-Minnesota State Arts Board - Minnesota North Star

FY 2022 Grantees

Creative Support for Individuals

Creative Support for Individuals is designed to help Minnesota artists and culture bearers adapt to changes in their working environment caused by the global pandemic. Grantees will be able to use funds to sustain their practice and stay relevant and connected to audiences, participants, students, or communities now and in the future. This grant program aims to help Minnesota artists and culture bearers maintain their visibility and financial sustainability by using their creativity and connections to community.

Number of grants awarded:
Total dollars awarded:
$ 3,112,758

Grantee, City Grant Amount
Cezarija Abartis, Saint Cloud $  6,000
Abartis will write three stories and share her writing process with young and old groups; she will conduct reading and writing workshops with people in libraries, senior citizen centers, or over Zoom due to COVID.
Sara N. Abdelaal, Minneapolis $  5,399
Abdelaal will work to play a large variety of shows in her community featuring music from her new cross genre album, in hopes of uplifting her community through soul bass and dance music.
Gabrielle Abram, Eagan $  6,000
Abram will produce a dance film title Initiated. This film will place black women in the narrative of action film and elevate urban styles in the performing arts.
Adekunbi B. Adenodi, Minneapolis $  6,000
Adenodi will plan and present a two-day workshop in the Twin Cities which uses art to uncover and change behaviors to achieve greater well-being.
Silvana Agostoni, Minneapolis $  6,000
Agostoni will finish editing a new body of photographic work, redesign her website, and make her website fully bilingual in English and Spanish.
Kashimana H. Ahua, Saint Paul $  6,000
Ahua will continue to develop and adapt concert series of performances for online and outdoor experiences, including interactive intimate performances, improvisational writing, and more.
Charles E. Alberti, Bemidji $  6,000
Alberti will create a body of painting, drawing, and graphics utilizing the Fibonacci Sequence and Golden Ratio to illustrate the connections between mathematics and visual arts creations. Alberti will also create a booklet of the work to explain and inform participants.
Mike Alberti, Minneapolis $  6,000
Alberti will read from his debut short story collection, Some People Let You Down, and teach remote writing workshops at ten senior living facilities in rural Minnesota.
Diana K. Albrecht, Minneapolis $  6,000
Albrecht will continue creating a short film celebrating queer, interracial relationships, and explore additional extensions of her artist book titled PLACED: Korean Adoptees Reclaiming Identities, to uplift the adoptee and Asian American community.
Hend A. Al-Mansour, Saint Paul $  5,998
Al-Mansour will pursue the creation of contemporary Islamic animated films that will be part of 3D art installations through the purchase of technology that can support the creation of digital works.
Tomas Alvarez, Woodbury $  6,000
Alvarez will create immersive, large-format prints for art exhibitions, and rent his own studio space. He also will purchase the tools necessary to create photography guides, edit photos, and complete his book project about persevering as an artist.
Betsy Alwin, Mound $  5,430
Alwin will create a series of hybrid in person and online events sharing her ideas, work, and processes with the community. These presentations will be streamed live and archived as a resource for the public.
Ashley M. Ammesmaki, Duluth $  5,260
Ammesmaki will teach indigenous descendants how to bead using mediums such as glass beads, dentalium shells, and crystals with needles and thread, providing a source of healing and connecting to lost cultural ways.
Gabrielle M. Anczarski, Minneapolis $  6,000
Anczarski will display fine art photographs of Twin Cities' nature in local businesses.
Krista J. Anderson-Larson, Saint Paul $  6,000
Anderson-Larson will research and produce new writing on their work, including a new artist statement which will be shared with the public via the artist's website.
Shari Aronson, Minneapolis $  6,000
Students in special education at Moreland Arts and Sciences School will improve their social emotional skills in a puppetry residency with Aronson.
Michael S. Arturi, Red Wing $  6,000
Arturi will give a talk and present a live concert illustrating the origins of American folk, blues and rock and roll, and the convergence and delivery of these art forms into lasting mainstream awareness in the mid '60s by The Lovin' Spoonful.
Daniel Arzola, Minneapolis $  6,000
Artivist Arzola will create a mural in Hennepin County inspired by freedom, diversity, and justice. The work will have a perspective based on immigration, sexual and gender diversity, and access to justice.
Michael T. Asmus, Gaylord $  6,000
Musician Asmus will present three live concerts in the summer of 2022 to continue to provide high quality arts access in Sibley County and continue to build his audience within that community.
Karlyn Atkinson Berg, Bovey $  6,000
Atkinson Berg will produce and publish hands-on collage project workbooks to be used at in person events where possible, and at live virtual interactive workshops and video webinars. The project will be shared on a social media site.
Ini Augustine, Minneapolis $  6,000
Augustine will produce "Farming Our Way Home-In a Pandemic," an interactive, multimedia experience that explores the intersections of belonging, farming, food access, and equity. She will present the work via radio, Facebook/Instagram live, and in a COVID safe event.
Ashanti P. Austin, Minneapolis $  6,000
Austin will develop writing workshops at 38th and Chicago Avenue collating the intergenerational trauma from police brutality. These stories will be from its BIPOC residents whose stories remained invisible.
Leila Awadallah, Minneapolis $  6,000
Body Watani dance project, the creative collective of Leila and Noelle Awadallah with Nakita Kirchner, will premiere their emerging work TERRANEA, which embodies research on ancestral resonances in the body, Arab roots on lands, and the memory of Mediterranean waters.
Alyssa E. Baguss, Minneapolis $  6,000
Baguss will create the Minnesota Artist Penny Press Machine: Greater Minnesota Edition and tour it through four outstate locations sharing with local residents contemporary art pressed on a penny.
Ryan Bajan, Ely $  6,000
Bajan will create ways to teach and share traditional Anishinaabeg art forms through virtual platforms and safe in person settings, including an interactive website, videos, and a new space for hosting in person activity.
Allison J. Baker, Minneapolis $  6,000
Baker will create a body of work exploring environmental illness and disability that will be exhibited publicly in Minneapolis.
Norma J. Bakka, Ogema $  6,000
Bakka will present traditional Native American art and contemporary design fashion shows featuring homemade jingle dresses, capes, vests, leggings, beads, medicine wheels, and sharing of music, dance, food, and community cultural history.
Zachary J. Baltich, Duluth $  6,000
Baltich will replace essential equipment and rent work space in order to continue a high level of collaboration in 2022.
Fode S. Bangoura, Brooklyn Park $  6,000
Bangoura will present two original compositions of Guinea rhythms that will be performed both in person and virtually.
Brendan Barrett, Minneapolis $  5,200
Barrett will launch his debut furniture collection both digitally and physically, creating both an augmented reality experience and an in person event.
Jeff Bartlett, Northfield $  6,000
Light art designer Bartlett will deepen his expertise in public art architectural lighting, enlivening communities' nighttime landscapes by infusing familiar surroundings with a sense of wonder and delight.
Bruce Bartos, Grand Rapids $  4,600
Bartos will purchase a raku kiln and offer a series of workshops for youth and adults to expand opportunities to create raku pottery in the Itasca County area.
Chandreyee Basu Thakur, Minneapolis $  6,000
Basu Thakur will showcase the nine human emotions/Navarasa through gestures, expressions, and movements. The alluring movements that express mood is the basis of Basu Thakur's Indian classical dance performances, on stage or virtually.
Ricardo Beaird, Minneapolis $  6,000
Beaird will assemble and facilitate an ensemble of queer artists to create an interactive, immersive play that engages audiences with concepts of leadership, consensus, and collective visioning.
Amy R. Beaulieu, Mahnomen $  6,000
Beaulieu will present teachings of beading to the youth and community.
Robin M. Becker, Mankato $  6,000
Becker will work to complete her memoir, Roadkill.
Bebe Zahara Benet, Minneapolis $  6,000
Benet and the House of Zahara (HOZ) will hold the HOZ Bazaar: a multicultural, cross-disciplinary community event showcasing LGBTQIA+, AAPI, BIPOC, and immigrant artists.
Lizbett Benge, Northfield $  6,000
Benge will use funds to research histories of sites in Rice County and share these via spoken word poetry and site-specific dance.
Carla M. Benjamin, Pillager $  6,000
Benjamin will create nature inspired encaustic artworks to calm, inspire, and renew the viewer. Works will be shared online on a new portfolio style website.
Tiffany L. Besonen, Menahga $  6,000
Besonen, a Minnesota sculptor, will direct a collaborative short film, featuring original sculpture, music, and dance by Minnesota artists to be shared online, in galleries, and rural Minnesota public settings.
David C. Billingsley, Minneapolis $  6,000
Billingsley will explore ways of presenting and performing culturally relevant children, family, and youth music to BIPOC children in Minnesota while also representing, preserving, and maintaining the music of Black Minnesotans.
Martha Bird, Minneapolis $  6,000
Bird will update her website, improve artwork documentation, and address accessibility needs by purchasing equipment to improve administrative functioning and engagement with Minnesota audiences in her visual arts practice.
Martin A. Blanco, Eden Prairie $  6,000
Blanco will create "Mar y Tierra" a motion and photo narrative exploring masculinity, bisexuality, and allegiance within the Afro-Latinx diaspora. The project will culminate with an immersive multimedia gallery exhibition.
Victoria A. Blanco, Minneapolis $  5,600
Blanco will facilitate the sharing of Latinx place based storytelling in Minnesota through a native pollinator writing and drawing workshop.
Archie Bongiovanni, Minneapolis $  5,100
Bongiovanni will attend an intensive writing program and create a new graphic novel pitch.
Essence Bonitaz, Maplewood $  5,860
Indie author, Bonitaz, will buy equipment to produce high quality, mobile staged readings of her work for live and remote audiences, plus get software and training to typeset her own novels in the future so she can affordably bring forth new works.
Melissa A. Borman, Minneapolis $  6,000
Borman will create and distribute a publication of photography and installation works that blurs the boundaries between an artist book and an exhibition catalog. The publication will include creative and critical writings by regional writers.
Mecca Bos, Minneapolis $  6,000
Bos will continue her work as an audio storyteller with work on her podcast series "The Hidden Black Foodways of Minnesota".
Cece Boyle, Duluth $  6,000
Cece Boyle will create an outdoor event showcasing art from "Thru-Hiking the Superior Hiking Trail" to create more trail awareness.
Aisha Branch, Brooklyn Park $  6,000
Branch will showcase a collection of Persian and Middle Eastern inspired artwork and home goods as well as share the art history and ancient techniques through video content.
Lloyd W. Brant, Minneapolis $  6,000
Brant will use funding to document on video his show, Fool's Medicine, about the healing power of laughter with the intent to market his newest work to performing arts centers in greater Minnesota.
Gregory Brosofske, Minneapolis $  6,000
Brosofske will complete "Strange Heart," his chamber opera about Minnesota poet John Berryman.
Chastity A. Brown, Minneapolis $  6,000
Brown will collaborate with Michelle Kinney to arrange songs from her 2019 performance with the Minnesota Orchestra for a smaller chamber ensemble and her full band, to more easily tour the work and make it accessible to new audiences.
Mark R. Brown, Minneapolis $  6,000
Brown will create short documentaries about the Midway and Frogtown neighborhoods for documentary magazine Northern Spotlight, while also completing postproduction on The Fishing Hat Bandit, a feature-length documentary film.
Neegonee B. Brunner, Ponsford $  6,000
Brunner will explore ways to teach surrounding communities about her Native American culture with her artwork. She will set up online and in person classes.
Bart Buch, Minneapolis $  6,000
Buch will create his first professional puppet video with local puppeteers, musicians, and youth, to share online with Minnesotans.
Cassandra R. Buck, Rochester $  6,000
Buck will work with and collaboratively create neighborhood murals with underserved communities in Rochester.
Julie A. Buffalohead, Saint Paul $  6,000
Buffalohead will create work, exhibit, and engage diverse audiences throughout Minnesota addressing Native history and tradition, social issues in America, and personal themes.
Bullet Bob, Askov $  6,000
Bullet Bob will record and broadcast original drum solos for track work. Bob will acquire more training for recording and mastering for projects brought to him via the studio over the Web or in person.
Nancy Bundy, Edina $  6,000
Bundy will create a photo based body of work featuring the personal stories of five families who live on Minnesota's Iron Range. This project will reflect the culture of the region. It will be exhibited on a dedicated website and promoted on social media.
Nate Burbeck, Robbinsdale $  6,000
Burbeck will create a new series of photorealist narrative paintings using landscape photographs taken throughout Minnesota and other reference materials. Resulting paintings will be exhibited at a public galley or community space.
Graham Burnett, Duluth $  4,500
Burnett will centralize important aspects of historic manufacturing to his Duluth workshop with the acquisition of a laser cutting machine.
Blayze J. Buseth, Fergus Falls $  6,000
Buseth will explore video content sharing to extend the reach of his pottery and sculpture workshop, Creation Shop.
Angelo T. Bush, Minneapolis $  6,000
Bush will be a creative mentor in his community, and support young creatives in learning about and accessing visual artist book publication services.
Greg Byers, Minneapolis $  6,000
Byers will compose, record, and produce his jazz cello album, Dear Zbigniew, in collaboration with members of the Minneapolis jazz community. He will also create several music videos and physically press CDs.
Ryan Bynum, Crystal $  6,000
Bynum will compose and produce an album featuring seven Minnesota musician, performing in a spectrum of genres and styles, as a way to deepen his own creative capacity while promoting the diversity of the Minnesota music scene.
Luisa Cabello Hansel, Minneapolis $  6,000
Cabello Hansel will develop a process to create mosaic memorials for those who've lost loved ones. She will teach the process to local artists and mentor a young adult artist who works with youth.
Amanda R. Callahan, Fergus Falls $  6,000
Callahan will purchase equipment and connect with her community by providing ceramics classes for individuals that identify as having mental health issues and/or a history of chemical dependency.
Timothy S. Cameron, Minneapolis $  6,000
Cameron will engage in justice based hybrid theater with windows as the fourth wall and sound through an app/radio, and will gather with brilliant collaborators.
Makeda Carpenter, Winona $  6,000
Mai'a Williams will write a collection of essays, Apocalypse Here, and she will create a series of readings on Zoom and hopefully, in person, from these essays and share these video recorded readings online.
Mary J. Casanova, International Falls $  6,000
Casanova will explore, develop, and offer writing workshops for rural Minnesota teens; she will also continue to research and write her current novel in progress.
Sophia Chai, Rochester $  6,000
Chai will produce a new body of photographs that draws inspiration from hangul, the writing system of the Korean language, and will seek an exhibition venue for a site-specific installation of the completed work.
Marsha W. Chall, Federal Dam $  6,000
Chall will facilitate five online and four in person author visits to schools, libraries, or community groups; update her professional website; and attend two writers' retreats to develop a middle grade novel draft.
Lisa E. Channer, Saint Anthony $  6,000
Channer will direct and produce The Girls at the Painted Bird, a short film about a multiethnic and feminist wild west.
Linda N. Chatterton, Minneapolis $  6,000
Chatterton will video record her music performances and distribute these videos to greater Minnesota communities in order to maintain and grow previous connections.
Wen-Li Chen, Saint Paul $  5,970
Chen is an artist with many methods of production, including language, literature, photography, documentation, and archival representation in order to explore what is lost (unintentional) or omitted (intentional) during generational exchange.
Xiaohong Chen, Minneapolis $  6,000
Chen will collaborate with other artists to have a concert featuring Chinese dance and music and Western dance and music to promote her goal of building a rainbow bridge connecting the East and the West.
Vincent X. Cheng, Minneapolis $  6,000
Cheng will complete a collection of short stories. Additionally, he will lead an open community workshop on the use of personal experience in fiction.
Sun Mee Chomet, Saint Paul $  6,000
Chomet will create a solo dance-theater piece titled Trauma: Held, exploring how historical trauma is held in and moves through the Asian American female body.
Linda Christianson, Lindstrom $  6,000
Christianson will be afforded time and materials to work in the studio. Her work will be exhibited and available to the public online.
Joe Chvala, Minneapolis $  5,549
Chvala will create and learn to operate his own video editing system so he can create rough edits of his dance films, as well as excerpt short clips that he can stream to his audiences and market himself to theater, dance, and film presenters.
Carl L. Clomon, Saint Paul $  6,000
Clomon will compose, record, and release three original gospel songs to inspire and encourage during this post pandemic period. This gospel concert and live recording promises to be an uplifting and rewarding experience.
Joshua Cobb, Minneapolis $  6,000
Cobb will create Irenic, a podcast anchored in healing, growth, and vulnerability in the confines of the exploration of Black masculinity.
Heather M. Cole, Saint Paul $  6,000
Cole will creatively examine a 2021 COVID period social connection experience to build out expertise in social media engagement and develop a more robust web presence with engagement opportunities.
Elizabeth M. Coleman, Minneapolis $  6,000
Coleman will create and exhibit sculptures combining porcelain, cast glass, and found objects.
Ebony A. Coles, Maplewood $  5,800
Coles will explore creative ways to offer and present visual arts services online and in person.
Kristin N. Collier, Minneapolis $  5,950
Essayist Collier will host workshops in which participants will draft and share creative nonfiction about their personal experiences with capital, finance, and/or debt.
Dana Conroy, Madison $  6,000
Conroy will make a narrative short film about her recent visual disability.
Basil K. Considine, Minneapolis $  6,000
Considine will create high quality studio recordings of six excerpts of operas that he has written or cowritten.
Nancy L. Cook, Saint Paul $  6,000
Cook will write hybrid poems/essays about "green spaces" and "white spaces" in or near North Minneapolis, and recruit, train, and provide feedback to other writers from affected communities to do the same.
Vince Cook, Brainerd $  6,000
Cook will create a collection of 10-15 pieces of kumiko artwork and share this unique art form through gallery displays in the Brainerd lakes area communities.
Clare Cooley, Duluth $  6,000
Cooley will livestream reading excerpts from her published memoir and create an online written and video curriculum demonstrating how to turn one's stories into a memoir of all formats to give voice to older adults in greater Minnesota.
Amy C. Coppersmith, Otsego $  6,000
Coppersmith will be working with an editor and/or copy editor and printing her photographic book.
Cecilia M. Cornejo, Northfield $  6,000
Expanding on her ongoing exploration of home and belonging, Cornejo will develop Sonic Landscapes of Rural Minnesota, a sound mapping website built from audio testimonies recorded with community members in Northfield and Lanesboro.
Tawnee G. Corning, Bagley $  6,000
Corning will create a new body of paintings that will in turn be used to publish her first book.
Bradley J. Coulter, Mankato $  5,990
Coulter will integrate digital mark making, computer aided manufacturing, and artisan printing to explore the collective and individual emotional response to visual language. The results of this work will be shared in a public exhibition.
Amy Cousin, Minneapolis $  6,000
Cousin is a Minneapolis raised jewelry artist. Using metalsmithing, wireworking, and knotting techniques, she revives discarded memory items, connecting them to reclaimed metals and gemstones associated with myth, power, and healing.
Guillermo Cuellar, Shafer $  6,000
In addition to a robust online web store, Cuellar will carry out three onsite studio sales to spotlight pots while focusing on the safety of the pottery audience.
Sage M. Davis, West St Paul $  6,000
Davis's overall goals are to create and to engage community in her design process.
Bianca M. Dawkins, Minneapolis $  5,140
Employing a collaboration of artists, counselors, and recovering victims, Dawkins's The I.C.O.N. (I Can Overcome Negativity) Project will provide opportunities for trauma victims to develop permanent strategies for healing.
Dante C. De Grazia, Winona $  6,000
De Grazia will explore two different recording projects inspired by the book Crossings: An Anthology of the Poets Laureate of Winona Minnesota.
Michelle de Joya, Minneapolis $  6,000
de Joya will develop her musical, HAENYEO, about the women free divers of Jeju, Korea, which explores the pain passed down through generations of AAPI women via song and movement. As part of the process, she will provide dance therapy to AAPI youth.
Maria C. De La O Carballo, Cottage Grove $  6,000
De La O Carballo will create a public mural at Second Shift Studio Space through facilitating community engagement workshops which will bring about courageous dialogues regarding racial injustices facing marginalized communities in all sectors of society.
Christopheraaron Deanes, Minneapolis $  5,200
Deanes will create a series of large-scale paintings that will be exhibited at Galeria Do Beija Flor. Deanes will host a gallery event for community and facilitate a discussion about race, social civility, and benevolence.
Ruth Denny, Minneapolis $  6,000
Denny will organize a public reading with other Native writers and/or rappers, and read from her upcoming memoir, I Am Zibiquah.
Emily A. Derke, Grand Marais $  6,000
Derke will host two basketry workshops working with willow and birch bark.
Paul K. Dice, Northfield $  6,000
Dice will compose three new works for Chinese and Japanese instruments and upload videos of the performances to his YouTube channel to stay connected to and expand his audience.
Danielle R. Dinger, Saint Cloud $  6,000
Dinger will explore creating her own ceramic glazes by enrolling in a glaze class, purchasing necessary equipment and supplies for glaze making.
Divinewords, Woodbury $  6,000
Divine will finish the editing of their documentary film project and host a debut in a town hall forum with local organizers and community servants.
Dolo The Singer, Minneapolis $  6,000
Jackson will produce North Jubilee: Celebratory Songs With Secrets For Perseverance, an album and performance presentation, to broadcast and preserve the legacy of hope in the spirit of North Minneapolis community.
Darius Dotch, Saint Paul $  6,000
Dotch will upgrade his home recording studio in order to amplify his artistic output and allow for more accessibility with fellow collaborators.
Jayson Douglas, Minneapolis $  5,500
Douglas will develop an innovative piece of choreography that utilizes groundbreaking SoMo technology, and share this process at community engagement events and workshops.
Beth Dow, Minneapolis $  6,000
Dow will complete her project about visual perception by publishing a small edition interactive book and a set of exhibition prints.
Pete Driessen, Minneapolis $  5,000
Driessen will engage and collaborate with rural Minnesota communities by creating an accessible, site-specific Minnesota native prairie wildflower garden bed project reflecting healthcare ecosystems in Minnesota.
Debra B. Dsouza, Austin $  6,000
DSouza will expand her knowledge of kiln forming glass and advanced techniques of glass fusing and slumping. She will add these elements to her mosaic practice and offer these to her students and in future community projects and commissions.
Antonio Duke, Minneapolis $  6,000
Duke will collaborate with a playwriting mentor to write and perform his solo performance piece, SOAR, an examination of bipolar affective disorder, culminating in a virtual in-home, ten-minute excerpt posted on Facebook.
Emily L. Dzieweczynski, Minneapolis $  6,000
Dzieweczynski will explore how we reconnect, post pandemic, through a show at Second Shift Studio, a book distributed through Minnesota, and a public database that collects pandemic experiences/ She will also host coding workshops at Second Shift Studio.
Seth M. Eberle, Minneapolis $  6,000
Eberle will work with LGBTQ+ families with children to devise a marionette performance for family audiences about what makes their family special.
Paul Egbe, Minneapolis $  4,960
Egbe will use funds to purchase a camera. As a photographer, my camera is my most important piece of equipment.
Melissa Eggler, Rochester $  6,000
Eggler will be using this funding to explore new ways of incorporating found and rescued materials in her artwork and to further her dedication to organizing welcoming and inclusive events in the art community.
Katharine Eksuzian, Victoria $  6,000
Eksuzian will maintain artist presence and financial sustainability through the procurement of equipment, supplies, and marketing services. New work will be presented at Minnesota exhibitions, shops, and fine art fairs.
eL.I.Be, Saint Paul $  6,000
EL.i.BE will create and perform new music highlighting his experience as a Liberian American in Minnesota. He will also recruit other first generation West African artists to accompany him on the lineup.
Karen J. Engevik, Roseau $  6,000
Engevik will explore ways to connect with rural Minnesotans and to present her visual dimensional stories online and in person shows.
Kyle Ensrude, Becker $  6,000
Ensrude will produce a short narrative film to bring attention to the plight of at-risk and LGBTQIA youth in the juvenile justice system.
Rolf C. Erdahl, Apple Valley $  6,000
Erdahl will tour greater Minnesota with Carrie Vechione as OboeBass! presenting American Vein, a program featuring diverse works including Valerie Coleman's American Vein and compositions highlighting immigrant contributions to American music.
Paloma Escobedo Mendoza, Mankato $  6,000
Mendoza will produce a zine, new mixed media art pieces, and partner with local organizations to produce site-specific murals.
James G. Everest, Minneapolis $  6,000
Composer Everest will present two free, outdoor public sound garden installation events, combining music, dance, poetry, and visual art into immersive self-guided experiences.
Dominic B. Facio, Fergus Falls $  5,999
Facio will obtain equipment to continue producing niche creative community events in rural Minnesota.
Alisha N. Fagan, Blaine $  6,000
Fagan will continue providing and expand services of dance classes for youth in the North Minneapolis community. Through Fagan's classes, youth explore different dance cultures and obtain the appropriate skills to help build their confidence, self-esteem and courage.
Anika Fajardo, Minneapolis $  5,450
Fajardo will engage Minnesota youth with creative writing and expose Minnesotans to the work of these young writers via a dedicated website (MNkidswrite.com).
Cory N. Favre, Roseville $  6,000
Favre will create a new body of work discussing motherhood, postpartum depression, and postpartum anxiety.
Namir Fearce, Minneapolis $  6,000
Fearce will produce In this Wicked Womb, an experimental documentary, a parable of pleasure, and an intensive study of the survival of Black American descendants of the great migration from the Mississippi River regions.
Trina Fernandez, Minneapolis $  6,000
Fernandez will be create a new body of work consisting of sculptures addressing the fetishizing of Asian bodies, culture, and sexual identity.
Alec M. Fischer, Minneapolis $  6,000
Fischer will develop a digital workshop about using identity as a method of storytelling and present it virtually to communities in Minnesota.
Elizabeth M. Flinsch, Saint Paul $  6,000
Flinsch will produce a book of her recent photography and facilitate online workshops for survivors of traumatic brain Injury.
Allen Flowers, Minneapolis $  6,000
Flowers will create a creative space for local musicians from diverse communities to collaborate and create original music that reflects their culture, life experiences, and hope for the future. Music will be performed live and online.
Paul G. Fonfara, Minneapolis $  6,000
Fonfara will create a work that merges 20th century minimalist concert music with activist street chant, using historic quotes as a basis for text.
Susan A. Foss, Sandstone $  6,000
Foss will produce a sixteen-foot bas relief mural of Mah kah day gwon and her two children paddling a canoe to save a white family from the great Hinckley fire in 1894.
Silent Fox, Minneapolis $  6,000
Silent Fox will produce Self Define, a new series embracing many different art forms and hoping to inspire members of the community to express themselves through art. The series will be exhibited online, with process videos shared on YouTube and on the artist's website.
Penelope A. Freeh, Saint Paul $  6,000
Freeh will produce and perform four original choreographic commissions rooted in social and racial justice practices and public conversation.
Denise M. Friesen, North Mankato $  6,000
Friesen will create monotypes and oil paintings in a series and explore opportunities to exhibit locally as southern Minnesota galleries return to scheduling.
Brian L. Frink, Mankato $  6,000
Frink will create a new body of work and will seek the exhibition of that work within galleries in the state of Minnesota. He will curate exhibitions in the Rural American Contemporary Art/Gallery.
Aaron A. Gabriel, Minneapolis $  6,000
Gabriel will complete, digitize, and begin recording their score for the theatrical concept album Hearts Are Broke, a new musical written for and about genderqueer characters, particularly those sharing multiple marginalized identities.
Ritika Ganguly, Saint Paul $  5,925
Ganguly will learn the khomok a traditional two stringed folk instrument used in Baul music.
Anangookwe Garbow, Callaway $  5,750
Robinson will explore the techniques of Ojibwe beadwork.
Benjamin Gateno, Rochester $  6,000
Gateno will establish a professional digital presence to promote himself as a solo guitar performer and educator.
Parker Genné, Minneapolis $  6,000
Genné's Folktopia Band will bring the original folk opera SILVER HANDS to three intergenerational audiences, breaking stereotypes about disability and aging to show how pain, healing, joy, and the natural world are part of our universal stories.
Willow Gentile, Rochester $  6,000
Intuitive plein air artist, Becher, will be painting in and around Rochester to bring her pop-up performative, installation, plein air art to promote community engagement.
Merle Geode, Minneapolis $  6,000
Geode will complete their picture book dummy for Dreaming Dog and submit it for publication. They will also create project related content on merlegeode.com for other marginalized writers and illustrators on the journey toward publication.
Catherine Glynn, Lanesboro $  6,000
Glynn will create a short feature film based on author Liz Bucheit's short story about a fictitious immigrant Norwegian farmer who examines how his life was driven by famine, fear, and a youthful interaction with a folkloric huldra.
Candida J. González, Minneapolis $  5,900
González will engage the BIPOC queer community in remembering, grieving, honoring, and releasing all that we have lost in the pandemic through altar creation.
Christy Goulet, Dilworth $  6,000
Goulet will video record tutorials with community and tribal elders who will teach the Lakota, Ojibwe, and Dakota languages to all participants. Goulet will use formats such as Zoom, Facebook, and YouTube as online mediums.
Christopher E. Griffith, Minneapolis $  6,000
Puppetry artist Griffith will continue his work with Takoda Prep, a Minneapolis alternative high school focused on American Indian culture, by leading a spring 2022 puppetry residency with the art specialist and students.
Holly J. Gross, Andover $  6,000
Gross will continue to work with a developmental editor on her memoir, focusing on the overall structure and narrative arc of her story. It is her goal to complete her manuscript within the grant period and begin the query and publishing process.
Ines Guanchez, Minneapolis $  5,510
Guanchez will work with Sofia Schutte as the Venezuelan ensemble Duo Avila to create a multidisciplinary art exhibition where music, animation, and visual art intersect to immerse audiences in the works of seven female composers.
Kathryn J. Haddad, Minneapolis $  6,000
Haddad will work with the local Arab American community to explore immigration stories through storytelling, music, dance, and visual art.
Carla D. Hamilton, Duluth $  6,000
Using film, photography, painted portraits, and other mixed media methods, Hamilton will create an installation titled Hunger, exploring her encounters with mental health systems as a black woman in greater Minnesota.
David Hamlow, Good Thunder $  6,000
Hamlow will continue to refine and expand his online, collaborative recycled object collage projects, expanding them to include new patterns, audiences and collaborators, and new public school and social media collaborations.
Kate Hammer, Roseau $  6,000
Providing pottery classes to all ages, Kate Hammer of Pretty Dirt Pottery will educate people wanting to experience the ceramic creation process in a working artist's studio.
Holly Hansen, Sebeka $  6,000
Producer/artist Hansen will purchase the necessary audio equipment to continue growing her recording studio, Salon, the only female owned and operated professional studio in Minnesota, to better serve recording artists.
Anna Hanson, Vining $  5,885
Hanson will seek to sharpen her literary skills to better involve and represent fellow Minnesotans with quality writing and storytelling in online publications.
Jacob A. Harlin, Minneapolis $  4,250
Harlin is an artist that creates honestly and openly through feelings and emotions. Harlin is looking for ways to present music in multiple ways to connect and attract fans of music as an online presence and live performer.
Warren Harmon, Rochester $  5,925
Harmon will host public discussions and publish for senior audiences in southeastern Minnesota. He will promote individual potential, artistic achievement, and capability for this demographic, stressing that age has no boundaries.
Elissa L. Hartwig, Brainerd $  6,000
Hartwig will create a series of ten twelve-by-twelve stained glass panels to be displayed throughout downtown Brainerd businesses in an art walk format.
Sahar Hassan, Saint Paul $  6,000
Hassan will explore additional ways of presenting her audio/visual recordings virtually, to make the content available online and reach new audiences across Minnesota.
Nicole A. Havekost, Rochester $  6,000
Havekost will create a large-scale, figurative, hand sewn series of sculptures depicting a mother figure and her litter of offspring for an exhibition at Threshold Arts. She will also teach the workshop Frankenstuffie Monsters in the gallery.
Chandra Hawkins, Minneapolis $  3,850
Hawkins will continue to offer free photography to low-income families, empowering women and bringing artists together.
Susan Hawkinson, Grand Rapids $  6,000
Hawkinson will offer two outdoor performances of her family play, Paddle Off the Map, in Grand Rapids.
Nick Healy, Mankato $  6,000
Healy will revise a novel in progress and prepare it for an agent, and he will conduct readings/talks in greater Minnesota communities.
Scott J. Hebert, Duluth $  6,000
Hebert will continue producing local podcasts while building an open community of like-minded individuals. Funds will be allocated in the greater Minnesota area for artist compensation, equipment, rental fees, and skilled laborers.
Harrison Heinks, Edina $  6,000
Heinks uniting a single photo from several layers evokes emotion which he intends to express how it feels to live with autism. The Visual Voice of Autism connects to neurotypical viewers by letting them feel what it's like to live with autism.
Stephanie E. Henry, Princeton $  5,850
Henry will compose music and create videos inspired by central Minnesota landscapes.
Carol M. Herden, Amboy $  6,000
Herden will share her sculpting skills with the public and broaden her audience to include the general public.
Justin Hicks, New Ulm $  6,000
Hicks will continue to support local podcasters and musicians through teaching and production to help them meet their creative goals.
Lisa Higgs, Rochester $  5,775
Higgs will create new work looking at how environmental, cultural, and political changes are impacting the world, update her website to include audio and video, and coordinate a poetry/arts collaboration with an event at a Rochester art gallery.
Jennifer K. Hildebrandt, Mankato $  6,000
Hildebrandt will update her website and blog to reflect new work; create workshops for Minnesota residents that couple explorative movement with journaling; and create a movement memoir performance that entwines movement arts with related personal essays.
Howard W. Hirdler, Cass Lake $  6,000
Hirdler will finish his musical, KING JAMES' CHRISTMAS, and record instrumental and vocal tracks using members of the Bemidji and Walker theater and musician communities.
Ashley Hise, Duluth $  6,000
Hise will use foraged ceramic material from Lake Superior to create eight sculptures, documenting her process through a descriptive guide. She will stay connected to her students in an underserved community by holding a free "Wild Clay" workshop.
Markus Hoeckner, Minneapolis $  6,000
In collaboration with Oscar nominated actor Barkhad Abdi, the Niyyah Recovery Initiative, and local community leaders, Hoeckner will write a short film screenplay raising awareness about the fentanyl epidemic in the Somali community.
Eli Hoehn, Saint Peter $  6,000
Eli Hoehn will create five new works focusing on the nature of being human, including our need for acceptance, to feel important, and our difficulty in understanding truth, as told through his fictional Captain Gravitone characters.
Jaysen T. Hohlen, Minneapolis $  6,000
Hohlen will produce and exhibit a series of photographs of rural queer folks and manual laborers.
Carolyn L. Holbrook, Saint Paul $  6,000
Holbrook will complete the first draft of her new novel about how both trauma and resilience have been passed down through the DNA of Black women and girls from abuses, disappearances, and deaths since the beginning of slavery in 1619 up to the present day. Holbrook will engage communities in blog based and in person readings and public conversations on the novel's content and impact.
Gao Hong, Northfield $  6,000
Hong will compose a pipa concerto that she will premiere in her debut performance with the Civic Orchestra of Minneapolis during the orchestra's seventieth season, and present outreach for Minnesotans young and old.
Keith T. Hopkins, Duluth $  6,000
Hopkins will adapt his novel as an audiobook so that it will be accessible to greater Minnesota residents with visual impairment and limited English proficiency.
Elizabeth Horneber, Mankato $  6,000
Horneber will compose new essays towards the completion of her first book length collection and create an artist website.
Annie Hough, Moorhead $  6,000
Moorhead playwright Hough will use the Creative Support for Individuals grant to write and safely produce an original new play, Meadow Adventures.
Simon Huelsbeck, Rochester $  6,000
Huelsbeck will be creating a large public mural in the lowertown neighborhood in Rochester.
Tonia Hughes, Minneapolis $  6,000
Kendrick will compose a music project targeting the elderly community and explore ways of presenting it on an online medium.
Amanda M. Hunter, Duluth $  6,000
Hunter will develop an accessible website and online store to become known to a wider Minnesotan audience and help fund her artistic practice.
Su Hwang, Minneapolis $  6,000
Hwang will produce a new body of work for her second poetry collection titled ROOST, interrogating human folly and the history of violence through a feminist, ecological, and intersectional lens. She will host a collaborative live/virtual event.
Mimi Iimuro Van Ausdall, Minneapolis $  6,000
Iimuro Van Ausdall will create an author website, submit her manuscript to at least fifteen agents, and organize a reading featuring Minnesota based queer BIPOC writers.
Masayoshi Ishikawa, Saint Peter $  6,000
Ishikawa will record his second original small jazz ensemble album (titled Shinobu-remembering) The music will be distributed in both physical and digital formats. Album showcase concerts will be held at several musical venues.
Nicholas J. Jackson, Bemidji $  6,000
Jackson chases his artistic path by engaging the community with a gallery show of oil paintings, and online videos exploring painting techniques and artist life.
C.B. Jacobson, Saint Cloud $  6,000
Jacobson will create a feature film, set and produced within Minnesota, staffed entirely with Minnesota located or connected cast and crew.
Janel N. Jacobson, Harris $  6,000
Jacobson will pursue glaze experimentation with carbon trapping glaze recipes, celadon colors with overlay, and firing techniques. For repeatable decorative elements for use on porcelain clay, she will explore carved stamps and sprig molds.
Peter Jadoonath, Shafer $  6,000
Jadoonath will create large-scale zoetrope bowls that will be painted with space mystery comic book style narratives. He will create free online workshops and educate the public at annual regional events during the project.
Yonci P. Jameson, Minneapolis $  6,000
Jameson will produce a radio series exploring sounds, stories, and solutions addressing identity and arts access from Black queer, trans, and nonbinary artists in the Twin Cities and beyond
Thomas Jaszczak, Shafer $  6,000
Jaszczak will open his studio to the public for a weekend when the community will be able to handle hand-made pots, ask questions, view the studio and kiln, and purchase work.
Deja J. Jendro, Minneapolis $  6,000
Jendro will be adding to her portfolio as well as host local BIPOC business owners in studio to elevate their digital foot print and to share stories of their journeys and the obstacles they faced.
Rachel H. Jendrzejewski, Minneapolis $  6,000
Jendrzejewski will collaborate with composers Chris Hepola, Jenna Wyse, and five other Minnesota musicians to create a studio recording of their musical score for her experimental rock opera, MEMORY LAWS, to share with presenters and audiences.
Mimi Jennings, Saint Paul $  6,000
Jennings will establish a Web presence, host diverse poets in five readings, and submit a manuscript of 51 poems to a literary press. Recordings of readings will be made available; web addresses will be reported; submissions will be tracked.
Deborah K. Jiang-Stein, Minneapolis $  6,000
Jiang-Stein will complete a narrative photo essay titled The Discarded, and exhibit her photo series of lost and tossed face masks. Each image will be paired with quotes and poetry excerpts from lifers in prison.
Tahiel Jimenez Medina, Minneapolis $  6,000
Jimenez Medina will hold the space for a cinema production workshop for aspiring filmmakers to create their first short film and screen it for their community.
John S. Jodzio, Minneapolis $  6,000
Jodzio will complete a short story collection and share this work by giving three readings in outstate Minnesota.
Rock Johnsen, Brooklyn Park $  6,000
Masks are cultural items that connect all groups of humanity without regard to time or location; masks have become representations of societies' collective desires. This collection of masks by Johnsen will represent cultural groups that make Minnesota.
Diona D. Johnson, Duluth $  6,000
AfroGeode is a creative music project founded by Johnson. AfroGeode seeks to provide a visual art experience followed by dialogue about the experience of Black marginalized genders in various relationship structures.
Jacelyn P. Johnson, Plymouth $  6,000
Johnson (JahPenée), a multi hyphenate creator from Minneapolis, will continue development of a sci-tech anthology television series and showcase the work at local screenings with panel discussions.
Julie A. Johnson, Minneapolis $  6,000
Johnson will arrange nine traditional Irish folk melodies for two flutes and for flute and clarinet. The sheet music and audio samples will be available to musicians across Minnesota.
Zachary S. Johnson, Saint Paul $  6,000
Singer/songwriter Johnson, best known for his online work thesongadayproject on YouTube, will record and release a CD of songs written during 2020 and 2021.
Megan R. Jorgenson, Kimball $  6,000
Jorgenson will create new ceramic sculptural artwork to be displayed at open studio events and art festivals.
Kymani Kahlil, Saint Louis Park $  6,000
Kahlil will work with composer Aaron Gabriel to complete Peaches & Pickles, her one-person musical performance intended for police academy law enforcement recruits and police officers.
Asuka Kakitani, Northfield $  6,000
Kakitani will produce a CD and digital recording of her solo percussion suite, Twelve Months in Minnesota, featuring Eri Isomura, to reach Minnesota audiences disconnected from live music due to COVID-19.
Patti Kameya, Saint Paul $  6,000
Kameya will engage readers in conversations on Minnesota history and identity by having diverse Minnesota artists contribute to her blog. Guest artists will relate their experiences researching and writing about marginalized communities.
Rebecca Kanner, Saint Paul $  6,000
Kanner will use her writing to explore how Minnesotans suffering from addiction and mental illness are navigating these difficult times.
Charles G. Kapsner, Little Falls $  5,890
Kapsner will create a painting portraying the multilayered stories of five diverse women from the Minnesota National Guard, and showcase the painting at four venues via COVID safe protocols at the time.
Lance T. Karasti, Duluth $  6,000
Karasti will make a feature film with local cast and crew to be exhibited throughout Minnesota.
Clarita Kell, Northfield $  6,000
Kell will expand her growth and teaching of Aztec dance traditions with more performances and youth focused practices in order to offer and pass on her traditions and knowledge to more people in Rice County.
Crayon Kelly, Lakeville $  6,000
Anderson will create a public art installation that includes a NFT or augmented reality component. The work will be placed locally.
Serenity Kenan, Duluth $  6,000
Kenan will create new community entry points into ceramics through a workshop at the Damiano Center and a public installation.
Tia S. Keobounpheng, Minneapolis $  6,000
Keoboupheng will create four large-scale works inspired by historic research and recorded stories from Minnesotans of Sami descent in preparation for a larger exhibition. The collected stories will be shared online for the public to access.
R. J. Kern, Minneapolis $  6,000
Kern will present a community exhibition of photography at seven historical society venues in greater Minnesota. Exhibition programming will be complemented by a series of artist talks and book signings.
Narate J. Keys, Minneapolis $  6,000
Keys will work in partnership with community members to produce a historical and cultural play called Apsara.
Michael S. Khuth, Rochester $  6,000
Khuth will print physical copies of Generation Magazine, an art and culture magazine dedicated to amplifying the various experiences, identities, generations, and dreams of the Cambodian diaspora.
Ellie Kidder, Minneapolis $  6,000
Kidder will access training and professional development opportunities for her work as a sculptor to prepare a new series of molded busts of ceramic and other materials for exhibition in Minnesota and nationally.
Athena O. Kildegaard, Morris $  5,177
Kildegaard will hire Karen McCall to create a professional website; Kildegaard will travel to five prairie cities to give readings, visit classrooms, and lead workshops.
Davida D. Kilgore, Saint Paul $  5,987
Kilgore will write and publish a poetic graphic novel about African American Minnesotans with differing abilities, shown through a creative and psychological lens. She will also create an interactive storytelling space on her website.
Sophia E. Kim, Minneapolis $  6,000
Kim will engage with Asian American women in a series of study groups to discuss works of literature by Asian and Asian American women writers.
Halee Kirkwood, Minneapolis $  6,000
Kirkwood will engage workers in the service industry through creative writing workshops exploring labor throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, culminating in a public reading. Kirkwood will write 40 pages of a new poetry manuscript on this topic.
Marla O. Klein, Minneapolis $  6,000
Klein's The Metamorphosis Project Book 3, a black and white portrait series documenting Minnesota transgender journeys and experiences, is an exhibition and book release in progress for fall 2022.
Kevin L. Kling, Minneapolis $  6,000
Storyteller Kling will collaborate with singer/songwriter Gaelynn Lea on a new full-length piece as artists whose work both embodies and transcends their disability, culminating in a recorded excerpt to be broadcast on YouTube.
Janna Knittel, Minneapolis $  6,000
Knittel will create and submit new work for publication; plan, curate, and host public poetry readings with Twin Cities poets in greater Minnesota; and caption and post videos of readings on their social media and website.
Naomi E. Ko, Savage $  6,000
Ko will create two comedic short films to give voice and engage with the Asian Pacific Islander Desi American community in the Twin Cities and surrounding metro.
Julie A. Koehnen, Crystal $  6,000
Koehnen will develop SUMMIT AVENUE, the screenplay for a full length feature film inspired by true events of the Gilded Age and the Industrial Revolution, and present it in a staged reading.
Teresa L. Konechne, Henderson $  6,000
Gaming is changing how we interact with stories. Who makes them and what stories are told lacks a diversity of voices. Konechne will advance game writing and career building skills while locally connecting older women, rural people, and eco-gamers.
Jerry Kosak, Saint Paul $  6,000
Based on his observations of the summer 2020 protests, Kosak will create new music videos to raise awareness of racism, promote inclusivity, and offer a message of peace and hope.
Chris Koza, Minneapolis $  6,000
With the help of the local theater and music community, Koza will complete a draft of a musical and hold a reading both for industry and the general public. He will invite feedback and criticism from attendees in a Q and A setting.
Ben Kreibich, Minneapolis $  6,000
Kreibich will create a documentary about trans people living with severe mental illnesses to get and present a better understanding of what it looks like to be trans and mentally ill in Minnesota, in hopes of reducing stigma.
Anne M. Krocak, Cologne $  6,000
In collaboration with other artists with disabilities in Carver County, Krocak will create a barn quilt giving voice to marginalized communities, highlighting the strength and beauty of everyone.
Keren Kroul, Plymouth $  6,000
Kroul will create new large-scale watercolor works on paper for a one-person exhibition at the Duluth Art Institute in 2023. The studio process will be documented and shared in a series of videos posted on her website.
Dennis E. Krull, Moorhead $  6,000
Krull will use funding to purchase studio lights to ensure photographic images of his work and develop and grow his branding as an artist, and to set up an online shop to sell his artwork through his website to be available for clients.
Aimee G. Kuiper, New Brighton $  5,800
Kuiper will write, illustrate, and publish a graphic novel titled The Story of Micaiah Monson, which promotes positive, diverse role models for preteen kids. This illustrated narrative includes opportunities for these young people to build their own art skills and form stories about their own experience.
Camila A. Kuntz, Champlin $  6,000
Kuntz will develop writing tools and a workshop to help survivors of violent crimes and other traumatic events share their stories.
Sachiko La Chayí, Minneapolis $  6,000
Flamenco dancer La Chayí will present four performances in Minneapolis, Duluth, and New York Mills in May 2022. She will work with six artists.
Mary C. La Patka, Willmar $  5,525
La Patka will paint three native Minnesota wildflowers in watercolor, which will be included in her next exhibit with narrative that these native plants are integral to Minnesota's ecosystem and part of Minnesota's rich and diverse plant heritage.
Brook LaFloe, Saint Paul $  6,000
LaFloe will transform the Niniijaanis War Pony for statewide arts education services to Minnesota's tribes and metro. The Niniijaanis War Pony will receive a cultural and artistic makeover.
Kerry Lambertson, Saginaw $  6,000
Lambertson will produce a booklet and music CD that explores the violin making process and the relationship between instrument making and music making.
Jessica Lamphere, Saint Cloud $  6,000
Through an art education program, Lamphere will educate people of Minnesota about local flowers and plants that will help the wildlife of Minnesota.
Connor J. Lane, Minneapolis $  6,000
Lane will be writing and presenting a new play that addresses the intersection of grief, memory, family, and queerness. They will present the play in a workshop reading and host a talk back afterwards to engage the community.
Steven Lang, Lauderdale $  6,000
Lang will finish his novel in progress with the goal of raising awareness of mental health issues in the artistic community in Minnesota.
Sarah B. Larsson, Minneapolis $  6,000
Larsson will study Yiddish language and Yiddish folk songs with master teachers, and offer in person Yiddish song workshops with members of Minnesota communities.
Kimberly A. Laudert, Minneapolis $  6,000
Laudert will collaborate with people living with mental illness through telling personal stories of resilience and public readings. Laudert will create and publish a chapbook of this work.
Ashley Lauren, Minneapolis $  6,000
Lauren, a Minneapolis photographer, will continue building an online platform that supports artists and businesses whose livelihood has been impacted by COVID-19 and/or civil unrest.
Monika D. Lawrence, Bemidji $  6,000
With her Memory of the Land photography project, Lawrence invites the public to have conversations about the hidden, forgotten, or ignored stories and histories that lie beneath our feet in northern Minnesota landscapes.
Andrea Leap, Minneapolis $  6,000
Leap, in collaboration with Joey Clark, will bring an interactive piano and vocal performance to ten congregate care settings throughout Minnesota, either in person, outdoors, or virtually, as COVID permits.
Gregory E. Lecker, Minneapolis $  6,000
Lecker will create Puzzling the Gap to explore what separates and what connects the Red River and Minnesota-Mississippi River watersheds, while engaging Minnesotans in conversation and painting demonstrations offered within each waterscape.
Annette S. Lee, Maple Grove $  6,000
Lee will create digital stories and animation shorts exploring our relationship to earth and sky with an Indigenous lens. Four seasonal virtual presentations will be designed and delivered connecting ideas, disciplines, and people.
Jes Lee, Minneapolis $  6,000
Lee will create a series of photo books documenting bodies of water in Minnesota. The artist will host virtual events showcasing this work and her artistic process.
Camila S. Leiva, Minneapolis $  6,000
Levia will create a community driven large-scale exterior mural in Red Wing, with the participation of local Latinx and Native organizations.
Steven Lemke, Saint Cloud $  6,000
Lemke will produce eighteen sculptures referencing forms found in vernacular housing, and expand his website to include resources for audiences in greater Minnesota looking to build their own sustainable studio space or auxiliary dwelling.
Jose M. Leon, Two Harbors $  6,000
Leon will produce audio and video recordings of northern Minnesota musicians. Musical artists will highlight their backgrounds and things that inspire their work.
Nic Lincoln, Minneapolis $  6,000
Lincoln teams with RECLAIM for a show featuring Gemma Isaackson, Venus De Mars, and Onya Deek. RECLAIM provides access to mental health for queer and trans youth so they may reclaim their lives from oppression that GLBTQIA culture often faces.
Doug Little, Minneapolis $  6,000
Little will purchase equipment and modernize how he makes, manages, and markets his music. The investments would improve his music and expand connections to audiences and communities.
Dodie Logue, Delano $  6,000
Logue will produce paintings and apply to healing arts venues such as hospitals and care facilities throughout Minnesota.
Jimmy Longoria, Oak Park Heights $  6,000
Chicano artist Longoria will employ his distinct art to make cultural products for museum gift stores across the state of Minnesota.
Indira Lorick, Cambridge $  6,000
Lorick will create a musical children's show using mixed media to explore themes of adaptation, freedom, acceptance, maturity, fortification, independence, vulnerability, and patience as experienced by the diverse cast of characters.
Amanda Lovelee, Minneapolis $  6,000
"Detours" showcases stories along a trail to remind us that not all roundabouts are a nuisance. After a year of detours, Lovelee's project connects community in vulnerability and joy in what it means to be human with a path that is changing.
Aeola Lu, Saint Louis Park $  5,600
Aeola Lu will be delving into expressions of Asian American modernity and presenting her art in online format.
Amy M. Lucas-Peroceski, Chisholm $  5,860
Lucas-Peroceski will lead art clubs in three rural communities, targeting individuals with special needs. She and the participants of the clubs will make connections while making art.
Samuel T. Lynn, Brooklyn Center $  6,000
In 2022, Tobias Lynn will exhibit in a number of Avivo Artworks shows, group shows at Fresh Eye Gallery,and at the Creators Space member gallery.
Tom Maakestad, Marine On Saint Croix $  6,000
Maakestad will produce and host an exhibition of twenty oil paintings at the Groveland Gallery in Minneapolis during the month of December 2022. The show will feature work produced as a continuation of a series in an abstract landscape style.
Andrew J. MacGuffie, Lindstrom $  6,000
MacGuffie will create In Living Color: Flower Gardens for Urban Renewal, a living sculpture installation in the Harrison neighborhood of Minneapolis.
Laura A. MacKenzie, Saint Paul $  5,985
MacKenzie will engage six other traditional music colleagues in Minnesota who are over 60 years of age in an art of the duo seniors recording project, followed by concerts in three Minnesota communities.
Bobby Maher, Minneapolis $  6,000
Maher will further develop Novel Stages as a platform to champion artists who cross boundaries and challenge musical genres, rewarding audiences eager to explore through live performances and unique collaborations.
Shakun Maheshwari, Orono $  6,000
Art is the best way to learn about cultures. Keeping this in mind with this grant, the artist will create designs based on cultural symbolism and mythology with explanation. Through research, the artist will gain connection with her roots.
Maia A. Maiden, Richfield $  6,000
Maiden will study/explore expansion and build partnerships on an international level with choreographers/dancers in the Minnesota hip hop community.
Michael Maiorana, Minneapolis $  6,000
Maiorana will compose new music for Minnesota based musicians to perform live over the Internet from their own homes.
Brian J. Malloy, Minneapolis $  5,710
Malloy will collaborate with Quatrefoil Library to offer a creative writing class specifically for older LGBTQIA adults. The class will use learners' own life experiences as inspiration for poetry, creative nonfiction, and fiction.
Paula L. Mann, Northfield $  6,000
Choreographer Mann with work with a cross-cultural ensemble of six dancers, one composer, three musicians, and a media artist to complete the second half of her new work, Toward Utopia.
Avigail Manneberg, Minneapolis $  6,000
Questions about home and identity are recurring themes in Manneberg's work. Moving between homes and navigating life changing events have shaped her path of inquiry. Manneberg will have solo shows at Rosalux Art Gallery and the Duluth Art Institute.
Sharon F. Mansur, Winona $  6,000
Mansur will reimagine her SHIFT~ performance salons as outdoor pop-up events at Winona community gathering points, centering artist/audience relationships and engagement in new ways, and deepening her and local artists' creative practices.
Anthony P. Marchetti, Minneapolis $  6,000
Marchetti will complete his Morrison County photographic project, sharing the work through the Morrison County Historical Society.
Eva Margaret, Willmar $  6,000
Margaret will create new works that she will exhibit in the rural community of Willmar.
Bobby Marines, Rochester $  6,000
Marines will create a six-part live Web series, with accompanying vlog and podcast, using art as catalyst to explore issues affecting the Latinx community.
Presley Martin, Minneapolis $  6,000
Martin will plan, promote, and produce public plastic collection tours focused on the thrill of discovery at the Mississippi River.
Michelle M. Matthees, Duluth $  6,000
Matthees will design, publish, and promote Document, a book of images and poems written off historical records from Minnesota's poor farms, state hospitals, and reformatories at the turn of the last century.
Evelyn L. May, Minneapolis $  6,000
May, the editor and founder of a feminist independent press, will publish poetry and nonfiction by marginalized writers of all levels, and hold larger free events for the local community.
Adam J. McCauley, Duluth $  6,000
McCauley will create a new series of paintings, and document and show them virtually through social media sites.
Chris McCormick, Mankato $  6,000
McCormick will work toward the completion of his third book, a novel set in southern Minnesota.
Angela M. McDowell, Minneapolis $  6,000
McDowell will present Matter is Black, a virtual album that allows community to record a two-minute dubplate using the music and lyrics.
Joshua D. McGarvey, Minneapolis $  6,000
McGarvey will present new and recent video work through public outdoor screenings in Minneapolis.
Phillip M. McGraw, Saint Paul $  6,000
McGraw will complete the documentary 8 seasons of Art, a film about how art "saved" the lives of a group of performing artists.
Cody M. McKinney, Minneapolis $  6,000
McKinney will document his latest work, no. 7, and create promotional materials to be shared with curators and presenters to generate future performance and outreach opportunities.
Karen McTavish, Duluth $  6,000
McTavish will create a whole cloth quilt and companion online video course that demonstrates quilting techniques spanning traditional hand skills to free motion and computerized machine methods. The quilt will be displayed in her public studio.
Kathy McTavish, Duluth $  6,000
A networked, cloud media work of visual art and music called 'the islands' will be presented online and in physical installation. This generative, Web based project will weave an elegiac, cross-sensory flow; an electric spider's lament.
Kelley Meister, Minneapolis $  6,000
Meister will conduct and share research on the secret government experiments conducted on people in Minnesota in the 1940s and 50s in order to form the basis for new artwork.
C Michael Menge, Minneapolis $  6,000
Menge will create, perform, and stream a solo show about living under volatile, unknown conditions as a Black trans person pursuing freedom and joy. The performance will have ASL interpretation and video captioning.
Jeremy Messersmith, Minneapolis $  6,000
Messersmith will perform public concerts and outreach sessions in three communities in greater Minnesota.
Paul E. Metsa, Duluth $  6,000
Metsa will archive his lifetime's worth of artistic source material, correspondence, and more to better understand what drives musical artistry and achievement. He will showcase and highlight the project via his radio/Web TV show and other means.
Frank J. Meuschke, Minnetrista $  5,952
Meuschke will create new landscape photographs across different Minnesota biomes to expand on his Polyethylene Landscape series and connect with regional Minnesota art communities.
Kelly J. Meyer, Saint Joseph $  6,000
Meyer will work alongside individuals with disabilities to create artwork that is accessible to all, while serving those whose needs are often unmet in traditional art classes through the use of adaptive equipment and sensory engagement.
Laura E. Migliorino, Minneapolis $  6,000
Migliorino will continue a series of photographs exploring The University of Minnesota GLBTQIA+ Tretter Archives to share with the broader GLBTQIA+ community in Minnesota. The goal is to engage the community in their own history.
Liz Miller, Good Thunder $  6,000
Miller will create a series of ten wall based fiber works that integrate architectural fragments from the small town where she lives, using visual and written documentation to create a record of place, identity, and connection.
Sterling Miller, Saint Paul $  5,300
Miller will produce a series of three writing/performance art creation workshops that seek to build artistic and communal allyship between Black and Indigenous communities in the Twin Cities.
Samuel P. Miltich, Grand Rapids $  6,000
Jazz guitarist Miltich will develop his home recording studio to expand opportunities for connecting with audiences beyond live performances.
Lara Mimosa Montes, Brooklyn Center $  5,950
Montes will consult with a mentor on a novel in progress, lead a series of virtual writing workshops, and launch a redesign of her website.
Stephanie Mirocha, Aitkin $  5,700
Mirocha will complete and prepare for exhibition a themed body of work for presentation to the public in 2022 in art centers across Minnesota, and also for online viewing on her website.
Natalia Moiseeva, Shoreview $  6,000
Moiseeva will create a professional video recording of twenty-four virtuoso etudes for solo violin by Venjamin Sher and post them on a YouTube channel, to be used as supplemental teaching materials for students in any part of Minnesota and beyond.
Nora Montañez, Minneapolis $  6,000
Montañez will expand and produce her bilingual autobiographical solo performance piece, Sabor A Mi.
Nicolas Moore, Minneapolis $  5,550
Moore and other creatives will bring interactive arts experiences to people of all ages throughout the Twin Cities, with a mobile creative space called the Moore Love Machine.
Jess Morgan, Duluth $  6,000
To explore nontraditional audience connection and engagement strategies for poets and multidisciplinary artists in Duluth, especially among LGBTQ2+, low-income and neurodiverse populations
Tami Morse, Saint Paul $  6,000
Morse will commission a new work for harpsichord and violin by composer Asako Hirabayashi inspired by the Japanese American experience, and tour this work with others in Winona, Mankato, Rochester, and Saint Paul.
Christian Mortenson, Moorhead $  5,975
Mortenson will continue working on his project Tumulus, which is a contemporary look at the landscape, culture, and complexities of the Iron Range. This grant will also afford him the opportunity to show the work around the state.
Stefania Motta, Minneapolis $  6,000
Motta will create a new body of work exploring the themes of pregnancy and postpartum life amid a global pandemic and will host an exhibition at a Minnesota Birth Center.
Yeej Moua, Maplewood $  6,000
Moua will direct and write original songs into the form of a visual album which will be a narrative about the love language within the Hmong community and how it has transcended over the years.
Reinaldo Moya, Northfield $  6,000
Moya will write a piece for the Jasper String Quartet, mezzo soprano, and recorded interview sounds. The work will deal with the refugee crisis in Venezuela and its global impact, and will be performed at the Schubert Club.
Sunny Mueller, Saint Paul $  6,000
Mueller will exhibit street art through a larger than life wall mural of sunflowers. The arts team and Mueller will talk about their experiences in mural painting on Connections AM 950 Radio to promote the unveiling event.
Patrick M. Mulcahy, Duluth $  6,000
Mulcahy will share his knowledge of architecture and cultural heritage through the art of building and decorating gingerbread.
Desi Murphy, Saint Cloud $  6,000
Murphy will establish a virtual gallery and online sales platform for her ceramic artwork.
Rita M. Mustaphi, Crystal $  6,000
Mustaphi will choreograph, create, and produce an original Kathak dance work, MASK, on a theme of social justice, that is designed to stream via the Internet to diverse audiences throughout the state of Minnesota.
Tamara Nadel, Minneapolis $  6,000
Nadel requests funding for a professional studio recording of the original score for "Haven't I Hidden Your Name?" a dance work illuminating Spain's Golden Age Jewish poets through the living language of Bharatanatyam.
Sona A. Nair, Plymouth $  6,000
Nair will create a website and set up a studio facility to demonstrate and publish high quality videos of the South Indian classical dance form Mohiniyattam, to make this unique dance form more popular, informative, and accessible for the Minnesota community.
Sarah J. Nassif, Minneapolis $  6,000
Nassif will research and design inclusive experiences for rural audiences in Central Minnesota that connect local natural history to hands-on art making and inspire new conversations about belonging.
Wil Natzel, Owatonna $  6,000
As a creator and artist, Natzel will create a new mode of inhabitable and integrative device that explores the temporality of architecture.
Faye L. Neeland, Bemidji $  5,008
Neeland paints images that reflect the strength and resiliency of Indigenous women and girls. She will continue to keep her traditions strong by offering original designs for wearable art.
Goddesses L. Negus, Bloomington $  6,000
Negus will explore ways of presenting spiritual well-being seminars in a physical, in person medium. Negus will be working to bring all age wellness education through the arts to disenfranchised communities like North Minneapolis.
Kimberly Nelson, Marshall $  6,000
Nelson will continue working on her project, Backyard Photos, a photography project focused on the beauty of things in southwest Minnesota that get overlooked in our everyday life.
Autumn M. Ness, Stillwater $  6,000
Ness will create and perform a groundbreaking and intimate theatrical collaboration with neurodiverse and special needs youth, ages five through eighteen.
Rico L. Nevotion Woodard, Rogers $  6,000
Nevotion Woodard will produce a new album called The Ugly Truth, a continuation of his recent album Bad Chapter In A Good Book, which received numerous awards. He will also complete a college tour.
Cole Nfonoyim-Hara, Rochester $  6,000
Nfonoyim-Hara will work to refine her professional brand as a writer to reach a wider audience for her writing projects and strengthen her connection with the community beyond public events and publications.
Sho Nikaido, Minneapolis $  5,999
Nikaido will teach a photo workshop for ten weeks at a Japanese restaurant. Students will learn its history, technology, and how to approach the media. In the end, students will have an opportunity to show their work in public space.
Jila Nikpay, Minnetonka $  6,000
Nikpay will purchase a computer with professional capabilities to complete the animation segment of her thirty-minute documentary essay. She will also develop a three-day workshop for adolescents to teach them documentary essay form and animation.
Aliza Novacek-Olson, Roseau $  6,000
Novacek-Olson will concentrate time, research, and materials in creating a new body of art to offer within the rural communities of northwest Minnesota and in online venues.
Jeffrey Oestreich, Taylors Falls $  6,000
Oestreich will continue making pottery for studio tours and expand his Internet sales.
Greta L. Oglesby, Brooklyn Park $  6,000
Oglesby will produce and perform Handprints, her one-woman show that draws on her life and family adventures, featuring music and puppetry.
Meg Ojala, Dundas $  6,000
Ojala will make three handmade photobook prototypes titled The Bog. With critical responses from her community, Ojala will choose one version to serve as a prototype for a professionally printed and bound edition of books.
Marie E. Olofsdotter, Minneapolis $  6,000
Olofsdotter will offer a series of free poetry workshops to artists with disabilities at Interact. These workshops will lay the groundwork for a chapbook manuscript featuring her poetry in response to their work.
Carolyn S. Olson, Duluth $  6,000
Beginning in March 2020 with the COVID-19 stay at home order by Governor Walz, Olson tells the stories of essential workers through a series of 100 pastel narrative portraits.
Eric E. Olson, Bemidji $  5,805
Olson will present public string quartet performances in northern Minnesota.
Kimber L. Olson, Eden Prairie $  5,995
Olson will develop and present twelve weeks of fiber art workshop sessions at Brittany's Place, a social service organization in Saint Paul providing housing and services to youth between the ages of 10-21 who have experienced sexual exploitation.
Farhia Omar, Minneapolis $  6,000
Omar will create a body of work exploring trauma and the immigrant experience. She will hold a panel to discuss the role of art in healing and storytelling.
Abbey Mei Otis, Minneapolis $  6,000
Mei Otis will build a professional website to showcase her writing and teaching work, and print an edition of a collaborative book created with students from the University of Minnesota and the Minnesota Prison Writing Workshop.
Sheila J. Packa, Duluth $  6,000
Packa will create a 30-minute Web film with her poems to be used in exhibition space, book launch events, and online. She will exhibit her work at Prøve Gallery in Duluth and have an artist talk about her process.
Apekshya Panda, Maple Grove $  5,800
Through virtually broadcasted Kathak performances at schools and assisted living facilities, Panda wishes to promote cultural exchange and understanding in the Minnesotan community.
Yan Pang, Saint Paul $  6,000
Pang will produce a short dance film for aurally diverse audiences featuring differently-abled performers, and stay connected with the community.
Solomon Parham, Saint Paul $  6,000
Parham will reform, reimagine, and relaunch his jazz quintet. Funding would go towards completing arrangements, composing new works, and organizing sheet music. Additional funds would be spent on marketing the group for 2022 and beyond.
A Pavan, Minneapolis $  6,000
Pavan will conduct a series of four tabla workshops for diverse music and dance students and produce videos of all workshops. With this, Pavan will gain a strong educational and promotional tool to reach new audiences, students, and collaborators.
Pooja G. Pavan, Minneapolis $  6,000
Pavan will work with an experienced filmmaker and video editor to produce a new music video of an earlier recorded Sufi song, gaining a strong promotional tool and allowing her to reach new audiences.
Roseanne G. Pereira, Minneapolis $  6,000
Pereira will create a new installment of her creative series focusing on writing craft concerns of writers of color.
Antoine Perkins, Brooklyn Park $  6,000
Perkins will create new music and music projects, empower stakeholders, and produce a live music event in Minnesota.
Jean R. Perrault, Duluth $  6,000
Perrault will compose a new work titled Dialogues for Violin and Cello. This composition will chronicle the lives of two immigrants adjusting to their new lives, and depict their hurdles and successes in their pursuit of the American dream.
Cole B. Perry, Bovey $  6,000
Perry will complete a first draft of a book length project, and provide narrative writing workshops to ICU nurses who worked on the frontlines of the pandemic.
Natasha Pestich, Columbia Heights $  6,000
Pestich will engage residents of greater Minnesota through a solo exhibition of new work, an artist's talk, and related workshops unpacking the theme of home and displacement at the Hutchinson Center for Arts in September 2022.
Andrew T. Peterson, Minneapolis $  5,500
Peterson will create a searchable online archive of his work as a film producer, director, screenwriter, and consultant.
Neal C. Peterson, Minneapolis $  4,978
Peterson will document Voyageurs National Park to create a new artwork combining photography with collage and artificial intelligence. The artwork will reenvision the park as a surreal, dreamlike impression.
Teresa Peterson, Belview $  6,000
Peterson will create new prose focused on gardening and gathering foods, ceremony, and wellness within a Dakota framework.
Sami Pfeffer, Minneapolis $  5,090
Pfeffer will premiere a short comedic video series about joy and gender/neurodivergence; they will also build an artist's website to host this and other works.
Atlas O. Phoenix, Minneapolis $  6,000
Phoenix will gather footage for their documentary, Beautiful Boi. The finished film will be seen in theaters, public spaces, and festivals. The film is a Black/multiracial, disabled, transmasculine journey to self-love.
Niphone Phommaras, Saint Paul Park $  6,000
Phommaras will engage students in traditional Laotian dance.
Nell Pierce, Minneapolis $  6,000
Pierce will cofacilitate a movement workshop based on strategies of resilience that emerged from 50-80 interviews within their queer community, and create a large-scale collage based on what emerges from the workshop.
Daniel F. Pinkerton, Minneapolis $  6,000
Pinkerton will produce a twenty-five-hour workshop in order to develop a new musical, COLD PLANET WARM HEART.
Viviana Pintado, Minneapolis $  6,000
Pintado will engage and connect with her audience via online posts of current and past creative content and livestreams of concerts.
Dante Pirtle, Minneapolis $  6,000
Pirtle will hold a workshop to develop his music theater piece, WORD: THE URBAN MUSICAL.
Wendy S. Placko, Northfield $  6,000
Placko will create a short silent film featuring an original score and dancers from multiple disciplines. She will share her artistic process through Web stories, social media, and a screening event to build her community.
Mary Plaster, Duluth $  6,000
Plaster, a transdisciplinary artist activist, will explore ways of presenting her creative projects safely distanced or in an online medium. She will purchase necessary equipment, materials, and training to continue connecting with Minnesotans.
Zachary S. Ploeger, Pipestone $  6,000
Ploeger will create content to engage with Minnesota audiences in a virtual format.
Lane M. Powell, Harmony $  6,000
Powell, a Minnesota based composer of concert band music, will create a piece for elementary bands for the purpose of recruiting, retaining, and promoting participation in band programs throughout the state of Minnesota.
Mary Prescott, Minneapolis $  6,000
Prescott will develop and produce an original interdisciplinary performance about her Thai maternal lineage.
Jessica L. Prill, Faribault $  6,000
Prill is using this grant to create a succesful e-commerce site for her line of unique jewelry made from natural stones and precious metals.
Karen E. Quiroz, Minneapolis $  6,000
Quiroz will partner with Brazilian culture bearers to develop arts experiences that feature their expertise and knowledge.
Chris Rackley, Rochester $  6,000
Rackley will share his artistic approach with audiences in greater Minnesota through an artist talk and an art making workshop. Rackley will create and exhibit a new interactive installation featuring miniature dioramas and video projection.
Becka Rahn, Minneapolis $  3,575
Rahn will create cut paper collage art to illustrate a story book about music and musicians in Minnesota.
Nirmala Rajasekar, Plymouth $  6,000
Rajasekar will create six five-minute length videos titled Carnatic Bytes. Each episode will highlight a different aspect of the 2,000-year-old music of India, Carnatic music, on India's national instrument, the Saraswati veena.
Aparna Ramaswamy, Minneapolis $  6,000
Ramaswamy proposes to purchase a Pilates reformer, with the goal to mitigate intense back pain and increase the longevity of her performance career.
Ashwini Ramaswamy, Minneapolis $  6,000
Ramaswamy's Invisible Cities is a multidisciplinary dance performance and engagement initiative that includes a year of outreach, engagement, and production activities culminating in performances as part of 2023 Great Northern Festival.
Ranee A. Ramaswamy, Minneapolis $  6,000
Ramaswamy will choreograph and perform Three Abhinaya or expressive storytelling Bharatanatyam dances with emphasis on the principles of sound, word, image; and the ideological principles of beauty, metaphysics, literary, personal aesthetic with the spiritual.
Aegor Ray, Minneapolis $  6,000
Ray will revise his speculative fiction manuscript and curate a reading with other BIPOC queer and trans speculative fiction writers.
Marcoantonio Real-d'Arbelles, Minneapolis $  6,000
Real-d'Arbelles will present "Seeds of Culture" in collaboration with hip hop/spoken word artist See More Perspective, pushing boundaries between styles and eras to explore cross-cultural synergies using music as a voice for insight and social justice.
Deneane Richburg, Saint Paul $  6,000
Funds will be used to deepen Richburg's connection with Minnesota Black communities by strengthening her creative practice and her artistic work.
Andy Richter, Minneapolis $  6,000
Richter will develop an exhibition of photographs in storefront windows throughout northeast Minneapolis.
Jamie Robertson, Wadena $  6,000
Using photographs of the built environment of rural Minnesota, Robertson will build a connection between residents of rural Minnesota and their environment through gallery and online exhibitions, social media, newspapers, and television.
Atlese Robinson, Crystal $  6,000
Robinson will recruit actors, a stage manager, and a videographer; and will direct and present a screening of her new play WES.
Gabriel B. Rodreick, Minneapolis $  6,000
Rodreick, Rachel Lieberman, and Zoe Koenig will further research and experiment with a method of dance that involves getting dancers out of the wheelchair and onto the floor.
Carla A. Rodriguez, Saint Paul $  6,000
Rodriguez will use the tintype process to create portraits for the indigenous community in Minnesota that center their experience and how they would like to be documented. The results will be a unique photo object they then keep.
Maribeth Romslo, Edina $  6,000
Romslo will continue production of an audio storytelling series about the pandemic's impact on Minnesota individuals. She will share the stories on a website dedicated to the project and available for public listening and engagement.
Valerie Rose, Eagan $  6,000
Rose will create an online acting class that teaches BIPOC individuals how to gain access to acting opportunities. This will be done to facilitate positive media optics, help close the racial wealth gap, and change the narrative for underserved communities.
Linda L. Rother, Lake George $  6,000
Rother will create an artist website with access to current and previous work including artistic processes and Zoom exchanges.
Steve Rowell, Morris $  5,980
Rowell will complete a film about sites of indigenous significance, displacement, and the impact of colonial settler agriculture on a million years of native tallgrass prairies, nonhumans, and forests.
Maggie F. Royce, Duluth $  6,000
Royce will complete work for her forthcoming solo exhibition at the Gage Gallery in Minneapolis. Additionally, she will learn new video editing software skills to inform her stop-motion animations.
Pegeen Rozeske, New Ulm $  6,000
Rozeske will use the grant to expand her knowledge and skills of boot making, introduce two new styles of footwear, and increase her virtual outreach.
Gary B. Rue, Saint Paul $  6,000
Rue will create, produce, and host a bimonthly online interactive series of live episodes titled Music & Lyrics: The Art of the Craft, featuring segments dedicated to compositional technique, process, performance, and pop music history.
Patti J. Ruskey, Mankato $  6,000
Ruskey, a Mankato artist, will create an interactive photography series engaging the public to view everyday life through a different lens.
Megan Rye, Edina $  6,000
Benefit Broadly the Human World is a project in solidarity with Korean American adoptees. In an era of unprecedented anti-Asian attacks, this series of 50 paintings bears witness to immigration history, origin stories, and present day narratives.
Anne Rynearson, Northfield $  6,000
Rynearson will create and manage an online gallery to foster exhibition opportunities and career for Minnesota artists. Rynearson will also create new work for this gallery project.
Dave Sandersfeld, North Mankato $  4,999
Sandersfeld will purchase recording equipment to allow him to explore his musical ideas at home and in a cost-effective way. He will utilize the equipment to release new music to the public.
Amy M. Sands, Golden Valley $  6,000
Sands will create works of art responding to historical Scandinavian textiles for an exhibition at the Nordic Center in Duluth, while engaging the community with related activities.
JC Sanford, Northfield $  6,000
Trombonist Sanford will produce a CD and digital jazz recording with his Imminent Standards Trio to take the place of their usual monthly performances at Imminent Brewing (Northfield) that has been halted by the COVID-19 pandemic.
Kathryn D. Savage, Minneapolis $  6,000
Savage will share work from her essay collection, GROUNDGLASS, beside other Minnesota writers whose work is about ecology and environmental justice, in a series of collaborative readings and book events throughout the state.
Fatawu Sayibu, Minneapolis $  6,000
Sayibu will invest in equipment and studio space to ensure affordable, safe, and quality in person and online access to African drum, dance, and culture for K-12 students, community members, and members of Tiyumba African Drum & Dance Company.
Kurtis R. Scaletta, Minneapolis $  6,000
Scaletta will complete a memoir about parenting and share his work in a public event with two or three other writers on a similar theme.
Linda J. Schaumburg, Askov $  6,000
Schaumburg will create access to belly dancing instruction/participation to the public in her local area as student entertainment. She will do this online from her studio, widening to in-house studio access within the guidelines of distancing.
Kayla Schiltgen, Two Harbors $  6,000
Schiltgen will acquire skills and equipment to further explore screendance in the natural landscape as a catalyst for environmental compassion and conservation. She will share the results of her project via social media.
Naomi R. Schliesman, Fergus Falls $  6,000
Schliesman will create two new bodies of work that will be exhibited in two rural galleries in Minnesota, the Hutchinson Center for the Arts, August-September 2022 and Kaddatz Galleries, January-February 2023.
Jenny R. Schmid, Minneapolis $  6,000
Schmid will create a folio of prints that reflect metaphorically on the psychological impact of social isolation in pandemic times. This work will be editioned and publicly displayed and included in an updated website.
KellyJo Schultz, Bemidji $  6,000
Schultz will advance her skills in the art of millinery by learning from master milliners and use these skills to create new styles of hats and fascinators to share with her Minnesota clients.
Aubrey J. Scott, Northfield $  6,000
Scott will explore the filming and livestreaming of the creation of physical and digital art. She will also explore the display of the created works in a digital gallery showing open to Minnesotans and others online.
Patrick E. Scully, Minneapolis $  6,000
Scully will host, perform in, and present eight evenings of Patrick's Cabaret.
Luverne G. Seifert, Saint Anthony $  6,000
Seifert and Joy Dolo will develop the first phase of THE CABIN, an exploration of a couple facing the onset of Alzheimer's.
Christopher M. Selleck, Robbinsdale $  6,000
Selleck will continue to create artwork for his body/building project and update his website to better connect audiences with his work.
Ashley Selmer, Minneapolis $  6,000
Selmer will continue advancing her creative and art direction skills by concepting and creating a theatrical dance work geared toward young audiences including families and the general public.
Hrishi Shah, Plymouth $  6,000
Shah will be creating visual content using his filming and videography and screen writing skills to present subjects that bring awareness and betterment for the community.
Hassan Shahid, Saint Paul $  6,000
Shahid will explore the vulnerabilities of a black man through his songwriting, using authentic guitar composing and melodic singing to create a soothing sound and provide a refreshing feeling within the Minnesota songwriting community.
Maren E. Shallman, Babbitt $  6,000
Shallman will build a website to share her artwork and begin connecting with a wider community. She will continue to design and hand knit items for the home and self-publish her original patterns so others can recreate her designs.
Monica Sheets, Minneapolis $  6,000
Sheets will produce issue three of The GRIND, a full-color, printed zine in which current and former erotic dancers present writing and art about the current conditions of and utopian visions for stripping in Minnesota and the Upper Midwest region
Blake Shepherd, Minneapolis $  6,000
Shepherd will design and curate a series of five large-scale hand tufted rugs. The rugs will be auctioned in a gallery where the proceeds from the auction will go to paying for three therapy sessions for three different black female creatives.
Susan M. Shields, Minneapolis $  6,000
Shields will share the cultural heritage of first-generation college students with the community through narrative portraiture created from interviews about their unique experiences.
Sun Yung Shin, Minneapolis $  6,000
Shin will work on a poetry manuscript exploring the important role of the 38 Special Smith and Wesson handgun in South Korea, Japan, and the U. S. She will give a free public reading with a panel discussion on the topic of the social role of guns.
Dee Ann L. Sibley, Cambridge $  6,000
Sibley will explore options to promote her body of work to galleries and calls for entries, along with educational opportunities to continue growing as an artist and photographer.
Sima Arts, Marshall $  6,000
Wewetzer will explore ways of presenting her art exhibition in galleries and online medias.
Rosy Simas, Minneapolis $  6,000
Created in collaboration with Native filmmaker Sequoia Hauck, 'yödoishëndahgwa' (a place for rest)' is a film of Native artist Rosy Simas' installation and performances in the heart of the Native community at All My Relations Arts in Minneapolis.
Loretta J. Simonet, Minneapolis $  6,000
Simonet will make a CD of her original songs that were inspired by the pandemic. She will do three CD release concerts and stay connected with her followers by posting videos online showing the process of making the CD.
Lisa M. Simons, Faribault $  5,999
Bolt Simons will learn to fly to help process the death of her dad as she finishes her YA novel about a teen who also loses her dad in a plane crash. She will document facing her fear though social media/newsletters and present in person.
Ginny E. Sims-Burchard, Minneapolis $  6,000
Sims-Burchard will create a fictional domestic space to serve as the context for twenty new ceramic works at the Nemeth Art Center Gallery in Park Rapids. There will be a public lecture on the work which will engage new audiences in greater Minnesota.
Caitlin L. Skaalrud, Minneapolis $  6,000
Skaalrud will create a series of drawings encouraging resiliency, hope, and growth to be shared in zine form.
George Slade, Minneapolis $  6,000
Writer, curator, and native Twin Citian, Slade will use historic photographs from statewide collections as prompts for five autobiographical reflections on growing up Minnesotan.
Mairead Small Staid, Mankato $  6,000
Small Staid will launch her debut work, THE TRACES, with readings at bookstores in Minneapolis, Mankato, and throughout greater Minnesota; and will continue work on a second book length essay about translation, religion, and marriage.
Joshua Smith, Minneapolis $  6,000
Smith will create a documentary that centers around homelessness in Minneapolis, using media arts to expand hearts and minds and make them colorful in a world that is loud and tends to be black and white.
MR. Smith, Eagan $  6,000
Smith will create and exhibit a series of masks rooted in the black experience.
Pamela J. Smith, Saint Paul $  6,000
Smith will cultivate artistic connection with Minnesota communities by creating an artistic book titled Truman and Leal, and distributing the work through Minnesota Humane Societies.
Rose J. Smith, Eagan $  6,000
Smith will create a series of large-scale oil paintings celebrating the lives of black women.
Wilhelmina W. Smith, Saint Paul $  6,000
Smith will perform works by indigenous composer Dawn Avery for elderly and disabled audiences in Cook County. She will also record the pieces to reach a wider, digital Minnesota and national audience.
Snoti, Brooklyn Park $  6,000
Snoti will explore ways of creating a live Afropop musical performance showcasing the melodies, sounds, and traditional dances of Afrobeat for residents of Brooklyn Park both in person and via an online medium.
Moheb Soliman, Minneapolis $  6,000
Soliman will visit outstate Minnesota communities for research, residencies, and public talks toward his second poetry book related to early immigrant travelling salesmen, transience and belonging, and the figure of the American Midwest.
Adama Sow, Hopkins $  6,000
Sow will work to maintain his educational studio while navigating the COVID-19 pandemic. As an African potter, he aims to bring more communities of color-particularly children-into the ceramic arts.
Torina Stark, Wrenshall $  6,000
Stark will fully develop her artist's website for online sales, accessibility, and art education to further engage Minnesota individuals and communities.
William D. Stately-Robinson, Minneapolis $  6,000
Stately-Robinson will explore ways of presenting his art through in person events, a physical and online awareness campaign, and digital media content.
Marcie Stokman, Crosby $  5,900
Stokman's next book, Smart Women Read Between the Lines, and a speaking tour will explore the power of reading in accompaniment with others as a vital form of self-care in an increasingly isolated world.
Ryan Stopera, Minneapolis $  6,000
Stopera will produce a new body of work exploring Asian American masculinity through community engagement and dialogue, collaborative concept development, and a film photography archive.
Mic Stowell, Minneapolis $  6,000
Stowell will create twenty or more new ceramic sculptures. He will pursue exhibition opportunities in Minnesota.
Deja J. Stowers, Saint Paul $  6,000
Body prayers is a healing practice that explores ASL, dance, and breathwork to evoke healing in the body, mind, and spirit. Stowers will guide free sessions for three months to integrate the aesthetic into community alternative healing practices.
Eric Struve, Rochester $  5,975
With The Poor Nobodys, Struve will perform A Man There Was, a historically important film from Sweden (1917) and provide a live soundtrack to the screening in a tour of Minnesota.
Tressa Sularz, Minneapolis $  6,000
Sularz will present a retrospective of her life work as a fiber artist. The exhibition will be at Homewood Studios Gallery in North Minneapolis, complemented by social media.
Joko Sutrisno, Saint Paul $  6,000
Sutrisno will hold an intensive, 15-day residency in Indonesian gamelan music at Interact Center and engage up to 45 students with disabilities. This will culminate in a public performance followed by an interactive discussion with the audience.
Tri Sutrisno, Saint Paul $  6,000
Sutrisno will conduct a 16-day dance residency at the Interact Center in Saint Paul, teaching artists who identify as living with disabilities. The project will culminate with a public performance and audience discussion.
Jocelyn Suzuka Figueroa, Minneapolis $  6,000
Figueroa will create three sets of stuffed dolls and paintings to highlight the lasting legacies of residents living in senior living facilities. The work will derive from the residents' life stories, being made in collaboration with them.
Adam P. Swanson, Cloquet $  6,000
In the Lake Superior watershed where I live, people are acutely concerned about our relationship with the natural environment. This work is about my recent collaborations with scientists in the region who work with endangered wildlife.
Will Swanson, Harris $  6,000
Swanson will digitally present useful pottery to a widening, online audience and create reasonably COVID-safe on-site settings for in person sales.
Zahra N. Tafarrodi, Plymouth $  4,900
Tafarrodi will edit a book manuscript based on interviews with Minnesota based immigrants to the U. S. who left their country under force, and how they coped by making art.
Chholing Taha, Anoka $  4,800
Taha will share star knowledge via a small website and a new painting titled Star Nursery. The painting will go on display in an Indigenous art setting and online, also providing links and excerpts from other culture bearers on this topic.
Timothy C. Takach, Big Lake $  4,390
Takach will provide music composition lectures to school age students throughout Minnesota. Pre and post lecture assessments that achieve many of the Minnesota K-12 academic standards in music are included for further engagement.
Ken Takata, Saint Paul $  6,000
Takata will organize a series of workshops and shows that will give participants the chance to learn and perform tunes from the Great American Songbook. The goal is to provide a forum to help participants work on their craft after the pandemic.
Yuko Taniguchi, Rochester $  6,000
Taniguchi will continue producing Counterspaces, a collective healing project for Rochester community members who have been impacted by the existing and increasing acts of racialized violence against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, and Black and other people of color.
Gino Terrell, Maple Grove $  6,000
Terrell will create a short film to enrich and engage with the African American community in the greater Twin Cities region in Minnesota.
Bryan Thao Worra, Minneapolis $  6,000
Thao Worra will explore innovative audience connection and engagement strategies for poets among Minnesotan refugees.
Kao Lee Thao, Minneapolis $  6,000
Thao will create a Hmong inspired folktale coloring book which she will give to community schools. She hopes her illustrated book will inspire youths to seek out Hmong folktales, an oral tradition passed down from generation to generation.
Deborah Jinza Thayer, Saint Paul $  6,000
Thayer will create and share a contemporary dance piece at the Frogtown Recreation Center.
Nicole Thomas, Minneapolis $  5,786
Thomas will complete a series of work focusing on trauma recovery and communal solidarity. She will also facilitate beginner level, online abstract weaving classes exploring memory and healing using accessible materials.
Rene Thompson, Andover $  6,000
Thompson would relaunch his activities as a dancer and teacher by developing and implementing a broad marketing plan, connecting with past students, and reaching new communities.
Morgan Thorson, Minneapolis $  6,000
As forms of advocacy, activism, and art making, Thorson will research with local dance artists the gifts of really dark night through outdoor night dancing.
Yuki Tokuda, Richfield $  6,000
Tokuda will produce live dance and music performance with Japanese artists to celebrate culture in Minnesota.
Thomasina R. Topbear, Minneapolis $  6,000
Topbear will create a series of digital prints using Dakota language with a focus on wildlife and plants native to Minnesota. Along with creating this series of educational prints, she will create one large-scale Dakota language mural accessible to the public.
Gaelynn Tressler, Duluth $  6,000
Lea will work with a book coach twice a month as she finishes the rough draft of her memoir about her music career and disability activism. The goals of her book are to educate about accessibility in the arts and explore disability culture.
Solomon J. Trimble, Proctor $  6,000
Trimble, in partnership with Minnesota Lipan Apache Tribal community and artists, will create an online regalia making curriculum, through interviews and historical research.
Hedy Tripp, Saint Cloud $  6,000
Tripp will explore ways to present her literary art in a communal space by creating an artist website. She will design her art to be engaging in order to create multicultural experiences and antiracist relationships for her Minnesotan audience.
Jeffery A. Truax, Winona $  6,000
Truax will continue to bring environmental awareness through the creation of twelve new artworks that will be displayed in one or two gallery spaces in Winona, while engaging the community with closing reception arts talks.
Lisa S. Truax, Winona $  6,000
Truax will create and exhibit ceramic sculptures based on abstractions of the local environment and incorporating local and recycled materials, with a focus on rural Minnesota.
Brooks Turner, Minneapolis $  6,000
Turner will create a map based, multimedia website artwork detailing the history of fascism across the state through drawing, photography, and audio narratives.
Willicey A. Tynes, Brooklyn Center $  5,750
Tynes, a sculptor, painter and public artist will create a temporary three-dimensional sculpture that captures the imagination of viewers at the Westwood Hills Nature Center.
Jim Umhoefer, Sauk Centre $  6,000
Umhoefer will produce Seasoned Vagabond, an online travel magazine devoted to travel and outdoor adventures for all ages, and facilitate in person Minnesota workshops to encourage others in their own writing and photography work.
Theodore P. Unseth, Minneapolis $  6,000
Unseth and the Wolverines Classic Jazz Orchestra present the great American music antiques road show "De Stijlistics Jazz Age Septet;" a classical approach to recorded jazz.
Amy Usdin, Mendota Heights $  6,000
Usdin will create new bodies of work for two separate gallery shows across the Twin Cities‒at Hopkins Center for the Arts and at ArtReach Saint Croix.
RedKnife Uvalle, Minneapolis $  5,000
Uvalle will develop a series of art works depicting Indigenous ideology, and developing teaching curriculum of the Lipan language and culture.
Chitra Vairavan, Minneapolis $  6,000
Vairavan will focus creative research in an interdisciplinary study group of South Asian artists doing anti-caste and anti-racism work from the diaspora gesturing towards the homelands.
Nancy X. Valentine, Underwood $  6,000
Valentine will compose an anthology of twelve artist statements for her series The Audacity to be Asian in Rural America: we owe you no apologies, that she will publish on her website and share in tandem with the series.
Inna L. Valin, Saint Paul $  6,000
Valin will create and exhibit a series of photographs with handwritten letters of victims of the epidemic of gun violence to honor and humanize them. She seeks to create empathy and understanding, celebrating the lives of all Minnesotans.
Laurie Van Wieren, Minneapolis $  6,000
Van Wieren will create an online platform to renew her artistic practice and build an online space for dance conversations.
Janna Vang, Anoka $  5,775
Vang will utilize media platforms to encourage and discuss the importance of spirituality and mental health through her music while providing compensated opportunities to various local talents/artists through the development of this project.
John Vang, Brooklyn Park $  6,000
Vang will develop skills as a writer and director by creating his proof of concept short film, Fresh, a coming of age film about a young Hmong man unexpectedly finding love while stuck managing his parent's vegetable booth.
Kang V. Vang, Saint Paul $  6,000
Vang will produce a ten-minute sample from his new feature film script called Eat 30 (Noj Peb Caug), that can also work as a stand-alone short film.
Kazua M. Vang, Cottage Grove $  6,000
Vang will create a micro anthology script following three Hmong Americans navigating their relationships at a boba shop. Vang will virtually screen the micro anthology table read to the public with a Q and A session.
Mong Vang, Minneapolis $  6,000
Vang will purchase a camera and lens to continue creating new work as well as learn skills in social media to gain a better online presence.
Pramila Vasudevan, Saint Paul $  6,000
Following intensive cancer treatment, transdisciplinary artist Vasudevan will explore her body's changed abilities and reconnect with her audience through the development and public sharing of a solo performance practice.
Mars Vega, Burnsville $  6,000
Eagan will complete second film with diverse cast and crew from underserved communities.
Amarama Vercnocke, Rochester $  6,000
Vercnocke will create four new artworks to continue adding to their body of work to then be shown at Threshold Arts gallery.
Moira I. Villiard, Duluth $  6,000
Villiard will create a collaborative art film with award winning poet Tanaya Winder titled Love Letters in a Time of Settler Colonialism, exploring topics of boarding school/colonial history, MMIW, and Indigenous love.
Oanh Vu, Minneapolis $  6,000
Vu will create new puppets and sets for Phantom Loss, a puppet show; perform excerpts of it for a live audience; and deliver a presentation showcasing the puppets.
Chris Walla, Moorhead $  6,000
Walla will utilize funds to purchase materials for a new body of artwork.
Connie Wanek, Mendota Heights $  6,000
Wanek, author of five previous books of poetry, will return to northeastern Minnesota to give free presentations of her newest book, poetry for young people, to be published by Candlewick Press.
Ping Wang, Saint Paul $  5,950
Wang will make three poetry videos about Asian American women and immigrant poets in Minnesota, to show how love persists through their resilience, courage, hope, art, and actions; and to fight discrimination and violence with cultural bridges across America.
Dennis Warner, Clearwater $  6,000
Warner will present concerts in smaller, rural communities of Minnesota. Following each performance, he will be available to greet the audience, answer questions, and/or share his story to aspiring musicians.
Sarah E. Warren, Minneapolis $  5,990
Warren will host picture book exhibits showcasing diverse Minnesota artists at MSP Airport. Viewers will use QR codes to buy books. Prerecorded interviews will allow readers to meet the authors and find out more about their work.
Stephanie E. Watson, Minneapolis $  5,990
To sustain her connection to the community of readers and fellow children's book creators, Watson will volunteer in 826 MSP's writing support programs for kids, seek new paid teaching opportunities, and work on new children's book manuscripts.
Michael J. Weatherly, Elbow Lake $  6,000
Weatherly will continue a series of large-scale prints on doors addressing the current opioid epidemic. Weatherly will also continue outreach with recovering addicts with discussions and teaching printmaking.
Lyman R. Weaver, Waubun $  6,000
Weaver will travel to powwows throughout Minnesota where his beadwork will be on display and for sale. He will also create a web page where his beadwork will be displayed.
Erinn P. Webb, Fergus Falls $  5,639
Webb will create a new body of raku fired ceramics.
Cynthia A. Weitzel, Albert Lea $  6,000
Deaf artist Weitzel, during her first solo show, will provide a virtual tour and artist talk in her native American Sign Language for Minnesota's deaf community and general public (accessible with voiceover/captions/ transcript/descriptions).
Deundrae E. Wells, Saint Paul $  6,000
Wells will reconnect underserved youth with the community and cultural assets found in Black drill team arts and music.
John A. Wells, Red Wing $  6,000
Wells will make and exhibit a series of five larger paintings focused on materials, lines, and geometric forms. This exhibition will be presented at Red Wing Arts and online through its website, and multiple other online sites.
Paul B. Wenell Jr, Saint Paul $  6,000
Wenell will create and use hip hop music videos to teach Minnesotans and indigenous creatives how to turn their artwork into non-fungible tokens (NFT), a new and groundbreaking digital artwork asset class giving power back to artists of all types.
Bodhi Werner, Duluth $  6,000
Werner will vlog and livestream the behind-the-scenes process of distributing his novel and accompanying illustrations online. He will create a multimedia online curriculum showing how to publish a novel through a monthly subscription service.
Reed D. White, North Mankato $  6,000
White will merge animation and live acting to make an entertaining, artistic, educational video about painting. The video will be posted on YouTube. He will speak at three local high schools about his video process and experience as an artist.
Russ White, Minneapolis $  6,000
White will develop a series of screen printed editions based on his original drawings and collages, to be exhibited in Minnesota.
Gregory T. Wilkins, Mankato $  6,000
Wilkins will create and exhibit sixteen mixed media works, which will be part of a larger solo exhibition at the Blue Earth County Historical Society, the Whit Gallery in Saint Cloud, and the Hutchinson Center for the Arts.
Taja Will, Minneapolis $  5,445
Will, a choreographer, performer, and healing justice practitioner will spend 120 hours creating an archive of essays around the intersections of somatics, creative process, radical practices of pedagogy, and artist workplace culture.
Arneshia Williams, Apple Valley $  6,000
Williams will create a dance film to amplify community.
JM Wilson, Saint Louis Park $  5,800
Because COVID is still a concern, Wilson will film stage productions for easy distribution.
Symone M. Wilson, Saint Louis Park $  5,899
Wilson will create a collaborative pop album with other LGBT and BIPOC people to engage with and stay connected to her community.
Dawn Wing, Saint Paul $  6,000
Wing will publish a historical graphic narrative biography about Tien Fu Wu, a Chinese American translator for justice, survivor, and advocate for victims of human trafficking.
Amanda M. Wirig, Mankato $  6,000
Wirig will create twenty-six small paintings and mixed media works to be exhibited and available to the public through her website and open studio events.
Marlene M. Wisuri, Duluth $  6,000
As an elder visual artist, Wisuri will launch a retrospective website with examples of work, essays, and links to other artists and resources to provide virtual access to her work and creative inspiration to others in the community.
Aby Wolf, Minneapolis $  6,000
Wolf will create three new audio/visual works on climate change that reflect topics such as water, fossil fuel dependence, and environmental justice.
D. Helene Woods, Monticello $  6,000
Woods will create five large format paintings expanding the COVID Painting Project to include documentation of the experience of COVID-19 recovery.
Randy K. Xiong, Saint Paul $  6,000
Xiong will develop a script, music, and shoot a musical number for a musical short film about the struggles of being a high school student during times of COVID-19. Xiong will have a community showcase of the development of the project.
Txhee B. Xiong, Roseville $  6,000
Xiong will develop a manuscript for her memoir on being a victim and survivor of a rape crime in Minnesota and how it has affected her life growing up as a Hmong American woman.
Bee X. Yang, Cannon Falls $  6,000
Yang will secure time to compose original Hmong song poetry in the pandemic, and record and perform for the Hmong community and other Minnesotans.
Dan Yang, Saint Paul $  5,499
Yang, a local Twin Cities filmmaker, will use funds to procure essential equipment for the production of the Fong Lee film.
Gregory P. Yang, Saint Louis Park $  6,000
Yang will make a pilot episode about growing up in a Hmong housing project called Liberty Plaza in the late 80's and how those stories impacted gentrification that's happening today.
Kao Yang, Saint Paul $  6,000
Yang will work on a new book and provide three accessible events to diverse Minnesotans.
Touchaing Yang, Shoreview $  6,000
Yang will develop skills in visual storytelling through film and produce a short film that follows a young couple's journey through their relationship.
Jacob Yeates, Minneapolis $  6,000
Yeates will create new visual narrative work and reprint preexisting zines and book forms for distribution in the Twin Cities. To reach audiences with a greater degree of digital accessibility, he will also optimize his website for online viewers.
Leah H. Yellowbird, Grand Rapids $  5,620
Yellowbird will invest in her growing online presence and develop more strategies for virtual engagement with Minnesota audiences.
Qamar Yochanan, Minneapolis $  6,000
Qamar Yochanan will use the funds to continue to connect with Minnesotans by updating their technology and shifting their digital content and to reflect their body/voice post medical transition.
Shun Jie Yong, Woodbury $  6,000
Yong will produce ten new portraits of immigrants at work, distributing immigrants portraits and stories around Twin Cities. He will direct people to his website where Minnesotans may view additional images and learn about other immigrants.
Andrew Y. Young, Minneapolis $  6,000
Puppetry artist Young will work with Swift County residents to craft shadow puppetry scenes that illustrate the residents' racial and ancestral stories as a way to address the roots of racial injustice.
Kyle G. Young, Saint Cloud $  5,886
Young will transcribe 19th century banjo music for modern tunings. While making this music more accessible, he will educate others about the African-American origins of the music which has played a pivotal role in shaping American music.
Alexis T. Zaccariello, Rochester $  6,000
Zaccariello will make a body of work exploring ceramic forms and encaustic medium. She will show her work publicly to teach and inspire others about experimenting with unusual techniques. She will teach community pottery classes.


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