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FY 2007 Grantees

Arts In Education

School Support

Number of grants: 22
Total dollars granted: $115,269

Capitol Hill Magnet School, St. Paul
$3,658; Joko and Tri Sutrisno will conduct a residency on Indonesian Gamelan music, Kecak dance, and Wayang Kulit puppetry/storytelling. This year’s residency will be integrated into curricular content in writing, reading, science and global studies.

Centerpoint Elementary, White Bear Lake
$5,053; Dancer Terrence Smith will conduct a residency on the school theme “Where We Are in Place and Time” focusing on contributions of cultures to dance.

Harriet Bishop Elementary, Savage
$4,204; Artist Perrin Boyd will conduct a residency focused on the art of physical expression. Residency will expose students to the importance of theater and circus as to culture and how a lifestyle influences theater.

J.J. Hill Montessori Magnet School, St. Paul
$2,900; Margo McCreary will conduct a puppetry residency that will blend storytelling with the art of bringing a handcrafted puppet to life.

Peter Hobart Primary Center, St. Louis Park
$5,045; Puppeteer Margo McCreary will lead students in the creation and dramatization of puppets at Peter Hobart Primary Center.

Fine Arts Interdisciplinary Resource (FAIR) School, Crystal
$4,475; The FAIR school will work with Gamelan conductor Joko Sutrisno to expand on last year’s residency on world cultures and mythology by including elements of Indonesian dance with choreographer Tri Sutrisno. Residency will culminate in a staged performance of student-authored plays.

Independent School District 47, Sauk Rapids
$5,000; African artist Fred Yiran will lead a residency concentrating on the art and culture of African drums at both Pleasantview Elementary and Mississippi Heights Elementary.

Independent School District 191, Burnsville
$6,390; Ross Sutter will support the district's new math curriculum through an all elementary school (10 schools) residency highlighting the math behind stringed instruments.

International Academy-LEAP, St. Paul
$3,155; Writer Margot Galt will conduct a residency focused on poetry through art which reflects the various cultures represented at the school.

Kelliher Public Schools, Kelliher
$8,847; Kris Sorensen will conduct a media arts residency; and Susan Warner a ceramics residency; both will integrate student writing from a project completed earlier.

Kenny Community School, Minneapolis
$3,135; Artists Ross Sutter and Margo McCreary will integrate music and theatre with our Living Organisms science curriculum and school's garden.

L'Etoile du Nord, St. Paul
$6,872; Artists Rita Mustaphi, Terrance Smith, and Joko and Tri Sutrisno will explore the school questions of Who Am I? Who Are We? through the genres of dance, theatre, and music.

Linwood A+ Elementary, St. Paul
$4,500; Artists Joko and Tri Sutrisno and puppeteer Margo McCreary will conduct interdisciplinary residencies involving the arts of Indonesia. The residency is designed to enrich and deepen arts learning by helping students discover ways of expressing themselves.

Longfellow Humanities Magnet School, St. Paul
$8,002; Musician Gao Hong will conduct a residency focused on the music/culture of China; poet John Minczeski to conduct an “Artists in Cahoots” residency. The goal of this residency is to develop students’ writing skills through the two art forms.

Mississippi Creative Arts School, St. Paul
$4,000; Poet and visual artist Marie Olofsdotter will conduct a residency focused on poetry, puppetry, and performance in the 2-3 graders’ Writers Workshop.

New City School, Minneapolis
$3,750; Artist T. Mychael Rambo will conduct residency on the appreciation of multiculturalism and personal expression through writing, songs, drama, and spoken word.

Roosevelt High School, Minneapolis
$3,750; African dancer and drummer Francis Kofi will conduct a residency focusing on the rhythms of sound.

Sanford Middle School, Minneapolis
$3,000; Theater artist Rhonda Lund will conduct a residency to develop students’ theater skills and the content materials for skits to integrate into band concert music for a concert performance.

Sheridan Global Arts and Communications School, Minneapolis
$2,625; Writer Marie Olofsdotter, filmmaker Sayer Frey, visual artist Susan Boeckmann will conduct residencies that focus on expressing meaning through story.

Southside Family School, Minneapolis
$3,56; Taiko drummer Sara Dejoras will conduct a residency on Taiko Drumming including the social context and the meaning of the art form at Southside Family School.

Stevens Elementary, Dawson
$13,347; Stevens elementary will work with new artists and introduce new visual art forms in a ten-week residency with students. The school will be working with artists Kim Bovee, Esther Ouray, Julie Kastigar, and Jennifer Kunin. Ross Sutter will return to expand his previous work with the school.

Webster Magnet Elementary, St. Paul
$10,000; Artists Sowah Mensah and Leo Lara will conduct residencies teaching African and Latin American music and culture to students at Webster Magnet Elementary.

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