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Bemidji State University
A.C. Clark Library

Title: Architectural Glass
David Wilson
Year: 1999
Media: Mouth-blown glass and lead
Dimensions: 4' x 24'


Vines, Lowe

Workbasket, Parker

Roundup, Wilimek


MN Dept of Transportation
District Headquarters
Reception areas

Title: Collection of 24 works of art

Mel Aaserude
Heidi Allen
Nancy Gipple
Stephen Henning
James Henkel
Frances Keahna
Wendy Lane
Kristin Lowe
Andrew Myklebust
Holly Newton-Swift
Joy Parker
Sheryl Paulson
Paul Ratzloff
Louise Viste-Ross
Anthony White
Gregg Wilimek
Year: 1998
Media: Various
Dimensions: NA


Bemidji State University
Outside Fitness and Recreation Facility

Title: Crosswater
Janet Lofquist
Year: 1990
Media: Conrete and bronza
Dimensions: 102' x 62'