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Talahi Community School. Teaching artist Heidi Jeub

  Talahi Community School  
  Saint Cloud – Stearns County  
  2018 Project grant – Central Minnesota Arts Board  
  Teaching artist Heidi Jeub  

Based in Little Falls, artist, teacher, and community leader Heidi Jeub works throughout Minnesota teaching arts, supporting staff, and encouraging creativity in everyday life. Jeub engages students of all ages in after school programs, nonprofit organizations, and senior housing facilities. Through painting and bookmaking, she teaches students to work together to create something bigger than themselves while quietly building confidence within them.

Talahi Community School collaborated with Jeub in a project, "Painting our Friends." The five day residency reached 105 children from five classrooms. Through painting and drawing, kindergarteners learned the many unique qualities of the 14 ethnic groups that make up Talahi Community School. Featured in the exhibit are paintings made by students Nakya, Suneb, Fatma, Crudier, and Archer.