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MacRostie Arts Center and Itasca Life Options
MacRostie Arts Center and Itasca Life Options
  MacRostie Arts Center and Itasca Life Options  
  Grand Rapids – Itasca County  
  2018 Arts Access grant – Minnesota State Arts Board  
  Itasca Life Options artists with disabilities  

For MacRostie Art Center, accessibility is imperative. Art is not only an important engine for economic growth and community development, but is central to quality of life. Through an Arts Access grant, the MacRostie Art Center collaborated with Itasca Life Options, a nonprofit organization in the Grand Rapids area serving individuals with developmental disabilities, to provide weekly classes for artists with disabilities and access to opportunities for the artists to exhibit and sell their work.

People with disabilities living in the rural part of the state often lack access to arts programming. Arts Access grants help arts organizations to identify underserved groups or communities and the barriers that keep them from engaging in the arts, and to develop and implement strategies to reduce or eliminate barriers.

MacRostie Arts Center worked with Itasca Life Options as they launched their own storefront and sales gallery to feature the work created through the Center's art program. The selections in this exhibit were part of a 2018 exhibit by artists with disabilities.