
  21. Carla Rodriguez
  22. Paul Shambroom
  23. Jovan Speller
  24. Keith Taylor
  25. Roger Watts
  26. Sara Belleau
  27. Jennifer Bong
  28. Priscilla Briggs
  29. Linda Brooks
  30. Bill Cottman
  31. Ni'Kol Imani
  32. Anna Eveslage
  33. Vance Gellert
  34. Peter Happel Christian
  35. David Heberlein
  36. Lacey Prpic Hedtke
  37. Pao Her
  38. Daniel Huiting
  39. Tom Samuelson

About the panel meetings

Arts Board meetings and advisory panel meetings are open to the public and conducted in accordance with Minnesota's Open Meeting Law. Applicants and the public are welcome to attend and watch panel meetings, however they are asked to refrain from participation in or influencing the panel process.

Attending a panel meeting is encouraged to view how panels consider applications, which may provide valuable information in helping write applications in the future. Most panel meetings are held in the Arts Board office meeting room. Please contact the program officer, meeting facilitator, or any Arts Board staff member with additional questions.

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