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2008 Grant Recipients

Artist Initiative

Artist Initiative grants support and assist artists at various stages in their careers by encouraging artistic development, nurturing artistic creativity, and recognizing the contribution individual artists make to the creative environment of the state of Minnesota.

The Arts Board alternates disciplines eligible to apply each year; grants were awarded to dance, theater, and visual artists in 2007.

Media arts  |  Music  |  Photography  |  Poetry  |  Prose

Media arts

Number of grants: 12
Total dollars granted: $59,000

Mauricio Arango, Saint Paul
$5,000 — to produce a video essay dealing with the lives of the inhabitants of the town of San Jose de Apartado in northern Colombia

Peter B. Becker Nelson, Minneapolis
$6,000 — to purchase video equipment and create a new video work that explores themes of relationships, empathy, sexuality, and gender

Paul R. Danhauser, Minneapolis
$5,200 — for a two-dimensional animated short film called “Bitter and Crabby” that deals with cute cartoon characters who are confronted by real-world morality

Amber Ellison Walker, Minneapolis
$2,000 — to increase the post-production quality of her video work and the overall quality of her publicity materials, and to have her work seen by a broader audience

Timothy A. Fort, Inver Grove Heights
$6,000 — for the creation of a professional broadcast-quality video of his kinetic art for Internet and television distribution

Nathaniel H. Freeman, Minneapolis
$6,000 — for a sixteen-stage video installation that shows the opening scene of sixteen imagined narratives, all informed by the people and events of his northeast Minneapolis neighborhood

Heather R. Johnson, Minneapolis
$5,000 — for a documentary film, titled, “No Ugly Trees,” that explores women's body and self-esteem issues

Daniel J. Lundquist, Bloomington
$5,000 — for creative time to finish hand coloring “Boris,” an animation about overcoming difficult circumstances to live a happy life

Kevin S. McKeever, Saint Paul
$800 — to produce duplicates of his documentary that examines one man's success in helping inner-city youths rise above crime and violence, prepare and produce related publicity packets, and submit the film to festivals

Pamela Nice, Saint Paul
$6,000 — for funds to help film interviews in Twin Cities coffeehouses for her next documentary, “Desert in the Coffeehouse,” a film that asks what Minnesotans know about Arab and Muslim lives

James M. Vogel, Minneapolis
$6,000 — for funds to film an observational documentary about drug abuse

Rosemary T. Williams, Saint Paul
$6,000 — to film the documentary "Futures," which will document open call trading at the last few North American exchanges that have not switched to digital trading


Number of grants: 13
Total dollars granted: $73,100

Craig B. Carnahan, Saint Louis Park
$6,000 — to compose and market a string quartet and a woodwind quintet

Linda N. Chatterton, Minneapolis
$1,400 — to complete and promote a CD of contemporary American flute music

Edie Hill, Minneapolis
$6,000 — to expand her network by collaborating with musicians in the New York City area and to expand her music vocabulary by working in the instrumental and electro-acoustic genres

Maud N. Hixson, Mendota Heights
$6,000 — to seek national experience as a vocalist by creating a cabaret show to be performed in New York City, aided by many of the top cabaret professionals who have offered their services in direction, coaching, arrangements, booking, and publicity

Julie A. Johnson, Minneapolis
$6,000 — to record her first full-length CD, which will showcase a diverse range of musical styles and be used to help promote and book concerts in diverse venues, including locations in greater Minnesota

Prudence Johnson, Minneapolis
$6,000 — to complete “A Girl Named Vincent,” a CD of musical settings of poetry by Edna St. Vincent Millay, with compositions by Laura Caviani, Michelle Kinney, Gary Rue, and Joan Griffith

Harriet C. Morrow, Burnsville
$6,000 — for funds to complete her first album, to produce an associated college concert tour, and to begin distribution of the album

Paddy O'Brien, Saint Paul
$6,000 — to help preserve important traditional Irish repertoire, O’Brien will interview and learn rare tunes from three elderly musicians in Ireland and Chicago, and add these tunes to the second volume of the “Paddy O'Brien Tune Collection”

Nirmala Rajasekar, Plymouth
$6,000 — to learn and perform concerts of rare compositions of Indian classical music from the eighteenth century

Joko Sutrisno, Saint Paul
$6,000 — to study the latest developments in Gamelan drumming styles for six weeks at the Indonesian Institute of Arts in Surakarta, and to begin development of a notation system for teaching this drumming tradition

Andrew A. Turpening, Minneapolis
$6,000 — for funds to support a five-month plan to develop two new styles of music: Latin breakbeat and popumentary

Dessa Darling, Minneapolis
$5,700 — to complete her first full-length album and release it nationally in an effort to capitalize on recent regional success

Jennifer M. Weir, Columbia Heights
$6,000 — to focus on small taiko ensemble compositions which reflect explorations on spirit, melody, and identity


Number of grants: 21
Total dollars awarded: $117,900

Donald S. Clark, Lake Park
$6,000 — to photograph the people, culture, and landscape of the Western Isles (Outer Hebrides) of Scotland

Richard F. Copley, Minneapolis
$6,000 — for the continuation of work photographing life on the streets of big cities, primarily New York City

Stephen M. Dahl, Chanhassen
$6,000 — to develop a marketing plan and present a documentary project on contemporary labor to galleries, museums, and publishers

Beth A. Dow, Minneapolis
$6,000 — to develop a new photographic project that examines how fake ruins evoke nostalgia for inaccurate history

Linda K. Gammell, Saint Paul
$6,000 — to identify, locate, and connect with a more targeted national audience for her cross-disciplinary and place/environment-based work

George Byron Griffiths, Minneapolis
$6,000 — to mat and frame 64 black and white images, and to spend time researching and contacting appropriate venues for exhibition

Chelsea A. Hammer, Minneapolis
$6,000 — to strengthen her portfolio and expand on a previous project by photographing in small Midwestern communities

E. Katie Holm, Minneapolis
$6,000 — to research and photograph additional portraits for the “Women Warriors” series in order to build a portfolio to be used to seek exhibition and gallery representation

John C. Johnston, Minneapolis
$6,000 — to continue a series of photographs that addresses man’s role as both spectator and participant in the drama of the natural world and environment

Karolina Karlic, Saint Paul
$5,000 — to complete her current photographic project with the aid of professional equipment for image production and to produce a set of twenty promotional, fine art print books for distribution

Jeffrey M. Krueger, Saint Paul
$6,000 — to photograph and research trees that have witnessed important events or have a connection with notable figures in American history, and to produce a book that pairs his photographs with each tree's historical narrative

Colleen Mullins, Minneapolis
$6,000 — to complete documentation of urban canopy loss at the hands of man in post-Katrina New Orleans, and to create a set of exhibition prints of the project

Justin R. Newhall, Minneapolis
$6,000 — to create a series of images inspired by musician Glenn Gould’s experimental BBC audio documentary, “The Idea of North,” following Gould’s path via the Canadian rail to its northernmost terminus at Churchill, Manitoba

Desiree P. Olson, Minneapolis
$1,200 — for a series of large-scale color portraits of a Minneapolis subculture that examines the emotional and physical characteristics specific to the individual, coupled with the exploration of the social and cultural values of the subculture

Daniel R. Peet, Saint Paul
$5,200 — to continue work on a photographic project and to produce prints to aid in the promotional process

Erika G. Ritzel, Minneapolis
$4,800 — for time to research and complete a photographic project on estate sales around the country

Lex Thompson, Minneapolis
$6,000 — for the final phase of the photographic project, “All Our Pleasant Places,” which concerns manifestations of hope and failure in the landscape, exploring the American myth of Manifest Destiny

Inna L. Valin, Saint Paul
$5,900 — to have a solo exhibition of her series, "In Lengthening Shadow," and to find a publisher for the related manuscript

Gregor-Alexander von Ehrenfels, Fergus Falls
$6,000 — to photographically document the sister-city relationship of Ottertail county, Minnesota, and Nordhordland, Norway

Kimberlee M. Whaley, Minneapolis
$6,000 — to continue her photographic series of winter landscapes at abandoned summer haunts such as beaches, basketball courts, baseball fields, campgrounds, and Dairy Queen all closed up for the winter

Petronella J. Ytsma, Saint Paul
$5,800 — for travel to Vietnam to photo-document intergenerational effects of Agent Orange on people and the environment


Number of grants: 9
Total dollars awarded: $46,200

Todd R. Boss, Saint Paul
$4,200 — to spend time at a writer’s colony completing a second poetry collection for W. W. Norton

Mark V. Conway, Avon
$6,000 — to finish his second book of poetry with time dedicated to research the places essential to the book, and additional time in which to write

Heid E. Erdrich, Minneapolis
$6,000 — for public presentation of poetry from a forthcoming book, professional development through attendance at conferences, travel to share work with American Indian and indigenous communities, and creative growth through work with visual artists

Kate Kysar, Saint Paul
$2,000 — to complete her second poetry manuscript by spending a week in a writing and research retreat and working with two experienced and respected editors

Teresa Ballard, Minneapolis
$4,200 — to attend the “Under the Volcano” workshop by Carolyn Forche and Rafael Sagovia in
Tepoztlan, Mexico, where she was invited to have a reading of her work and will have the unique experience of studying poetry in both English and Spanish; and for time to prepare her manuscript for publication after the workshop

Josie Rawson, Northfield
$5,800 — to compose a manuscript for her third poetry collection in which each poem is based on a particular scale found in the sciences, medicine, or meteorology

Francine Marie Tolf, Minneapolis
$6,000 — for the promotion of her forthcoming collection of poems through the creation of a
Web site, participation in public readings, and attendance at a nationally known writers conference.

Katie Vang, Woodbury
$6,000 — to produce a book of poetry and prose by utilizing formal workshops and a mentor

Bryan Thao Worra, Saint Paul
$6,000 — to promote and build new audiences for his first book of poetry and his recent work,
especially among historically underserved audiences, and to complete his second
book of Laotian American speculative poetry


Number of grants: 17
Total dollars awarded: $83,800

Anya Achtenberg, Saint Paul
$6,000 — to complete her draft novel, History Artist

Arlene Atwater, Duluth
$3,000 — for time to polish two new short stories, record them in her own voice on MP3 files embracing the new literary dimension of voice-only literature, and submit them to boundoff.com and Write On Radio, KFAI

Dhana-Marie Branton, Minneapolis
$5,000 — to complete a book about the two years she spent as a chaplain's assistant in rural Japan

Rebecca Fjelland Davis, Good Thunder
$4,200 — for travel, research expenses, and time to write a fictionalized account (based on true stories) of intrigue set in small town North Dakota during the Great Depression for upper- and middle-grade readers

Kara S. Garbe, Minneapolis
$6,000 — to complete a memoir about her two and one-half years in Burkina Faso, West Africa in the Peace Corps

Nick Healy, Mankato
$5,000 — for creative time, a mentorship with Valerie Miner, travel expenses to the Anderson Center, and equipment and supplies to help support the completion of a short story collection

Kate Hopper, Minneapolis
$5,700 — for time to revise her memoir, Ready for Air, and to develop four to five stand alone essays from chapters in the book

John S. Jodzio, Minneapolis
$5,700 — to finish his short story collection, If You Lived Here, You'd Already Be Home

Jay A. Orff, Minneapolis
$6,000 — to develop his writing voice and continue a series of short stories

Laura C. Owen, Minneapolis
$3,000 — for three months of extensive writing time to complete a book of short stories

Marcia H. Peck, Minnetonka
$6,000 — to visit Milan and nearby Bergavio for present-day setting research and background information on an important school of Italian violin-making for her novel, The Unattended
, and to work with an editor on the final draft

John S. Reimringer, Saint Paul
$6,000 — for creative time to work on Cathedral Hill, the second novel in a proposed Saint Paul trilogy

Bonnie J. Rough, Minneapolis
$6,000 — to complete a series of four essays on themes of flightlessness, that will comprise the first section and book proposal for a collection of natural history essays she hopes to pitch
to independent presses

Michael C. Seward, Minneapolis
$2,200 — for time away from teaching to concentrate on his writing

Stephanie E. Watson, Saint Paul
$6,000 — to complete rewrites on her second novel, Elvis & Olive, in order to meet a 2009
publication deadline

Susan Steger Welsh, Saint Paul
$6,000 — to conduct interviews and research to complete a collection of brief, lyrical persona essays that explore each speaker's passion about his/her work

Jacqueline White, Minneapolis
$2,000 — to prepare a thorough revision of her book-length memoir, My Transgender Husband: A Love Story; prepare a book proposal; and meet with potential agents in New York City

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