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FY 2009 Grantees

Arts In Education

School Support

Number of grants: 21
Total dollars granted: $94,371

Anne Sullivan Communication Center, Minneapolis
$2,120; Visual artist/poet Marie Olofsdotter will conduct a two-week residency focused on an exploration of ancestry through the creation of an accordian book and the writing of poetry about family and culture.

Aquila Primary Center, Saint Louis Park
$4,000; Sculptor Denise Tennen will conduct a residency teaching skills of the ceramic art form to the entire student body.

Benjamin E. Mays Magnet School, Saint Paul
$7,790; Julie Kastigar Boada and Esther Ouray, Ruth MacKenzie and Joan Griffith, Louis Porter, Meredith Holt, Danielle Daniel, and Timothy Hasenstein will collaborate with K-5 teachers to develop and coteach residencies focused on infusing high quality arts experiences into “How We Express Ourselves” inquiry units.

Capitol Hill Magnet School, Saint Paul
$4,000; Joko and Tri Sutrisno will conduct a residency on Indonesian music, dance, and puppetry with a core group of sixth graders and exposure groups of first to fifth graders. The residency will address artistic and curriculum objectives identified by the school.

Center School, Inc., Minneapolis
$5,000; Nawayee Center School students and muralist Marilyn Lindström will create a public mural for the exterior of the school building that honors the students' cultural heritage while creating a strong aesthetically appealing school identity.

Centerpoint Elementary, White Bear Lake
$4,058; Barry Kleider will conduct a residency supporting the theme of "How We Organize Ourselves" focusing on understanding of visual imagery, using digital cameras, and building stories using photos.

Fine Arts Interdisciplinary Resource School, Crystal
$4,500; Joko and Tri Sutrisno will collaborate with the FAIR school to produce multidisciplinary performances of student-authored plays incorporating shadow puppetry, live video projection, and gamelan music.

J. J. Hill Montessori Magnet School, Saint Paul
$3,131; Maya Washington will conduct a theater residency using drama techniques to help students create a peace-themed theater piece in each classroom.

Kelliher Public Schools, Kelliher
$8,669; Kelliher s residency goal of developing creative thinking, critical viewing skills, and self motivation will be met by working with artists Susan Warner and Kristine Sorensen. Warner's residency focuses on designing and constructing four clay tile archways, and media artist Sorensen's residency will focus on digital imagery and video production.

Kenny Community School, Minneapolis
$3,221; Artists Jan Elftmann and Marie Olofsdotter will collaborate with Kenny School teachers and students to create, The Garden Laboratory: Combining Art and Environment to Enhance Curriculum.

L'Etoile du Nord, Saint Paul
$5,300; Marie Olofsdotter will use literary explorations and book arts to help students continue exploring their sense of community through the essential questions: Who are we? Where do we live?

Mississippi Creative Arts School, Saint Paul
$3,560; Marie Olofsdotter will conduct a residency focused on developing academic and social skills using folktale through animal mask-making for second graders and exploration through the publishing process for grades four to six SEM students.

New City School, Minneapolis
$3,901; Artist Usry Alleyne will introduce students at New City School to portrait photography using digital cameras and a collaborative process that includes multiple points of view.

Normandale French Immersion School, Edina
$1,057; Joko and Tri Sutrisno will conduct a residency using gamelan music and Indonesian dance to gain a deeper understanding a different culture.

Ridgeway Community School, Houston
$4,422; Singer-songwriter Larry Long will conduct a two-week Elders' Wisdom, Children's Song residency to help students develop a better understanding of themselves and their community.

Roosevelt High School, Minneapolis
$3,750; With the goal of exploring and experimenting with art as a focal point for teaching nonarts curricula, the teachers at Roosevelt will work with Francis Kofi to bring cultural awareness through traditional African drumming and dancing.

Sanford Middle School, Minneapolis
$3,000; Theater artist Rhonda Lund will conduct a residency with Team 7 language arts teachers and students focused on creating skits and producing a final performance based on Greek and world mythology.

Southside Family Charter School, Minneapolis
$4,000; With a goal of offering innovative curriculum and programming all Southside students will be involved in a Taiko drumming residency with Sara Dejoras.

Stevens Elementary, Dawson
$12,092; Barbara Tilsen, Ross Sutter, Steven Nesheim, Perrin Boyd, and Susan Armington will each conduct two-week residencies in music, drawing, theater, collage, and imaginative map making with all students in K-6 except the third grade which is working with another artist through Perpich Center’s Arts and School as Partners program.

Turtle Lake Elementary, Shoreview
$4,000; Ghanaian master drummer Sowah Mensah will build on last year's residency focusing on an in-depth education of the music, language, and dance of Ghana, including performance.

Wadena-Deer Creek Elementary, Wadena
$2,800; Photographer Barry Kleider will work with fifth grade students doing a documentary photography residency and learning about communicating ideas through digital photography.

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