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Panel Review Order List

Artist Initiative Visual Arts (2 and 3–D) Panel D

Wedneday–Thursday, December 5–6, 2018
10:00 a.m. the first day and 9:00 a.m. the second day
Minnesota State Arts Board meeting room

Applicants to be reviewed

Please note that eligibility is subject to change and applicants may be reviewed in a different order than listed below.

  1. Morgan Mercer
  2. Ernest Miller
  3. Georgia Mrazkova
  4. Jennifer Nevitt
  5. Kristin Pavelka
  6. Elizabeth Pechacek
  7. Ashely Peifer
  8. Alex Petersen
  9. Lela Pierce
  10. Malcom Potek
  11. Nghia Quach
  12. Megan Rye
  13. Adnan Alshati
  14. Monica Sheets
  15. MR. Smith
  16. Rose Smith
  17. Michael Stowell
  18. Whittney Streeter
  19. Adam Swanson
  20. Tim Tozer
  21. Michon Weeks
  22. Gwen Westerman
  23. Kimberly Wetzel
  24. Jody Williams
  25. Andrew Wykes
  26. Kristi Abbott
  27. Katayoun Amjadi
  28. Scott Lloyd Anderson
  29. Matthew Bakkom
  30. Kimberly Benson
  31. Cassandra Buck
  32. Philip Carlton
  33. Romeny Chan
  34. Marlaine Cox
  35. Brently Davis
  36. Emily Donovan
  37. Ronald Duffy
  38. Jil Evans
  39. Cory Favre
  40. Sean Ferris
  41. Anna Garski
  42. Joli Grostephan-Brancato
  43. Amanda Hamilton
  44. Dana Hanson
  45. Christopher Harrison
  46. Jess Hirsch
  47. Jena Holliday
  48. Syed Hosain
  49. Paula Jensen
  50. Margaret Grill
  51. Tia Keobounpheng
  52. Keren Kroul
  53. Paul LaJeunesse
  54. April Malphurs
  55. Bobby Marines
  56. Mike Marks
  57. Paula McCartney

About the panel meetings

Arts Board meetings and advisory panel meetings are open to the public and conducted in accordance with Minnesota's Open Meeting Law. Applicants and the public are welcome to attend and watch panel meetings, however they are asked to refrain from participation in or influencing the panel process.

Attending a panel meeting is encouraged to view how panels consider applications, which may provide valuable information in helping write applications in the future. Most panel meetings are held in the Arts Board office meeting room. Please contact the program officer, meeting facilitator, or any Arts Board staff member with additional questions.

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