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White Bear Center for the Arts. White Bear Center for the Arts. Teaching artist Wing Young Huie and students

  White Bear Center for the Arts  
  White Bear Lake – Ramsey County  
  2017 Arts Learning grant – Minnesota State Arts Board  
  Teaching artist Wing Young Huie  

White Bear Center for the Arts is the only nonprofit arts organization in the greater northeast metro area that provides a broad range of art opportunities and programs for children, adults, and families. The Center educates new and established artists, cultivates the understanding of art in many forms, and celebrates the joys of art.

In collaboration with White Bear Center for the Arts, celebrated Minnesota photographer Wing Young Huie worked with 27 teachers, giving 60 presentations to over 1,500 students at both White Bear Lake Area High School campuses–North and South.

Wing Young Huie's work documents Minnesotans' changing cultural landscape, challenging assumptions and inviting conversations. Students were asked to interview another student they didn't know. Questions included: What is culture? Do you hide a part of yourself? Where are you the most you? Students then employed an array of artistic mediums–photography, essays, poems, ceramics, videos, and drawings and writings on chalkboards–to reveal the complex realities of their fellow students. The goals were to get students out of their personal, cultural, and technological bubbles to interact with the world around them. The resulting work, curated by the students, was exhibited throughout the public spaces on school campuses and later at White Bear Center for the Arts.