-Minnesota State Arts Board - Minnesota North Star

2006 Grant Recipient List

Cultural Community Partnership

Number of grants: 20
Dollars awarded: $94,200

Mauricio Arango, Saint Paul
$5,000; to produce a photographic exhibit in collaboration with the Resource Center of the Americas on the experience of immigrants crossing the Mexican border into the Sonoran Desert of Arizona

Centro Campesino, Inc., Owatonna
$5,000; Ray Roybal will collaborate with Centro Campesino and its community members to present a Chicano art exhibit at the Owatonna Art Center

Elk River Area Arts Alliance, Elk River
$5,000; Robert Robinson will lead a choral workshop and an evening performance of African-American gospel music, in collaboration with the Elk River Area Arts Alliance

Aaron E. Fairbanks, Cass Lake
$4,800; to create a new series of panoramic photographs depicting the culture, history, and landscape of life on a reservation, in collaboration with the Leech Lake Tribal College

Christopher E. Harrison, Minneapolis
$5,000; to paint the Webber Park footbridge and create a community event involving the local Camden neighborhood and the Northside Art Collective in North Minneapolis

International Friendship Through the Performing Arts, Burnsville
$5,000; to collaborate with artist Bun Loeung to arrange and perform endangered traditional Cambodian pieces in an authentic style

The Juno Collective, Saint Paul
$5,000; Teens Rock the MIC will collaborate with local spoken word artist Ashley Gilbert to produce a one-hour performance that will tour around Minnesota

Muhammad M. Kahar, Minneapolis
$5,000; to create an installation and performance with In the Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theatre and its artistic community relating to his experience as an asylum seeker

Kaori Kenmotsu, Saint Paul
$3,500; to work with Jennifer Weir to create and perform a new work that will explore the connecting spirit between modern dance and taiko drumming, and challenge the personal connection between art and cultural identity

La Escuelita, Minneapolis
$4,900; Lorena Duarte and La Escuelita will work with Latin teens to introduce them to the world of poetry, spoken word, storytelling, and dramatic performances

Karl W. Lorenz, Minneapolis
$5,000; to collaborate with the White Earth Tribal Council to create a public art billboard project on the White Earth Reservation that will honor traditional wild rice practices and raise awareness of genomic research on wild rice

Koffi Mbairamadji, Minneapolis
$5,000; to collaborate with Blandine Wolesse to create visual art focused around African daily life

Arteria, Minneapolis
$5,000; to collaborate with Eliezer Santos to present a Latin carnival in the Lake Street area of south Minneapolis in the spring of 2006

Juliana A. Pegues, Minneapolis
$5,000; Pegues and Tatiana Ormaza will work with mentor David Mura on refining their own writing skills, then facilitate a workshop for young Asian-American and Latina women

Deborah Ramos, Saint Paul
$1,400; to collaborate with Ayme Almendarez to share their interest in ancestral Mexican traditions, and research and create a traditional accordion book as the basis for a series of children’s books

Mona Smith, Minneapolis
$5,000; to create a multimedia installation called “City Indian” in the Ancient Trader’s Gallery space at the American Indian Neighborhood Development Corporation

Soo Visual Art Center, Minneapolis
$4,600; Andrea Carlson will create a series of paintings that portray her Native American heritage through history and myth, and participate in a public discussion of her work at Soo Visual Arts Center

SteppingStone Theatre for Youth Development, Saint Paul
$5,000; Aditi Brennan Kapil will write, and SteppingStone Theatre will produce, The Adventures of Hanuman, King of the Monkeys! a Bollywood style musical

Sai Ntxhais Vang, Minneapolis
$5,000; to photograph high school students of color in Minnesota’s public schools in collaboration with the Minnesota Immigrant Freedom Network

Judith M. Wyatt, Golden Valley
$5,000; to collaborate with Sentir Venezolano to teach and present Venezuelan culture and dance at Chicanos Latinos Unidos En Servico (CLUES) and at the Festival of Nations

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