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2005 Grant Recipients List

Cultural Community Partnership

Number of grants:
Dollars awarded: $99,500

Djola B. Branner
, Minneapolis
$5,000; to conduct an eight-week performance workshop in collaboration with Patrick's Cabaret, focusing on playwriting, performance, and production.

Tamara M. Buffalo, Minneapolis
$5,000; to conduct a storytelling and writing workshop and a community event with Intermedia Arts aimed at broadening the audience for Native storytellers, encouraging new Native participants, and connecting the storytelling tradition with contemporary issues.

Patience A. Ferguson, Minneapolis
$5,000; to create a CD and a community event at Heart Alive Theatre in Brooklyn Center with Giorge Pettus. The CD will showcase Ferguson’s talent and enable her to market her work to a diverse audience.

Lori Greene, Saint Paul
$5,000; to create a series of mosaic panels depicting local African-American civil rights/labor activists. The mosaics will be part of Historic Saint Paul’s national pilot project, the Preservation Development Initiative.

Rose Simas Guthrie, Minneapolis
$5,000; to create a new multimedia dance work that will be coproduced by Red Eye Theater and performed in July 2005. Guthrie also will create recorded and written documents to share with other dance makers, teachers, and students.

Highpoint Center for Printmaking, Minneapolis
$5,000; Artist Donovan Durham will learn the art of printmaking through a mentorship with Highpoint’s master printer and artistic director. Highpoint also will host a public exhibition of Durham’s work.

Hmong American Institute for Learning, Saint Paul
$5,000; Hmong folk artist Tougeu Leepalao will work with Hmong American Institute for Learning (HAIL) to document traditional Hmong marriage and funeral rituals and their songs in detail.

Elizabeth C. Lam, Apple Valley
$5,000; to work with musicians from different parts of Africa to create a CD that will be sold at an event hosted by the South Sudan Development and Relief Agency.

Gustavo Lira, Saint Paul
$4,500; to develop a community dialogue, exhibition, and community event with Hope Community Inc. in South Minneapolis, designed to help youth and adults use art as self-expression.

Joonja Lee Mornes, Golden Valley
$5,000; to create and present a solo exhibition and community event at Augsburg College on the topic of East/West cultural essences.

Rita M. Mustaphi, Crystal
$5,000; to combine Indian Kathak, Spanish Flamenco, and African Tap to create “Naari — the Woman,” which will be presented by the O'Shaughnessy Auditorium of the College of Saint Catherine in Saint Paul.

Bao Phi, Minneapolis
$5,000; to complete a performance poetry CD and organize two shows in collaboration with SASE: The Write Place.

William D. Schaaf, Onamia
$5,000; a collaboration with Patrick Kruse to prepare a series of products/crafts and hold a community event in conjunction with the Stardome Craft Fair that will expose and increase the visibility of the artists’ work to nonIndian communities.

John K. Sterrner, Marshall
$5,000; to create a large fabricated steel sculpture representing Lakota oral tradition, and promote the work and its cultural identity through a community event with the Southwest Minnesota State University Foundation.

Kim Y. Sueoka, Minneapolis
$5,000; to research and create a series of performances/workshops focusing on early Hawaiian music to be presented with The Rose Ensemble.

Anthony B. Taylor, Saint Paul
$5,000; to create a display at the Textile Center of Minnesota that will feature original images, custom printed on fabric.

Patricia J. Welch, Saint Paul
$5,000; to combine her photographs with Gen Huitt’s songs to create an ongoing experience in which Native American youth will learn about contemporary Native leaders and artists.

Bryan Thao Worra, Saint Paul
$5,000; a collaboration with Malichansouk Kouanchao to stage a community reading exhibition of contemporary Laotian American art.

Marcus Young, Minneapolis
$5,000; to present "Perform Piece,” an inquiry into the performer/audience relationship and Daoist philosophies, in collaboration with U.S.-China People’s Friendship Association.

Zenon Dance Company and School, Minneapolis
$5,000; artist Uri Sands will create a new modern jazz work to be premiered at Zenon Dance Company’s twenty-third fall concert at The Southern Theater.

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