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Watermark Arts Center. Quill box by artist Cari Tabor

  Watermark Arts Center  
  Bemidji – Beltrami County  
  2017 Arts Access grant – Region 2 Arts Council  
  Artist Cari Tabor  

Leech Lake Band member Cari Tabor has been doing quill work for a number of years. She learned the skill from a workshop put on by another band member and continues to collect her own birch and quills ever since. Tabor's porcupine quill work was featured in Aazhoomon, a December 2017 exhibit hosted by the Watermark Center for the Arts in the Miikanan Gallery. Watermark Center for the Arts also hosted an art demonstration sharing the art form with the community.

Quillwork has long been a significant part of the Ojibwe tradition, used both for ceremonial and every day purposes. Tabor is carrying on Leech Lake Reservation's tradition of vibrant colorful quilling designs in a distinct and contemporary voice.

Tabor has presented quilling demonstrations as part of Watermark Art Center's 5th and 6th Annual Creative Spirit Fiber Festival, featuring a vendor market with artist talks and demonstrations including weaving, basketry, beading, quilting, and other fiber arts. She continues to share her art and expertise with a wide audience.