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FY 2009 Grantees

Arts Across Minnesota

Arts Across Minnesota exists to help make outstanding arts experiences available to residents in every region of the state through festivals and touring presentations that engage local artists, children, and other members of the public in community arts celebrations.

Arts Across Minnesota Festivals grants

Number of Eligible Applications: 38
Number of Grants Awarded: 29
Dollars Awarded: $296,631

American Swedish Institute, Minneapolis
$15,000 – American Swedish Institute to present Midsommar.

Arts 'N More, Amboy
$5,076 – Arts 'n More to present the Amboy Arts' n More Festival.

ArtStart, Saint Paul
$15,000 – ArtStart to present Gathering at the River on Harriet Island, St. Paul.

Bemidji Community Arts Council, Bemidji
$15,000Bemidji Community Arts Council to present the 2009 Centennial Celebration of the Arts.

Center for Hmong Arts and Talent, Saint Paul
$15,000 – Center for Hmong Arts and Talent to present the Annual Hmong Arts and Music Festival.

Cultural Diversity Network, Owatonna
$8,325 – Cultural Diversity Network of Steel County to present CulturFest 2009.

Elk River Area Arts Alliance, Elk River
$15,000 — Elk River Area Arts Alliance to present ArtSoup 2009.

Ely Voyageur Winter Festival, Ely
$6,000 – 2009 Ely Winter Festival.

Evansville Arts Coalition, Evansville
$4,225 – Evansville Arts Coalition to present Many Nations One Circle Festival.

Freedom Jazz Festival, Inc., Minneapolis
$6,505 – Freedom Jazz Festival, 10th Anniversary.

Great River Shakespeare Festival, Winona
$15,000 – The Great River Shakespeare Festival.

International Festival of Burnsville, Burnsville
$7,300 – International Festival of Burnsville.

Longville Lakes Arts Alliance, Longville
$5,000 – Longville Lakes Arts Alliance to present Imagine That! Community Arts Festival.

Milan Village Arts School, Milan
$3,000 – Milan Village Arts School is to present The Spoon Gathering.

Millstream Arts Festival, Inc., Saint Joseph
$8,000 – Millstream Arts Festival.

Minnesota Association of Community Theatres, Bloomington
$15,000 – MACT Fest 2009

City of Moorhead Parks and Recreation, Moorhead
$5,000 – City of Moorhead Parks and Recreation to present Celtic Festival.

Nordic Culture Clubs, Moorhead
$10,200 – Nordic Culture Clubs to present Scandinavian Hjemkomst Festival.

Rain Taxi, Inc., Minneapolis
$15,000 – Rain Taxi, Inc. to present Twin Cities Book Festival.

Red River Valley Center at Moorhead, Moorhead
$4,500 – Red River Valley Center at Moorhead to present Pangea-Cultivate Our Cultures.

Red Wing Arts Association, Red Wing
$7,500 – Red Wing Arts Association to present Art is in the Air, Red Wing 2009 Plein Air Arts Festival.

Rock Bend Folk Festival, Mankato
$15,000 – Rock Bend Folk Festival.

Saint Cloud Arts Commission, Saint Cloud
$15,000 – Saint Cloud Arts Commission to present Granite City Days - Lemonade Art Fair and Concert.

Saint Paul Art Collective, Saint Paul
$15,000 – Saint Paul Art Collective to present Saint Paul Art Crawl.

Saint Paul Festival and Heritage Foundation, Saint Paul
$15,000 – Saint Paul Festival and Heritage Foundation to present the Saint Paul Winter Carnival.

Square Lake Productions, Stillwater
$9,000 – Square Lake Productions to present Square Lake Film and Music Festival.

Theatre du Mississippi, Winona
$10,000 – Theatre du Mississippi to present Frozen River Film Festival.

Urban Arts Academy, Minneapolis
$5,000 – Urban Arts Academy to present ARTiCAN (formerly Takin It to the Streets).

Vietnamese Community of Minnesota, Saint Paul
$12,000 – Vietnamese Community of Minnesota to present Vietnamese Tet New Year Festival 2009.

Arts Across Minnesota Host Community grants

Number of Eligible Applications: 9
Number of Grants Awarded: 6
Dollars Awarded: $59,896

Buffalo-Hanover-Montrose Schools, Buffalo
$14,350 – To host a community residency by Zenon Dance Company

Marshall Public Schools, Marshall
$2,957 – To host a community residency by Keepers of the Sacred Tradition of Pipemakers

Northern Lakes Arts Association, Ely
$20,673 – To host a community residency by In the Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theatre

Reif Arts Council, Grand Rapids
$10,000 – To host a community residency by Mu Daiko

Saint Mary's University of Minnesota, Winona
$6,455 – To host a community residency by In the Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theatre

The Sheldon Theatre, Red Wing
$5,461 – To host a community residency by Mu Daiko

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