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  Minnesota State Academy for the Blind
Lysen Hall Rotunda

Title: Symmetry
Artist: Robert Gehrke
Year: 2003
Media: Bronze, aluminum, nickel bronze
Dimensions: Four panels 8' X 10"X 4" and two panels 14" X 10"X 4"


Minnesota State Academy for the Deaf
Hanson Green

Title: The Gathering Hand
Philip Rickey
Year: 2001
Media: Earth, Kasota stone,and concrete
Dimensions: 3'3" x 50' x 50'


Minnesota Correctional Facility
Visitors' area

Title: Gameplans Dialogue Project
Keith Christensen
Year: 1999
Media: Film mounted on boards
Dimensions: 7.5' x 13"


Minnesota Correctional Facility
Visitors' and prisoners' entrance

Title: To Change
Darcy Ferrill
Year: 1999
Media: Paint, aluminum, plywood, and plants
Dimensions: 30' x 14' each


Minnesota Correctional Facility
5 locations

Title: Benches
David Culver
Year: 1996
Media: Black granite
Dimensions: Unknown


Minnesota Library for the Blind
West of the library

Title: Octopus and Ice Cream
Stanton Sears & Andrea Myklebust
Year: 1995
Media: Bronze, stone, concrete, and plants
Dimensions: 26' x 8' x 6'


Faribault Technical College
Outer wall of main entrance

Title: 44 North
Stuart Nielsen
Year: 1991
Media: Cast and painted aluminum
Dimensions: 66" x 66"