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CHOICE, Unlimited
CHOICE, Unlimited
  CHOICE, Unlimited  
  Duluth – Saint Louis County  
  2019 Arts Learning grant – Minnesota State Arts Board  
  CHOICE, Unlimited students  

Recognizing the value and power that art can deliver, the CHOICE, Unlimited ARTS program enables adults with disabilities to nurture self-expression and personal growth, instilling a greater sense of confidence and purpose. The community-based nonprofit organization creates an inclusive environment to promote empowerment, acceptance, and enrichment. The resources provided through CHOICE, Unlimited are particularly valuable in a world where both social and physical barriers often cause individuals with disabilities to feel excluded.

The pieces in the exhibit showcase samples from a number of projects made by individuals who participated in CHOICE, Unlimited's classes, which were made possible by a Minnesota State Arts Board Arts Learning grant. Students learned and demonstrated fundamental approaches and techniques to art making appropriate to their experience levels. The art from these classes was showcased throughout the Duluth area at local exhibit spaces.