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2004 Grant Recipient List

Statewide Audience Development Initiative

The Minnesota State Arts Board’s Statewide Audience Development Initiative is a four-year effort to broaden, deepen, and diversify the arts. It is part of a national, $10 million program of The Wallace Foundation of New York. Minnesota was one of thirteen states that were selected to participate in the program.

Any Minnesota organization, such as a community group, local governmental unit, arts organization, or any other group that is exempt from taxation under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, or has a fiscal agent, was eligible to apply for a SADI grant.

In grant round one, small organizations were eligible to apply
41 grants were awarded

In grant round two, large organizations were eligible to apply
9 grants were awarded

Round One: Small Organizations (with budgets less than $684,000)

Braham CAPP, Braham
$10,000; to create a positive perception about the arts for participants and audiences through an art career fair and increased attendance at art events

Business, Arts and Recreation Center, Windom
$4,460; to increase the number of loyal, committed, regular audience members and to increase audience attendance at selected arts activities

Camphill Village Minnesota, Sauk Centre
$9,255; to create a wall hanging, mural, or stained glass window at the community center for adults with special needs at Camphill Village Minnesota

Center for Independent Artists, Minneapolis
$10,000; to broaden the involvement of artists of color and artists with disabilities who have never presented their work at the Center for Independent Artists or Patrick's Cabaret

Chamber Music Society of Saint Cloud, Saint Cloud
$5,644; to deepen the commitment of our current audience by providing educational
activities that enhance the concert experience

Contemporary Dance Arts, Inc., Minneapolis
$10,000; in collaboration with Joe Chvala and the Flying Foot Forum, and Shawn
McConneloug and her Orchestra we plan to broaden participation for all organizations

Cornucopia Art Center, Inc., Lanesboro
$10,000; to deepen relationships with members by enriching experiences, increasing
the frequency and variety of interactions and financial commitment to Cornucopia Art Center

Crow River Arts Guild, Hutchinson
$8,670; to broaden steward participation in volunteerism and financial support for
Crow River Arts by 130 percent by January 31, 2005

Dawson-Boyd Arts Association, Dawson
$9,861; to conduct a telephone survey to broaden audience participants and then tailor
a brochure based on the results of the survey

Edge of the Wilderness Community Center, Bigfork
$10,000; to bring in and sustain a more diverse group of audience members via the
Edge of the Wilderness Community Center Fine Arts Center's opening celebration

Elk River Area Arts Alliance, Elk River
$9,996; to deepen relationships with casual arts participants of events, workshops,
exhibits, and concerts by attracting them to a greater commitment

A Center for the Arts, Fergus Falls
$8,200; to increase membership and attendance to once a month and increase participation among 25-35 year-olds

Fosston Community Library Arts Association, Fosston
$10,000; to diversify our audience by attracting and serving employees of
Fosston and their families

City of Harmony Park and Recreation, Harmony
$7,935; to create an arts council and to research community attitudes about the arts
in an effort to broaden local audience

Houston County Agricultural Society, Caledonia
$8,500; to increase participation at the county fair by broadening our creators, developing an inventory of resources, identifying barriers, and devising solutions

Kairos Dance Theatre, Minneapolis
$7,395; to diversifying the board of directors and create board-related formal
structures to respond to dramatically increased requests for programming

Laurentian Arts and Cultural Alliance, Virginia
$10,000; to research potential major donors in an effort to increase the level of participation

Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe, Cass Lake
$10,000; to build diversified markets for those participants who preserve and sustain the traditional and cultural arts in the northern woodland region

Lyric Arts Company of Anoka, Anoka
$5,800; to deepen the participation of committed participants by gathering input and
developing the program and direction of our new lab space

MaMa mOsAiC, Maple Grove
$4,000; to invite key professors and faculty members to help us encourage female students of color to see our shows

Mankato Symphony Orchestra Association, Mankato
$10,000; to diversify our subscriber base by tapping into the Rockin' in the Quarry audience

Marshall Area Fine Arts Council, Marshall
$10,000; to increase our membership by broadening our stewards and increasing
stability for our organization

Milan Village Arts School, Milan
$10,000; to research a support network structure that will expand and strengthen the involvement of board, volunteers, and staff

Minnesota Center Chorale, Saint Cloud
$10,000; to broaden membership through recruitment of experienced singers from
smaller groups; to deepen the commitment of current members through workshops

Northfield Arts Guild, Northfield
$10,000; to deepen the commitment of our audiences by converting non-member program participants into members

Olmsted County Historical Society, Rochester
$10,000; to diversify participation at Hands-On-History Days by targeting teenagers
through a participation building program

One Voice Mixed Chorus, Minneapolis
$10,000; to broaden and diversify the audience through a project that builds upon a
participation-building project the chorus began in 2003

Paul Bunyan Community Theatre Association, Bemidji
$9,991; to identify and eliminate barriers that will help us plan off-season programs to a targeted population

Pillsbury United Communities, Minneapolis
$4,188; to broaden the audience of residents who live in the surrounding neighborhoods

Princeton Community Education, Princeton
$9,885; to increase the number of inclined participants who live outside 55371 zip code

Ragamala Music and Dance Theater, Minneapolis
$10,000; to encourage younger members of the Twin Cities Indian community to deepen their relationship to Ragamala by becoming donors and stewards

Red Wing Arts Association, Red Wing
$8,950; to deepen the experience of stewards in order to move them into more
commitment as active volunteers

Reif Arts Council, Grand Rapids
$8,000; to identify and research potential new audiences in five target communities;
to develop separate strategies for each site with the goal of audience broadening

Rochester Orchestra and Chorale, Rochester
$6,840; to conduct marketing research of communities within a 30-mile radius of
Rochester; to broaden our audience through increased participation

Saint Cloud Civic Orchestra, Saint Cloud
$4,630; to diversify our audience by increasing attendance of music students and their
parents at concerts during 2003-2004 season

Sand Hill Settlement Historical Society, Climax
$8,500; to build participation within the community by removing barriers and building bridges using art as a vehicle through a partnership between Sand Hill Settlement Historical Society and Shelly Climax and Neilsville Arts

Ten Thousand Things Theater, Minneapolis
$9,500; to broaden our relationships with community partners and those organizations that serve as access to our low-income audiences

Theater Mu, Inc., Minneapolis
$10,000; to increase the Asian share of our main stage theater audiences by 15 percent; increasing both new and repeat attendance

Twin Ports Wind Ensemble, Duluth
$10,000; to broaden and deepen the experience of performing with the Twin Ports Wind Ensemble through performance and study with a particular music's composer

Wadena Historical and Environmental Learning, Staples
$10,000; to diversify creator participation through planning, research, and implementation of a regional community theatrical pageant

Zeitgeist, Saint Paul
$9,800; to deepen our relationship with our audience through research; to develop
our programs so they attract greater audience numbers

Round Two: Organizations (with budgets greater than $684,000)

The American Composers Forum, Saint Paul
$15,000; to reach out to Native American populations in Minnesota and build a pilot program from Native American high school students.

COMPAS, Saint Paul
$7,108; to encourage younger Twin Cities residents, who have had previous contact with COMPAS programs, to become new donors

Graywolf Press, Saint Paul
$15,000; to deepen relationships with existing stewards in order to increase their commitment to and financial investment in Graywolf’s mission

Rochester Art Center, Rochester
$7,892; to increase its membership base and expand the number of contributing members by the end of FY 2006

Illusion Theater, Minneapolis
$15,000; to broaden the number of Minnesota communities that participate in the Peer Education program by analyzing program barriers, identifying possible site coordinators in new communities, and developing a participation plan

MacPhail Center for Music, Minneapolis
$15,000; to identify barriers preventing middle and high school students, especially low income and nonwhite students, from enrolling in and continuing private instrument lessons; and design strategies to support increased participation by eliminating or mitigating these barriers

The Minneapolis Institute of Arts, Minneapolis
$15,000; to create a regular and systematic survey to better understand current participants and deepen their involvement with the museum

Northrop Memorial Auditorium/University of Minnesota, Minneapolis
$15,000; to broaden audiences for dance (ballet and contemporary) and jazz by increasing the number of single ticket buyers and converting more of those into patrons

Park Square Theatre, Saint Paul
$15,000; to deepen participation by recent single ticket buyers, increasing the percentage of those who become subscribers (research barriers to subscribing, identify steps to remove or lessen those barriers, test ability to act on this information, measure effect on 2005 subscription campaign)

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