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The Forum of Regional Arts Councils of Minnesota

The Forum of Regional Arts Councils is a consortium of the eleven regional arts councils that serve all Minnesota counties, providing continuous improvement of the councils through implementation of best practices in programming, management and leadership development, and information for Minnesota artists and organizations.

The voting membership of the RAC Forum consists of the primary staff person for each of the designated eleven regional arts councils of Minnesota. RAC Forum activities include, but are not limited to:

  • Planning and preparation of joint applications to private or public funders
  • Development of the biennial budget request to the state legislature for regional arts development
  • Planning regional arts participation in activities to inform the state legislature about the arts in Minnesota
  • Developing and carrying out activities jointly with the Minnesota State Arts Board and/or Minnesota Citizens for the Arts
  • Developing and carrying out joint activities designed to promote regional arts development across the state, such as conferences for local arts volunteers
  • Assisting individual regional arts council staff in understanding general regional arts council policies and activities, and in solving particular problems relating to them
  • Conducting joint activities to develop the skills of regional arts council staff, councils, and committees

Minnesota's unique, decentralized system of regional arts councils disseminates state and other funding for local arts projects, arts in education residencies, general operating support for organizations and other local arts activities.

Current contact:

Kathy Mouacheupao
Metropolitan Regional Arts Council
P.O. Box 14106
Saint Paul, MN 55114
E-mail kathy@mrac.org
Phone (651) 645-0402

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