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FY 2020 Grantees

Cultural Community Partnership Grants

Cultural Community Partnership grants are designed to enhance the careers of individual artists of color.

Artists can apply for grants to help support a collaborative project with another Minnesota artist of color or a Minnesota nonprofit organization.

Number of grants awarded: 13
Total dollars awarded: $ 103,997

Grantee, City Grant Amount
Akiem, Saint Paul $  8,000
Hip-hop path forgers DJ Kool Akiem and DJ Digie will collaborate on a multidisciplinary performance and photography exhibit around themes of black fatherhood, black artistry, and legacy.
Ananya Dance Theatre, Minneapolis $  8,000
Ananya Dance Theatre and composer Dameun Strange will create Āgun for performance at The O'Shaughnessy at Saint Catherine University.
Appetite For Change, Minneapolis $  8,000
Appetite for Change will collaborate with Marcus Thompson to create original dance numbers for AFC's Youth Training and Opportunities (YTOP) performance team's new song, Trap or Grow, about youth making wise choices.
Leslie E. Barlow, Minneapolis $  8,000
Barlow and Lola Osunkoya will present Within, Between, Beyond, an interactive exhibit featuring videos, portraits, and activities for learning about the identity experiences of mixed race people and transracial adoptees.
Exposed Brick Theatre, Saint Paul $  8,000
Exposed Brick Theatre will collaborate with theater artist Signe Harriday to workshop and develop her new play, Dysmorphia in Four Movements, an exploration of fear, grief, addiction, and connection.
Michael Hoyt, Minneapolis $  8,000
Hoyt will engage with the Central Area Neighborhood Development Organization (CANDO) to establish the Dreamsland Graphic Artist Collective (DGAC), a platform for community visual storytelling.
Hawona S. Janzen, Saint Paul $  8,000
Janzen and the Hamline-Midway Coalition will combine forces to create Love Letters for the Midway, a public art lawn sign project, that will feature poems and photos of life in the Midway.
Sharon F. Mansur, Winona $  8,000
In partnership with the Minnesota Conservatory for the Arts, Arab American dance artist Mansur will develop her artistry performing 1001 Arab Futures, a directed collaboration with three artists of Arab heritage.
The Museum of Russian Art, Minneapolis $  8,000
Native American artist Marlena Myles will work with The Museum of Russian Art to present a 2021 exhibition on the interactions between Native Alaskans and Russian immigrants from 1736-1867.
Aubrey J. Scott, Northfield $  7,998
GLITCH will engage artist Scott to create Goddess Grotto, an original work in the emerging digital games medium that explores caring for your sexuality as a garden, presented during an interactive gallery exhibit.
Miss Shannan, Crystal $  7,999
Comedian and producer Miss Shannan will engage with author and journalist Roxane Battle collaborating on POCKETS OF JOY: COMEDY IN THE CHAOS, live and filmed performances at the New Hope Cinema Grill on Mother's Day weekend 2020.
TigerLion Arts, Minneapolis $  8,000
Tenzin Ngawang will work with TigerLion Arts to add more traditional Tibetan music, costumes, and dance to the production of The Buddha Prince, an outdoor walking play that celebrates the life of the Dalai Lama.
Women's Resource Center of Winona, Winona $  8,000
The Women's Resource Center of Winona will engage with Native American artist Natchez Beaulieu to use various creative mediums to help victims of domestic violence process trauma, culminating in a visual art installation.


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