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Fergus Falls Center for the Arts

  Fergus Falls Center for the Arts  
  Fergus Falls – Otter Tail County  
  2014 – 2018 Operating Support grants – Minnesota State Arts Board  

A Center for the Arts makes access to arts for residents in this part of the state possible, providing year-round programming of local and touring performers, showcasing music, theater, and dance. The Center also provides art and theater opportunities for children. In 2013, A Center for the Arts created the Fergus Falls Youth Theatre, ensuring that every child who has an interest in participating in theater (and auditions for the show) is cast in a production. For the last three years, summer productions are made up of over 200 youth, with two directors at the helm, performing to sold out shows.

Operating Support grants, as Center for the Arts receives, help ensure programmatic service and administrative stability for arts organizations to support organizations' goals and objectives, while encouraging the creation, promotion, and appreciation of arts. The Fergus Falls community takes pride in defining itself as a thriving rural arts destination, and Legacy funding, including in the form of Operating Support grants, has helped to make this possible.

Photographs courtesy of Michael Burgraff.