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2004 Grant Recipient List

Artist Initiative Grants

Literary arts grantees

Elizabeth J. Andrew, Minneapolis
$5,200; to research and write a new novel, Mothers of God

Becca Barniskis, Saint Paul
$3,832; for time and rental of a study space to finish her first manuscript of poems

John L. Clark, Saint Paul
$6,000; to purchase Braille software to translate print into Braille so that he can increase awareness of his work that explores the boundaries of written English and the American language

Richard J. Hermes, Saint Paul
$6,000; for time to turn a collection of short stories into a publishable book

May M. Lee, Saint Paul
$6,000; to attend writing workshops to focus more on details in her writing style, and for two months of uninterrupted time to write

Rachel A. Moritz, Saint Paul
$6,000; to cover travel and research to complete her poetry manuscript, The Sarah Winchester Monologues

Cheryll K. Ostrom, Brooklyn Park
$3,000; to work with an instructor to improve her writing skills, and an editor to review her manuscript, in order to write and publish a full-length book

Dominic Saucedo, Minneapolis
$6,000; to take one semester off from teaching to expand on his novel of three to eight stories

Katherine Schaefer, Minneapolis
$4,000; for editing and mentoring services from a professional writer who will guide her through manuscript revision and preparations for publication

Sun Yung Shin, Minneapolis
$6,000; for time to finish her first poetry manuscript

Norma J. Sommerdorf, Saint Paul
$2,000; to arrange public readings throughout the Upper Midwest from her book, Josette’s Journey, which has been accepted for publication by Holiday Books in New York.

Gwenyth Swain, Saint Paul
$6,000; to research and complete her first draft of Escape From Ellis Island

Noukou S. Thao, Saint Paul
$6,000; for time to focus on a revision of poems she has composed throughout the last nine years and to develop them into a manuscript for publication

David R. Treuer, Minneapolis
$6,000; to retrace the canoe route of explorers Ernest Oberholtzer and Billy Magee with Magee’s grandsons, to conduct research to complete his book Ready Go End Earth

New media grantees

Albert Milgrom, Minneapolis
$6,000; to proceed with mid and final editing of his film Red Barn Project, an hour-long documentary from the “Red Barn Incident” that happened in the 1970s in Dinkytown

Jila Nikpay, Minneapolis
$5,560; to complete the postproduction phase of the film Keepers of the Garden; the work will contribute to the multicultural dialogue in Minnesota, specifically issues pertaining to Iranian society

Michael P. Reano, Saint Paul
$6,000; to research, conduct interviews, and travel to complete the documentary 24x24, a full-length portrait of Michael Wilmington a Chicago Tribune film critic

Sai Thao, Saint Paul
$5,380; to research and travel to complete the work Hidden in My Heart, a 30-minute documentary exploring the lives of Hmong people both in Minnesota and Laos

Va-Megn Thoj, Saint Paul
$2,091; to research and complete the preproduction of his one-hour film, a verite-style documentary about a family of Hmong farmers in Minnesota

Performing arts grantees

Danielle Daniel, Saint Paul
$3,500; to obtain professional documentation of her work and submit an application as a featured storyteller at the National Storytelling Fest in New Orleans

Susana M. di Palma, Minneapolis
$3,000; to attend the Bienal in Sevilla, Spain, the most comprehensive and prestigious Flamenco Festival in the world

Gao Hong, Burnsville
$6,000; to study in Beijing with Lin Shicheng, master of an endangered type of pipa playing called Pudong, to learn never performed or recorded pieces

Christine E. Gangelhoff, Minneapolis
$5,800; for travel expenses to Serbia to study with master Ljubo Zivkov, performing on the flute and clarinet

Miriam B. Gerberg, Saint Paul
$6,000; to create a professionally recorded documentation of her music, and for travel to attend a specialized Arabic Music Institute in Massachusetts

Gülgün Kayim, Minneapolis
$6,000; for time to develop and complete a work-in-progress, The Hidden Room, until it is fully realized in performance

Doug Little, Minneapolis
$6,000; to produce a professional recording of Cuban Voyage, a five-movement suite he composed, and for continued study in Cuba

Ruth C. MacKenzie, Saint Paul
$6,000; to research, compose, and perform a new work called American Psalm, including a two-day workshop with three musicians and four actors/singers

Zaraawar Mistry, Minneapolis
$6,000; to create a new storytelling-theater piece called A Handful of Dust, that explores the contemporary South Asian immigrant experience

Roger Nieboer, Mora
$3,700; to create the theatrical production BI-SKU, which will examine the nature, limitations, and exploitations of human communication

Aparna Ramaswamy, Minneapolis
$6,000; to arrange music with Speaking in Tongues, an ensemble of virtuoso musicians, on four original pieces that also will be choreographed and performed

Ranee A. Ramaswamy, Minneapolis
$6,000; to collaborate with singer Charmin Michelle to choreograph and present two genres of heroines in blues and jazz and traditional Indian Nayika

Heather A. Ross, Minneapolis
$6,000; to attend the Girl Fest Conference in Hawaii as a guest artist to perform before a national audience, and to record and distribute new works

Peter J. Rothstein, Minneapolis
$6,000; to study in Umbria, Italy at the Universita per Stranieri, and to attend and participate in workshops at the La Mama International Symposium for Directors

April L. Sellers, Minneapolis
$5,000; to support a three-week intensive working retreat for the artist and five dancers to create a new performance piece

Joko Sutrisno, Saint Paul
$6,000; to create two new works of Gamelan music for students at the elementary school level, which can be adapted to multiple grade levels, to help support the general music curriculum

Ying Zhang, Minneapolis
$5,000; to compose two new pieces for traditional Chinese instruments and western type cello and keyboard that integrates the sounds that reflect the culture

Visual arts grantees

Norman A. Andersen, Minneapolis
$6,000; for materials, supplies, time, and travel costs to experiment with and produce wind and weather powered kinetic and sound producing sculptures

Susan J. Armington, Minneapolis
$4,100; for research, supplies, framing, and studio time to produce maps of the Twin Cities area composed of the words and languages spoken by residents

Sarah Chokyi Bauer, Duluth
$5,413; to travel to Vermont Studio Center to attend a one-month residency and complete an exhibition at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts

Scott G. Baumgartner, Minneapolis
$6,000; to purchase new light sources, and access equipment and space, in order to finish work on eight to ten large scale photographs

James W. Boyd-Brent, Saint Paul
$5,000; for supplies and time to produce new prints at Highpoint Center for printmaking, and take part in two exhibitions

Linda K. Gammell, Saint Paul
$4,700; for digital equipment, travel, and supplies to research ideas of how body and land connect with medicinal plants, and to explore new mediums and technology to move her work from analog to digital

Glenn A. Grafelman, Bloomington
$6,000; for travel, supplies, materials, and time to produce photographs of regional cities to create visions of nocturnal landscapes and impressions of evening life

Janel N. Jacobson, Harris
$6,000; for time to explore unique materials such as mammoth tusk, amber, and antler, and new carving methods and techniques

Daniel G. Kaniess, Saint Paul
$6,000; for time to research and experiment with new works, and for materials, professional documentation, travel, and installation costs

Stuart D. Klipper, Minneapolis
$5,000; for materials and expenses to travel to selected locations seasonally to create a photographic exploration of autobiographical geography

Christopher P. Larson, Saint Paul
$4,500; to complete a new body of work for two solo exhibitions at the Rare Gallery in New York and at Franklin Art Works in Minneapolis

Davora M. Lindner, Minneapolis
$6,000; for supplies, studio space, and time to produce a new sculpture that emphasizes sculpting anatomy and portraiture

Charles Matson Lume, Saint Paul
$6,000; to rent space and research new materials to plan and execute three exhibitions in Dennison College, (Granville, OH); Gallery Co.; and Franklin Art Works in Minneapolis

Teresa A. McCue, Orr
$6,000; for supplies and materials to produce a new rosemaling work for her first solo exhibition at the Duluth Art Institute

Eleanor F. McGough, Saint Paul
$6,000; for materials and time to experiment with color in her painting and produce new work

Rea C. Mingeva, Good Thunder
$5,000; to purchase materials and equipment and professionally document the completed work, The Circus Project

Keisuke Mizuno, Saint Cloud
$6,000; to produce more experimental work and to cover the costs of supplies and materials, professional documentation, and catalogue production

Stephen H. Mohring, Minneapolis
$3,300; for materials to produce larger scale work, and reach a wider audience, through the Franconia Sculpture Park in Taylors Falls

Justin R. Newhall, Saint Paul
$5,000; for supplies, film processing, and time to travel to locations along the Lewis and Clark trail and record his journeys

Mary Ann Papanek-Miller, Frazee
$6,000; to rent studio space, purchase equipment, and take time to create new mixed-media work

David L. Parker, Minneapolis
$6,000; to print, edit, and present over 1,000 rolls of film to produce a book of his photographs, By These Hands: A Decade of Child Labor, from Chameleon press

John F. Pavlik, Minneapolis
$3,000; to cover travel, transportation, and installation costs to exhibit work in several European galleries, as part of a jazz festival

Monica J. Reede, Minneapolis
$3,300; to research galleries and other exhibition spaces to present her work, and expand her audience outside of Minnesota

Megan Rye, Edina
$6,000; for time to complete new paintings and experiment with different techniques to propel her work to a higher level

Frank C. Sander, Saint Paul
$6,000; to experiment with new digital equipment and technology and travel to different history centers to plan and do research for his new digital sculptures

Margo M. Selski, Saint Paul
$6,000; for training, time, and the purchase of supplies and equipment to complete a series of four polytypchs on wood

Joe Smith, Saint Louis Park
$5,200; to purchase supplies, materials, documentation equipment, and to rent a large studio space to produce large scale works

Sam Spiczka, Sartell
$6,000; for time, documentation, and resources to continue his new outdoor sculpture series, Impaled Cairn

Melissa K. Stang, Minneapolis
$6,000; for studio space rental and materials to create a powerful cohesive installation that engages a wide variety of viewers

Janice D. Tanner, Janesville
$6,000; for materials, studio costs, and time to produce more constructed paintings

Robert K. Tom, Minneapolis
$6,000; for supplies, equipment, professional documentation, and for the research and development of a large scale environmentally and aesthetically sound architectural windows piece

Stephanie B. Torbert, Minneapolis
$6,000; to produce new photographic work and experiment with larger format and different printing methods

Gregor-Alexander von Ehrenfels, Minneapolis
$6,000; for materials, printing, travel expenses, and time to produce a new body of photographs

Randy Walker, Minneapolis
$6,000; to rent studio space and to research materials, fabricate, and execute two new large scale pieces

Marie Westerman, Northfield
$4,500; for materials and time to create large scale woven works with pictorial detail

Ann L. Wood, Saint Paul
$6,000; for materials, studio space rental, and time to research and experiment with new ideas and create new works

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