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FY 2015 Grantees

Cultural Community Partnership Grants

Cultural Community Partnership grants are designed to enhance the careers of individual artists of color.

Artists can apply for grants to help support a collaborative project with another Minnesota artist of color or a Minnesota nonprofit organization.

Number of grants awarded as of January 7, 2015 13
Total dollars awarded as of January 7, 2015 $ 104,000

Grantee, City Grant Amount
Amherst H. Wilder Foundation, Saint Paul$  8,000
The Wilder Foundation will collaborate with photographer Steve Floyd to create In a New Light, a youth photography exhibit that will feature photographs of multicultural communities in Saint Paul. The exhibit will explore culture, race, social justice, and the meaning of community.
Kao Choua Vue, Oakdale$  8,000
Kao Choua Vue and Jason Ho will collaboratively produce a 20-minute narrative film about the Hmong immigrant experience in Minnesota, as told from the perspective of an elder Hmong man. The film will premiere at a location in the Twin Cities in the fall of 2015.
Amina Z. Harper, Minneapolis$  8,000
Amina Harper and Tien Nguyen will create the Nightmare Atlas, an illustrated book of short stories inspired by traditional African and Asian folklore, culminating in a public exhibit and reading.
IFP MINNESOTA, Saint Paul$  8,000
IFP Minnesota will partner with emerging photographer De'Andre Avaloz in his first solo exhibition. The exhibition will feature Avaloz's ongoing project that documents the homeless in Minnesota, with a special emphasis on children and teenagers. The exhibition will be on view at IFP's new home in Saint Paul.
Jamil D. Jude, Saint Louis Park $  8,000
Jude and fellow theater artist, Josh Wilder, will produce, host, and perform in the New Griot Black Arts Festival. The festival will include work by ten artists from various disciplines and will be dedicated to celebrating emerging black artists of the Twin Cities.
Amoké A. Kubat, Minneapolis$  8,000
Kubat will partner with Intermedia Arts to create and perform Angry Black Woman and Well Intentioned White Girl, to explore the historic tensions of gender, race, and class between black and white women. She will work with Jennifer Johnson to produce the work. Intermedia Arts will provide theater space and production support for the one hour event.
Lao Assistance Center, Minneapolis$  8,000
The Lao Assistance Center will work with visual artist, Aloun Phoulavan, in a community-centered arts collaboration to mark 40 years of the Lao Minnesotan diaspora. The paintings will examine the role of art, health, youth, elders, and education in post-war resettlement.
Mizna, Saint Paul$  8,000
Mizna, an Arab American arts organization will partner with established Arab artist Osama Esid to create a large-scale, immersive photography installation focused on Syria, identity, and human rights. The artist will build a mobile studio to bring his work to new audiences in Minnesota at the all-night 2015 Northern Spark festival.
Pangea World Theater, Minneapolis $  8,000
Pangea World Theater will partner with Santanu Chatterjee to create three short films that explore the teaching of Sufism on the mystery of death. They will be screened in September 2015 and serve as a prelude to Pangea's final iteration of Rowzaneh, in fall 2015.
Rochester Art Center, Rochester $  8,000
The Rochester Art Center will partner with Jovan Speller to create Memory Series, a photography show that uses an anthotype (plant dye developer) photographic process. The exhibition will include education programs for diverse populations and provide curatorial and mentorship support for the artist.
Yuko Taniguchi, Rochester $  8,000
Yuko Taniguchi will collaborate with the Mayo Clinic in Rochester to tell the stories of the tsunami victims in Tohoku, Japan. Surviving Tsunami Waves: the Exhibition of Resilience through Arts and Narrative will highlight the role of art, narrative, and community engagement as a source of resilience.
Momoko Tanno, White Bear Lake$  8,000
Tanno, a music and theater artist will collaborate with In the Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theatre to create Crow Boy (working title), a play that explores the life of Japanese American children's book author Taro Yashima. A staged reading will be held at In the Heart of the Beast and at the Minneapolis Japanese School in September 2015.
Textile Center, Minneapolis $  8,000
The Textile Center of Minnesota will collaborate with Douglas K. Limon to present Turtle Voices, an exhibit of his work that shows thousands of tiny glass beads sewn onto textiles and art paper that makes a statement not only as art but also preserves the history and culture of his ancestors.


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