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Badger Area Community Heritage Wall. Lead artist Sherri Kruger

  Badger Area Community Heritage Wall  
  Badger – Roseau County  
  2017 Arts Legacy grant – Northwest Minnesota Arts Council  
  Lead artist Sherri Kruger  

Spearheaded by math teacher and mosaic artist, Sherri Kruger, the Community Heritage Wall is a public art piece comprised of stained glass tiles representing the history and culture of the City of Badger, a small quiet town near the Canadian border located along Highway 11. The 24 X 12 foot stained glass mural wall captures the community’s roots in farming and the area’s bucolic beauty, with images of barns, grain elevators, tractors, livestock, and rolling fields included in the subject matter. Landmarks including the city’s water tower, the old Arden Hotel, and a local church are also depicted in the mural.

Over 200 residents obtained hands-on training in the medium of stained glass mosaic to create the mural. Each tile tells a story important to the community. Kruger heard these stories as she worked alongside families and community members who came together to support the project. Located in a newly created park, the Community Heritage Wall informs residents and visitors of the area’s rich history and honors those who contributed to it. As the park draws families and the community together for picnics, reunions, performances, and other gatherings, the artwork will continue to spark conversations about the past and the future.

Kruger obtained initial funding through a Northwest Minnesota Arts Council legacy grant. The piece of the Community Heritage Wall featured in the exhibit is one panel that will be permanently installed on the side of the new gazebo.