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2003 Grant Recipient List

Arts In Education

K-12 Arts Challenge Minnesota

Big Fork Elementary, Big Fork
$2,161; Dance residency with Terrence Smith teaching and leading age appropriate,
multicultural, gender fair, disability aware folk dance

Cloquet Senior High, Cloquet
$2,500; Visual art residency with metalsmith Marcia McEachron on the creation of a
public sculpture incorporating the theme of peace and tranquility

Jefferson Elementary, Willmar
$2,375; Residency with Margo McCreary to create masks, use whole body movement,
age appropriate literature, and music to integrate arts learning

La Crescent-Hokah Elementary, La Crescent
$2,500; Sean Brown will work with 120 fourth grade students on story writing and storytelling

Lakes Area Charter School, Osakis
$2,500; Visual artist Roxann Sorenson will conduct an extended residency focusing on student experiential and project-based learning

Laporte Elementary School, Laporte
$2,038; Ross Sutter will work with elementary students and teachers to explore
songs, dances, and stories from their grandparents and ancestors

Lincoln Elementary, Faribault
$1,520; Perrin Boyd will work with fifth graders using narrative writing and creative clowning

Long Prairie-Grey Eagle Middle School, Long Prairie
$2,500; Visual artist John Acosta will work with students on a multicultural wall mural

McGregor Elementary, McGregor
$2,500; Residency with Mick LaBriola, students will learn traditional hand drumming
techniques and will celebrate cultural diversity

Minnesota New Country School, Henderson
$2,375; Kim Bovee will teach a core group of students oil painting

Minnesota State Academy for the Blind, Faribault
$2,500; Residency with Perrin Boyd to integrate theater arts in a meaningful learning
experience for children who are blind and disabled

Minnewaska Area Schools, Glenwood
$2,500; Music and dance residency with Christopher Yeager, students will learn and perform a variety of rhythms and dances from other cultures

Montgomery-Lonsdale High School, Montgomery
$2,211; Kim Bovee will work with biology students to develop observational skills
and creative expression through various drawing exercises

Morris Area Elementary School, Morris
$1,500; Residency with author Laine Cunningham in which students focus on creative
writing using traditional Australian Aboriginal story paintings as a tool

Mountain Lake Community Education, Mountain Lake
$2,325; Visual arts residency with Elizabeth Manfredi, students will work on a mural project to celebrate the 100 year anniversary of Mountain Lake Public School

Ridgeway Community School, Houston
$2,164; Residency with dancer Terrance Smith to expose students to folk art dancing

Rochester Montessori School, Rochester
$2,500; Sean Brown will lead K-6 students through the stages of storytelling

Swanville High School, Swanville
$2,500; Residency with theater artists Doulas Scholz-Carlson and Elizabeth Dwyer to work with
English and drama students to develop dramatic scenes for the community

Tri-County Public Schools, Karlstad
$1,643; Writer-in-residence Julia Klatt Singer will provide students in grades 5 - 8 with the opportunity to learn from and create prose

Triton Primary School, Dodge Center
$2,500; Residency with Rita Mustaphi, a cultural journey encompassing the diversity of Indian landscapes, habitats, people, language, culture, and dance

Organizational Support

ArtStart, Saint Paul

CLIMB Theatre Company, Inver Grove Heights

COMPAS, Saint Paul

Galumph Performance Troupe, Minneapolis

In the Heart of the Beast Theatre, Minneapolis

Illusion Theater and School, Minneapolis

Intermedia Arts Minnesota, Minneapolis

The Jungle Theater, Minneapolis

MacPhail Center for the Arts, Minneapolis

The Minnesota Opera Company, Minneapolis

Northern Clay Center, Minneapolis

Saint Louis County Heritage and Arts Center, Duluth

SASE: The Write Place, Minneapolis

Stages Theatre Company, Inc., Hopkins

The SteppingStone Theatre, Saint Paul

Young Audiences of Minnesota, Saint Paul

Zenon Dance Company and School, Minneapolis

School Support

Acorn Dual Language Community Academy, Saint Paul
$3,000; Visual arts residency with Jan Elftmann focusing on discarded and collected objects as the medium for producing sculpture

Adams Spanish Immersion Magnet, Saint Paul
$4,200; Muralist Lori Greene will conduct a residency to create a mosaic mural based on indigenous mask arts of the Americas

Armatage Community School, Minneapolis
$8,764; Danielle Daniel and T. Mychael Rambo will give students an opportunity to develop trust in their peers through a theater arts residency

Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City Schools, Grove City
$7,385; Dancer Terrance Smith, visual artist Del Bey, and writer Laine Cunningham will conduct residencies to expand art experiences at two elementary schools

Bancroft Elementary, Minneapolis
$8,200; Leo Lara will explore the concept of sequence through Latin American/Andean songs/dances and Joan Griffith will trace historic rhythms/melodies of music

Clara Barton Open School, Minneapolis
$940; Photographer Barry Kleider will conduct a residency titled "Picturing Family”

Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa Elementary, Belgrade
$2,260; Sean Brown will provide skills for students to discover their own stories/abilities via storytelling, drawing, movement, and writing

Buffalo High School, Buffalo
$2,000; Comprehensive Arts Planning Program (CAPP) grant

Burroughs Community School, Minneapolis
$2,250; Photographer Barry Kleider and visual artist Marie Olofsdotter will conduct residencies on themes of change, transition, moving, and portability

Byron Public Schools, Byron
$4,000; Artist Ross Sutter will work with sixth graders to collect oral histories, and to appreciate cultural context through music and dance

Centerpoint Elementary, White Bear Lake
$2,871; Visual artist Duane Barnhart will conduct a residency using cartooning art skills to communicate ideas and stories

Climax High School, Climax
$2,000; Comprehensive Arts Planning Program (CAPP) grant

Columbus Elementary, Forest Lake
$3,088; Theater artist Rhonda Lund will conduct a residency around the theme "Our World Through New Eyes" utilizing mask making

Katherine Curren Elementary School, Hopkins
$1,062; Poet Sheila O'Connor will conduct a literary arts residency

Fairview Elementary School, Mora
$2,000; Comprehensive Arts Planning Program (CAPP) grant

Fergus Falls Public Schools, Fergus Falls
$2,000; Comprehensive Arts Planning Program (CAPP) grant

Fine Arts Interdisciplinary Resource (FAIR) School, Crystal
$1,755; Dance/theater artist Stuart Pimsler will conduct a residency focusing on connecting dance/theater to core academic curriculum

Garfield Elementary School, Brainerd
$1,300; Storytelling residency with Sean Brown

Gatewood Elementary, Minnetonka
$5,000; Rhonda Lund, Leo Lara, Christopher Yeager, and Mary Jo Pauly will conduct residencies using storytelling, music, dance, and book arts

Highland Elementary, Apple Valley
$4,706; Ross Sutter will teach song and dance; Ruth Waukazo will teach Anishinabe beadwork, and Margo McCreary will teach puppetry

J J. Hill Montessori Magnet School, Saint Paul
$5,000; Musician Leo Lara will help students create instruments and explore South American music and culture; media artist Nicole Erdmann will help students use computer technology in literature

Peter Hobart Primary Center, Saint Louis Park
$5,900; Visual artist Del Bey will lead students in individual and group fabric painting projects

Kelliher Public Schools, Kelliher
$3,849; Visual artist Susan Warner will work with K-12 students on a clay tile mural

Kenny Community School, Minneapolis
$7,746; Self expression and communication residencies with poet Sheila O'Connor, cartoonist Duane Barnhart, musician Ross Sutter, theater artist Perrin Boyd, and ceramic artist Susan Warner

Kenwood Elementary, Minneapolis
$5,060; Visual arts residency using oral traditions of India with artist Gita Kar

Kimball Elementary, Kimball
$1,900; Ceramics artist Linda Moraal will conduct a two-week residency that will focus on the development of students' skill manipulating clay

Lafayette High School, Red Lake Falls
$2,000; Comprehensive Arts Planning Program (CAPP) grant

Lake Harriet Community School, Minneapolis
$3,307; Margaret Rozycki will conduct a residency focused on theater arts and mask making

Linwood A+ Elementary, Saint Paul
$2,909; Composer Raymond Berg will work with students to create an original musical theater production

Long Prairie Elementary, Long Prairie
$3,600; Visual artist John Acosta will conduct a three-week residency focused on mural painting and illustration

Marcy Open School, Minneapolis
$3,910; George Griffiths will conduct a photography residency around the theme of relationships, exploring the science of light as it relates to visual relationships of people
and objects in their space

McLeod West High School, Brownton
$2,566; Poet and author John Minczeski will deliver a sense of excitement and discovery through a week-long poetry residency

Merritt Elementary School, Mountain Iron
$2,000; Comprehensive Arts Planning Program (CAPP) grant

Montevideo Public Schools, Montevideo
$3,550; Florence Dacey will conduct a residency focused on integrating poetry with environmental awareness and learning

Park Spanish Immersion School, Saint Louis Park
$7,000; Muralist Susan Warner, mask maker Marie Olofsdotter, and musician Leo Lara will provide interdisciplinary residencies of Latin-American and African cultures

Powderhorn Community School, Minneapolis
$8,048; Drummer Chico Perez and dancer Roxane Wallace will conduct a residency on building community through West African and Afro-Cuban drumming and dance

Ramsey International Fine Arts Center, Minneapolis
$3,164; Leo Lara will provide a cross-genre understanding of music, dance, song, and culture of the African and Spanish blend of influences in Latin America

Red Lake High School, Red Lake
$6,085; Media artist Kristine Sorensen will create a video arts production to honor the preservation of Red Lake’s cultural history through storytelling

Red Rock Central Elementary, Lamberton
$2,000; Comprehensive Arts Planning Program (CAPP) grant

Saint Charles Elementary, St. Charles
$2,000; Comprehensive Arts Planning Program (CAPP) grant

The Saint Paul Family Learning Center, Saint Paul
$3,350; Photographer Barry Kleider will conduct a residency in which students learn photography as a medium for self-expression and deepen their awareness of community

Sheridan Global Arts and Communications School, Minneapolis
$13,000; Ilene Mojsilov, Maria Olofsdotter, Denise Walker, Susan Boeckmann, Sayer Frey, Sowah Mensah, Amelie Collins, Amanda Degener, and Edwin Beylerian will conduct residencies on the theme, “Where I Am From”

Alice Smith Elementary, Hopkins
$4,660; Rita Mustaphi, Linda Bruning, Danielle Daniel, and Maria Olofsdotter will collaborate on an all-school celebration of arts and literacy

Southside Family School, Minneapolis
$4,000; Media artist Mike Hazard will conduct a three-week residency that teaches the art of video production and focuses on peacemaking activities

Stevens Elementary, Dawson
$12,801; Duane Barnhart, Rhonda Lund, Linda Bruning, Florence Dacey, Timothy Hassenstein, and Ruth Waukazo will work with students in theater arts, literary arts, drawing, storytelling, mask making, and collage

The Studio Academy, Saint Charles
$2,000; Comprehensive Arts Planning Program (CAPP) grant

Anne Sullivan Communication Center, Minneapolis
$5,200; Theater artists T. Mychael Rambo, Margo McCreary, and Linda Bruning will conduct residencies in performance/scriptwriting, puppets, and storytelling

Tuttle Community School, Minneapolis
$4,350; Dancer Christopher Yaeger will teach ethnic dance from world cultures

Wadena-Deer Creek Elementary, Wadena
$1,700; Clowning artist Perrin Boyd will conduct a residency focusing on creative dramatics, movement, and clowning

Webster Magnet Elementary, Saint Paul
$9,720; Musician Sowah Mensah will lead a residency on West African culture, teaching percussion and vocal techniques

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