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FY 2010 Grantees

Arts In Education: School Support

Number of eligible applications
Number of grants awarded
Total dollars awarded
$ 112,000

Anne Sullivan Communication Center, Minneapolis
$2,150; Writer and visual artist Marie Olofsdotter will work with fourth and fifth graders to explore their heritages through writing and bookmaking.

Avalon School, Saint Paul
$4,898; Photographer Barry Kleider will conduct a residency focused on graphic novels and photography. Students will explore memoirs and present them in a new way.

Benjamin E. Mays Magnet School, Saint Paul
$5,225; Julie Kastigar Boada, Esther Ouray, Joan Griffith, Ruth MacKenzie, and Danielle Daniel will collaborate with teachers to develop residencies focused on infusing high quality arts experiences into "How We Express Ourselves" inquiry units.

Capitol Hill Magnet School, Saint Paul
$4,000; Joko and Tri Sutrisno will conduct a residency on Indonesian music, dance, and puppetry, and integrate it with the curricular content in writing, reading, science, and global studies.

Center School, Inc., Minneapolis
$14,000; Na-way-ee students and muralist Marilyn Lindstrom, collaborating with artist Frances Yellow, will create a Lifeway Mural on the exterior of the Center School building.

Columbus Elementary, Forest Lake
$4,800; Mosaic artist Lisa Arnold will conduct an interdisciplinary residency focused on staff and student collaboration of three mosaic building murals. The residency will offer students a venue to demonstrate and celebrate their writing and communication skills.

Fine Arts Interdisciplinary Resource School, Crystal
$4,515; Joko and Tri Sutrisno will collaborate with FAIR staff and students in producing a multidisciplinary performance featuring the intermediate band and orchestra students.

Hosterman Education Center, New Hope
$3,855; Theater artist Perrin Boyd will conduct a residency, "Emotional Expression and Connection through Clowning," for students who have autism and other emotional/ behavioral challenges.

J.J. Hill Montessori Magnet School, Saint Paul
$5,000; Barry Kleider will conduct a photography residency in which students will use visual literacy skills to create mobiles, sculptures, and photographic displays that express human needs and ways to meet them.

Kelliher Public Schools, Kelliher
$3,813; Artist Kristine Sorensen will conduct a residency focused on digital imagery and video production. The residency will be designed to reinforce a sequential approach to media arts by embedding the artform in the curriculum at the elementary as well as middle school levels.

Lakeview Elementary, Cottonwood
$3,000; Poet Florence Dacey will conduct a residency focused on poetry and writing skills pertaining to pioneer life and Dakota culture in rural Minnesota.

Linwood Monroe Arts Plus-Linwood Campus, Saint Paul
$5,000; Joko and Tri Sutrisno will teach third and eighth grade students about the arts and culture of Indonesia through dance and the experience of playing the gamelan.

Marcy Open School, Minneapolis
$2,330; Polymer clay artist Layl McDill will teach an all-school residency on researching, designing, and making clay quilt designs.

Minnehaha Elementary School, Two Harbors
$4,275; Storyteller Danielle Daniels and songwriter/storyteller Rachel Nelson will conduct a residency focused on a storytelling and music to enhance student writing, comprehension, and public presentation skills.

Montevideo Public Schools, Montevideo
$6,947; Marie Olofsdotter, Ross Sutter, Margo McCreary, and Florence Dacey will conduct residencies based on Tom Paxton's song "This Pretty Planet.”

Northfield School of Arts and Technology, Northfield
$2,538; Diego Vazquez will conduct a residency focused on writing poetry and spoken word, and host a poetry slam at the end of the residency.

Park Spanish Immersion School, Saint Louis Park
$4,700; Maria Olofsdotter will conduct a maskmaking residency with second grade students exploring the cultural and historical significance of maskmaking in Latin American and African cultures. Ceramics artist Susan Warner will conduct a residency with third through sixth grade students exploring the role of pottery in ancient civilizations; students will create tile benches.

Plymouth Christian Youth Center, Minneapolis
$5,110; T. Mychael Rambo will lead a residency titled "From Spirituals to Hip Hop" for students at the PYC Arts and Technology High School, focusing on the African American experience in and through song.

Pratt Community School, Minneapolis
$2,397; Maya Washington will lead students through theater and creative writing activities to break down two novels into basic elements that comprise a play, including dialogue, set pieces, characters, and props.

Southside Family Charter School, Minneapolis
$3,987; Taiko drummer Sara Dejoras will conduct a residency on Taiko drumming. Students will learn about the techniques of Taiko drumming, as well as the social context and meaning of the artform.

Stevens Elementary, Dawson
$14,979; Susan Armington, Lisa Arnold, Perrin Boyd, Bart Buch, Sandi Pillsbury Gredzens, and Ross Sutter will each conduct a two-week residency in music and dance, theater, poetry and mosaics, drawing and painting, puppetry, and imaginative collage with students in primary grades through fifth grade.

Two Harbors High School, Two Harbors
$4,481; Performer and dancer Terrence Smith and painter Sandra Gredzens will conduct residencies focusing on community through dance and visual arts.

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