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Arts Center of Saint Peter. Vase by artist Shawn Bagley

  Arts Center of Saint Peter  
  Saint Peter – Nicollet County  
  2018 Community Arts Education Support grant  
  Minnesota State Arts Board  
  Artist Shawn Bagley  

The Arts Center of Saint Peter stimulates and supports a broad range of artistic activity throughout southern Minnesota by providing exhibits, performances, education, and meaningful community outreach.

Many emerging artists call the Arts Center their creative hub and home. The Arts Center provides classes and events, and has developed a community studio residency program for artists sixteen and older. The funding that the center has received to support their pottery programming has resulted in a thriving environment for these developing artists. Emerging artists push themselves and each other to take risks in making and showing their work.

The Arts Center reaches into the community, creating relationships and opportunities for residents. In 2016, the Arts Center first started working with local mental health advocates and patients to broaden understanding of those who live with mental illness. The work led to an exhibit called Changing Minds: Work by Patients at Saint Peter Regional Treatment Center. The Arts Center held its second exhibit on this theme in May 2018.

This work by Shawn Bagley is representative of the Center's community pottery programming. Bagley makes both wood fired and oxidation fired pieces, focusing on functional ware like coffee mugs, bowls, and tumblers. He also makes vases and lidded pieces.