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Paramount Center for the Arts

  Paramount Center for the Arts  
  Saint Cloud – Stearns County  
  2013 Artist in Residency grant – Central Minnesota Arts Board  
  Somali immigrants and refugees  

Somali refugees in the Saint Cloud area created a welcoming scarf or banner, through a Central Minnesota Arts Board grant awarded to Hands Across the World, a nonprofit community education organization providing learning experiences to newly arrived immigrants and refugees.

Initially installed at the Paramount Center of the Arts in Saint Cloud, the scarf, approximately 38 feet in length and 18 inches wide, traveled the area, including to local medical facilities and religious centers. The refugees who created the scarf had never used sewing machines or done needlework. The technique and skills they learned through the creative project were part of Hands Across the World programming to teach skills for the workforce.

Approximately 28 students completed 12" X 12" blocks, led by fiber art instructor, Solveig Anderson. Refugees traced their hands on fabric, sewing the fabrics together. The piece celebrates the success of artists, bridging and strengthening communities through the common language of art.