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Obsidian Arts. Artist Eyenga Bokamba

  Obsidian Arts  
  Minneapolis – Hennepin County  
  2018 Arts Tour Minnesota grant – Minnesota State Arts Board  
  Artist Eyenga Bokamba  

In broadening perspective on black culture, Obsidian Arts is an organization focused on showcasing Black Fine Arts. With the support of an Arts Tour Minnesota grant, their touring show, Minnesota Black Fine Art, travels across the state and has been featured in numerous galleries in greater Minnesota.

The organization grew out of a public art project that created Minnesota's first public artwork on a highway sound wall and the 17 emerging artists in public art who were involved in that project. Obsidian Arts features the work of artists that portray the experience of people of color, and primarily the black experience.

Obsidian Arts focuses on bringing unknown artists to the forefront, expressing a diversity of talent. The organization provides coaching and artistic alignment to emerging artists, holding them accountable for the goals they set. Obsidian Arts also has a program for ex–felons, using their artistic skills to build new community relationships.

Eyenga Bokamba creates immersive painterly worlds that function on multiple levels to address our political landscape, cultural myths, and intellectual conundrums. Bokamba's work as a painter is deeply informed by her training as a writer and background in performance art. Her greatest desire is to create work that pivots on an axis of understanding and advances our collective consciousness about what it means to be alive, thriving, and empathetic in today's world. She resides in Minneapolis.

Eyenga Bokamba