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40 Saucers, Rudquist

Dark Bales, Bright Sky, Bowling

Western Front #2, Big Bear

Ridgewater College
Moveable collection

Title: Collection of works by 19 artists

Philip Barber
Frank Big Bear
Gary Bowling
Scott Brennan
Gloria Brush
Shelley Cords-Swanson
Irv Dell
Robert Edwards
Lynn Geesaman
Robert Gehrke
Constance Lowe
Mike Lynch
Joyce Lyon
Ken Moylan
Kathryn Nobbe
Carl Oltveldt
George Peer
Monica Rudquist
Jantje Visscher
Year: 1991
Media: Various
Dimensions: Various


Hutchinson-Willmar Technical College
Administration Building

Title: Rising Spiral 3
Jantje Visschar
Year: 1994
Media: Acrylic on Polyester
Dimensions: 48" x 48"


Hutchinson-Willmar Technical College

Title: Sarom
James Kielkopf
Year: 1992
Media: Laminated masonite with acrylic paint
Dimensions: 92" x 89"