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2006 Grant Recipient List

Artist Initiative Grants

Media arts/new media | Music | Photography | Poetry | Prose

Media arts/new media

Number of grants awarded: 10
Total dollars granted: $57,900

Tony Brown, Minneapolis
$6,000; to explore and learn new interactive technologies and research the latest software for multi-layered video and computer graphics; the research and knowledge of technology will inform his first evening-length work “ZANSVILLE USA”

Charles Doerr, Saint Paul
$6,000; to film on location for his second film, “Man Made of Gold,” which takes place during the Civil War; the film will use minimal language and explore landscapes as a means to captivate and evoke feelings in the viewer

Melody Gilbert, Saint Paul
$6,000; to travel to Australia and Paris to finish her film about the subculture of urban exploration

Pamela Nice, Saint Paul
$6,000; for editor’s fees, studio mixing costs, and creative time to complete her documentary “Dreaming in Morocco”

Jila Nikpay, Minneapolis
$6,000; to research, film, and transfer her current project “Rhythm of Tides” from film to video

Cuong Phan, Collegeville
$6,000; to travel to Vietnam to seek out and interview Amerasians that are still living in Vietnam and to record their stories

Thomas Schroeder, Minneapolis
$6,000; for a portion of production costs for his ten-minute, 35mm animated film adapted from Jay Orff’s short story “Bear Paw”

Jason Wade, Minneapolis
$4,900; for motion picture production equipment that will enable him to experiment with new ideas in his creative development of work

John Whitehead, Saint Paul
$6,000; for travel related to his documentary about the rise and fall of the Black banjo tradition

Jake Yuzna, Minneapolis
$5,000; to delve into a more complex character-based drama “Am I Normal”


Number of grants awarded: 13
Total dollars awarded: $71,000

Julieta Avarado, Marshall
$6,000; to research and link her Latin American music to its roots in Spain and Spanish Baroque music, particularly Andalusian music and, specifically, that of Seville

Mary Ellen Childs, Minneapolis
$6,000; to create a CD recording of her full evening work Dream House, a piece for string quartet in thirteen movements based on themes of destruction and creation, cycles of time, and rhythms of work

Anthony W. Cox, Coon Rapids
$6,000; to investigate the intersections of harmony, color, rhythm, and texture in visual and music disciplines; and collaborate with a visual artist to create a performance of sound and image to be presented at Red Eye Theater

Desdamona, Burnsville
$3,300; to promote her latest CD in larger venues in New York, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island, and to expand her audience base and collaborate with other artists

Timothy W. Ericksen, Minneapolis
$6,000; to travel to Sand Mountain (Alabama) to study and explore further the nuances of shape-note singing, and spend time with the country’s most active shape-note singers

Maud N. Hixson, Mendota Heights
$3,200; to attend the Cabaret Conference at Yale University; the conference, through a collaborative process of critical refining and honing, will enhance the artistic quality of her work

David A. Krejci, Minneapolis
$5,500; to study the architecture of spider webs in detail to look for evidence of the orchestral sound that mathematically occurs with the threads of the web and, based on that information, create a new instrument—the arachnophone

Rass Kwame, Minneapolis
$6,000; to explore the melding of rhythms and melodies, and write lyrics for his new project, “Ananse Stories”

Jeffrey C. Lambert, Minneapolis
$5,000; to commission a composer to write new works to fit his style of playing, and record a CD of his new solo work for guitar

Billy McLaughlin, White Bear Lake
$6,000; to complete the final level of retraining on his instrument and to return to the recording studio and concert stage

Daniel Rieppel, Marshall
$6,000; to study, practice, research, and then perform in recital all of the piano and violin sonatas of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in honor of the 250th anniversary of the composer’s birth

Joko Sutrisno, Saint Paul
$6,000; to research, compose, arrange, and produce “Tobat” (Discovering), a 30-minute gamelan music production for performance

Ross M. Sutter, Minneapolis
$6,000; to travel to Sweden to collect and study Swedish music


Number of grants awarded: 16
Total dollars awarded: $84,000

Sara A. Belleau, Minneapolis
$5,000; to develop and complete her current body of work exploring the myths, symbols, and archetypes people use to define themselves

Sheila M. Farrell, Minneapolis
$6,000; to continue to research and document Minnesota’s disappearing family-owned resorts

James V. Henkel, Minneapolis
$4,400; to examine the life and work of Johannes Vermeer through photography

Alison G. Hoekstra, Minneapolis
$6,000; for materials to produce a new body of work on how nature reemerges in the post-industrial landscape

Keith M. Holmes, Minneapolis
$5,000; for supplies, studio expenses, and a ventilation system for his kiln to enable him to explore new materials and new methods of firing his work

Richard C. Johnson, Duluth
$1,600; for experimental exploration of new work

Peter A. Latner, Minneapolis
$5,500; for travel throughout Plains states to complete a portfolio of photography for both exhibition and publishing possibilities

Brian M. Lesteberg, Minneapolis
$4,500; for materials and framing for an exhibition of his photographs on migration

Michael A. Melman, Minneapolis
$6,000; for travel expenses associated with living on-site for extended periods of time in order to search for and photograph his work

Paulette M. Myers-Rich, Saint Paul
$4,500; to document and print large-scale representations of her work on place and the meanings inherent in landscape and architecture for an exhibition at the Katharine Nash Gallery

Scott A. Nedrelow, Ely
$6,000; for supplies and materials to explore production in large-scale format

Angela D. Strassheim, Minneapolis
$5,500; to obtain proper equipment to create new work for a solo exhibition in New York

Suzanne E. Szucs, Duluth
$6,000; to begin research and work on a new project that directly addresses the themes of death and regeneration

Keith M. Taylor, Minneapolis
$6,000; to research local landmarks and their surroundings; and for materials to shoot, print, and exhibit the photographs

Tobechi Tobechukwu, Minneapolis
$6,000; to focus on “The Incarcerated Fathers” project, part of a ten-year photography documentary titled “The Reparation Series”

Thomas N. Wik, Minneapolis
$6,000; to continue his exploration of free form designs in residential environments and to produce a larger body of work for exhibition


Number of grants awarded: 11
Total dollars awarded: $56,000

Naomi J. Cohn, Saint Paul
$4,400; to research, draft, and refine a cycle of poems using museums, parks, and museum objects as touchstones for writing about memories of her father

John A. Colburn, Minneapolis
$6,000; to continue work on a series of poems titled “Earth Language and the Scientific American.” The poems aim to create geography of sacred spaces via the use of folklore, history, myth, and the images of daily life

Mark Conway, Avon
$4,700; for time to write, and to fund a reading tour to promote his recently published book

Lightsey L. Darst, Minneapolis
$2,000; to focus on completing a manuscript she began two years ago

Sarah Fox, Minneapolis
$6,000; to tour and promote her book Because Why in regions beyond the Twin Cities

Alex R. Lemon, Minneapolis
$6,000; to write a chapbook of poems based on the intersection between faith and human fallibility

Brandon M. Lussier, Minneapolis
$5,700; to attend the New York State Summer Writers Institute to study with writer Henri Cole and to do close readings and thorough annotation of long poems

LouAnn Shepard Muhm, Park Rapids
$6,000; to complete a poetry manuscript and to attend a writer’s workshop to enhance her writing

Jude Nutter, Edina
$5,000; to focus on the formal and aesthetic concerns of her new body of work

Francine M. Tolf, Minneapolis
$5,000; to concentrate on honing her style, taking poetic risks, and struggling with material she has not yet had the courage or inclination to deal with

Susan K. Yuzna, Minneapolis
$5,200; to revisit places of her childhood and record her impressions and memories in order to juxtapose those memories with the physical places as they look now


Number of grants awarded: 22
Total dollars granted: $111,000

Me-K Ahn, Minneapolis
$6,000; to conduct research, and work with mentor Korean-American novelist and writing professor Heinz Insu Fenkl, on a new novel based on her experiences living and working in Seoul, South Korea

Heidi J. Arneson, Minneapolis
$5,800; for research and time to complete “The Flying Boy,” a full-bodied short story revolving around Minnesota and Iowa, and to enable her transition from performance writing to prose

David C. Bernardy, Minneapolis
$3,000; for research in Everglades National Park and the key heritage museum resources of southern Florida to enhance his stories, and to help him prepare his first book, From Strength to Strength, for publication

Jill L. Boyles, Eagan
$6,000; to take time to analyze and edit her in-progress stories extensively

Anne E. Campisi, Saint Paul
$6,000; to build on her recent winning of the James Jones First Novel Fellowship by traveling to Australia for final research and editing of her book, The Lime Tree, and establish literary contacts in anticipation of a book tour

Martin L. Cozza, Minneapolis
$6,000; to complete and to begin to market his short story collection, “Nervous Postures of Men in Love,” and to attend the Sewanee Writers’ Conference in Sewanee, Tennessee

Amanda J. Fields, Minneapolis
$5,900; to generate material for her project, The Rubber Knife Gang, a segmented novel

Meta C. Gaertnier, Golden Valley
$6,000; to revise for publication the current draft of Braver Than We Know, a book-length memoir

Kathleen A. Glasgow, Saint Paul
$3,600; for feedback and critique to revise and prepare her novel for publication

Jennifer L. Johnson, Saint Paul
$5,000; to research and write her non-fiction manuscript on the prairie restoration project at Glacial Ridge Wildlife Refuge in northeastern Minnesota

Stephanie N. Johnson, Minneapolis
$5,400; to research and write a memoir, and participate in community workshops at The Loft Literary Center for feedback

Hannah E. Kaplan, Minneapolis
$1,600; to finish her short story “Smoking Girl,” and to give her the opportunity to explore writing longer pieces of work

Ed Bok Lee, Minneapolis
$6,000; to take a five-month leave of absence from teaching to finish the
last part of his manuscript of stories

Laurie E. Lindeen, Edina
$6,000; to travel to several cities in the United States, and to London, England, to promote her new book Petal Pusher, which was recently purchased by a publisher

John T. Medeiros, Minneapolis
$2,000; to purchase a computer, and research the third and final portion of his memoir about the quest for individuality in the world of twins

Mattox D. Roesch, Minneapolis
$6,000; to travel to Unalakleet, Alaska, to polish the authentic details of his novel and to research examples of undiagnosed mental illness and preventable suicides

Joan Rothfuss, Minneapolis
$5,000; to explore the personal affects the avant-garde cellist Charlotte Moorman, which are currently archived at the Northwestern University Library in Evanston, and write a biography of Moorman

Christopher J. Szarke, Minneapolis
$6,000; to purchase a new computer and printer, to create a Web site, to continue researching the details of his memoir, and to attend a writing workshop to enhance his skills and expand his personal contacts

Joni L. Tevis, Minneapolis
$5,000; to travel to Virginia and Massachusetts for research and inspiration for her book of lyric essays, The Wet Collection

Joseph J. Tougas, North Mankato
$4,700; for time, travel, and literary assistance to complete his first book of fiction

Andrea M. Worth, Little Canada
$4,000; to further her growth as a writer and to complete a high quality, book-length work of short stories

Jenna Zark, Lauderdale
$6,000; to create a second book for young adults, based in Minnesota, and to attend a national writers conference

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