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FY 2023 Grantees

Creative Support for Individuals

Creative Support for Individuals is designed to help Minnesota artists and culture bearers adapt to changes in their working environment caused by the global pandemic. Grantees will be able to use funds to sustain their practice and stay relevant and connected to audiences, participants, students, or communities now and in the future. This grant program aims to help Minnesota artists and culture bearers maintain their visibility and financial sustainability by using their creativity and connections to community.

Number of grants awarded:
Total dollars awarded:
$ 2,936,458

Grantee, City Grant Amount
Silvana Agostoni, Minneapolis $  10,000
Agostoni will create a new body of mixed media work. She will conduct research on traditional weaving and embroidery from Mexico, and learn new skills to create textile designs that she will then weave onto her photographs.
Joseph H. Alexander, Rochester $  10,000
Alexander will produce Minnesota's Queer Elders: A Cultural Exploration in Portraiture, spotlighting lives of the LGBTQIA+ generation who exploded from the closet, so future generations can live their identities freely, through elegant, expressive oil painted portraits.
Chris Allen, Rochester $  5,300
Allen will continue to teach the art of peyote stitch beading around small stones and present photographs and finished beaded rock arrangements.
D. Allen, Minneapolis $  10,000
Allen will create, preserve, and present elements of their long-term project, NET/WORK, and produce a chapbook of text and images from the project, to be released for sale online and at one or more public events.
Agnes N. Alsgaard Lien, Rushmore $  10,000
Agnes Bobbie Alsgaard Lien will conduct workshops in Rushmore, creating two four-feet by eight-feet tile murals for the Rushmore Community Center. Each participant will create two tiles, one for the mural and one to take home.
Francesca J. Anderegg, Northfield $  9,600
Anderegg will record a new album of music by Brazilian composers. Her work will be shared online and in a concert tour through Minnesota communities.
Stephenie B. Anderson, Fosston $  6,100
Textile artist Stephenie Anderson will make Norweigan bunads. These will be used for display, demonstration, and teaching about textiles and life in Norway from the late 1800s to early 1900s.
Amarachi A. Anyamele, Minneapolis $  10,000
Anyamele will nurture the soul of the Minneapolis arts culture by expanding access to various forms of performance art to underserved youth.
Shari Aronson, Minneapolis $  10,000
Aronson will create a sensory friendly puppetry performance exploring social emotional skills to pilot with K-2 special education classes at Moreland Arts and Sciences School in West Saint Paul.
Drew Arrieta, Saint Paul $  4,999
Arrieta will purchase photography equipment to sustain and advance their visual storytelling work in Minnesota, which shares stories of its people and their resilience.
Karlyn Atkinson Berg, Bovey $  10,000
Berg will produce abstract metaphorical landscapes in sets of diptychs and triptychs visually connected by collage images, color, shape, and texture and depicting wilderness, wildlife, and the complex relationship between humans and the wild.
Leila Awadallah, Minneapolis $  10,000
Leila Awadallah choreographs evening length work, Terranea: Hakawati of the Sea, at Red Eye in 2023, in collaboration with Noelle Awadallah, with original music by Renée Copeland.
Allison J. Baker, Minneapolis $  7,000
Baker will create a new body of work for a solo exhibition, Semi-Functional, at the Duluth Art Institute, focused on feminist labor questioning the sanity and safety of the home.
Zachary J. Baltich, Duluth $  10,000
Percussionist and composer Zack Baltich will work toward releasing a collaborative album project, Estuary, with an ensemble. The project includes working with a mixing engineer for recorded work and a videographer for promotional videos.
Leslie E. Barlow, Minneapolis $  10,000
Barlow will explore new ways of sharing stories about art making in this contemporary moment. She will develop a new body of work embracing her creative community and highlighting the creative process through portraiture.
Alicia Bayer, Westbrook $  6,420
Bayer will write and publish a children's alphabet foraging book featuring illustrations from local artists, and give readings in libraries and at community events.
Robin M. Becker, Mankato $  10,000
Becker will revise and seek publication for her memoir, Roadkill.
Carla M. Benjamin, Pillager $  10,000
Benjamin will create and exhibit large, new, encaustic works at Crow Wing County Community Services building in Brainerd from July through September 2023.
Tiffany L. Besonen, Menahga $  10,000
Besonen will engage viewers, and work on mixed-media sculptures and on new film footage
Nikki Bettcher Erickson, Willmar $  8,200
Theater artist, Nikki Bettcher Erickson, will develop skills and knowledge of the performing arts with young performers in rural Minnesota through meaningful, high quality, theater opportunities.
Martha Bird, Minneapolis $  10,000
Bird will develop skills in exploring basketry with a rural audience through an exhibit and by teaching a class, improve audience engagement by developing a social media presence, and utilize services to support administrative functioning.
Craig J. Blacklock, Moose Lake $  10,000
Blacklock will present work from the photography projects, ST. CROIX & NAMEKAGON RIVERS: The Enduring Gift, and LIGHT WAVES: Abstract Photographs of Reflections from Lake Superior.
Gustavo A. Boada, Minneapolis $  10,000
Master puppeteer Boada will create 6 large-scale interactive sculptural pieces representing Latino popular culture (two Catrinas, two Alebrijes, two Mojiganga) for three public events, to engage the Latino community through our cultural traditions.
Essence Bonitaz, Maplewood $  10,000
Indie author, Bonitaz, will promote her debut novel via contests and staged readings on her Twin Cities book tour. She'll also hire an editor to help prepare her manuscript of the sequel for publication.
Chip W. Borkenhagen, Aitkin $  10,000
Borkenhagen will provide classes on drawing and painting to local youth while working toward a form/style enhancement within his own work.
Cece Boyle, Two Harbors $  9,700
Boyle will create photographs around small rural farmers in northern Minnesota and the relationship these farmers have with the earth and food growers.
Janet H. Brandau, Moorhead $  10,000
Brandau will produce and direct a short film featuring Minnesota cuisine and cultures. She will schedule screenings at public events across the state and submit the film to festivals. Audience comments on food and community will be added to the film's website.
Dhana-Marie Branton, Minneapolis $  7,000
Branton will return to community teaching; the funds will facilitate resources and update equipment.
Nicole M. Brending, Saint Paul $  7,834
Brending will complete a sixty-minute documentary, retelling local stories of motherhood and infanticide as they relate to current reproductive issues and women's mental health, hosting five screenings at local venues and online.
Sarah Brokke, Duluth $  10,000
Brokke will create work with the intent of connecting with broader Minnesota audiences, and host a painting workshop for artists of all levels.
Chastity A. Brown, Minneapolis $  10,000
Brown will arrange songs from her 2019 performance with the Minnesota Orchestra for a smaller chamber ensemble and her full band, to more easily tour the work and make it accessible to new audiences.
Neegonee B. Brunner, Ponsford $  10,000
Brunner will explore ways to teach surrounding communities about her Native American culture with her expression through her artwork. She will set up online and in person classes.
Mary C. Bruno, Saint Joseph $  9,000
Bruno will give participants access to her printshop to learn the history of letterpress and create their own letterpress printed art.
Cassandra R. Buck, Rochester $  10,000
Buck will work with and collaboratively create neighborhood murals with underserved communities in Rochester.
Bullet Bob, Askov $  10,000
Bob Carman will acquire more intricate training for recording and mastering for projects brought to him via the studio over the Web or in person. He will keep the studio open and available for musicians with upgrades.
Ashley I. Bunker, Mahnomen $  7,100
Bunker will conduct six ribbon skirt classes on the White Earth Reservation. This is an excellent opportunity to strengthen our community.
Blayze J. Buseth, Fergus Falls $  7,723
Buseth will bolster his glaze materials and safety tools creating a safer and more expressive workspace for those experiencing his workshop.
Patrick Cabello Hansel, Minneapolis $  4,000
Hansel will develop his ability to write about inherited joy and grief by teaching a series of workshops called Writing With Our Ancestors. The bulk of these workshops will be held at a historic cemetery, where the project will end with a public reading and chapbook.
Alexa Carson, Duluth $  2,500
Carson will exhibit a group of paintings at Duluth Art Institute. The show, titled Reclaiming, will explore the theme of reclaiming the power and beauty of feM body processes from the shaming patriarchal narrative.
Mary J. Casanova, International Falls $  10,000
Mary Casanova will 1) connect with Minnesota readers and writers, 2) expand writing retreats for rural Minnesota teenage girls, 3) adapt her novel to a screenplay, and 4) complete text for a four-season lyrical picture book series.
Rocky Casillas Aguirre, Nerstrand $  8,650
Casillas Aguirre will create a comic book that teaches youth about emotional awareness, give five book readings, and donate multilingual copies of the comic to elementary schools and public libraries in Northfield, Nerstrand, and Faribault.
Autumn Cavender, Granite Falls $  8,000
As Dakota people move to reclaim their traditional design processes, we also seek to bring those into the contemporary art sphere. Wowicake Wakage is a back-and-forth conversation between historical and contemporary art forms.
Becca Cerra, Minneapolis $  10,000
Beca Cerra will develop a new body of work "Hallucinations" which, using sculpture and the human body, will visually reveal the experience of living with mental illnesses.
Sophia Chai, Rochester $  10,000
Chai will create a new body of work that explores the relationship between the camera and the architecture of the Korean alphabet and engage with older adults of Rochester through a gallery exhibition at 125 Live.
Khadija Charif, Saint Louis Park $  9,830
Charif will provide a free month-long exhibit experience through her first solo art show, displaying a photograph series and a short film based on Somali in Soomaal House of Arts, providing accessible contemporary art to her community.
Maggie Christie, Moorhead $  4,967
Christie will facilitate nine free, public rock painting events in Moorhead, to engage the community and beyond in traveling public art. Christie will also write a how-to book for hosting rock painting events.
Vernita N. Clinton, Minneapolis $  10,000
Clinton will engage her community in making handcrafted art pieces from recyclables in workshops that will allow participants to tap into their creative side.
Carl L. Clomon, Saint Paul $  10,000
Clomon will present three new original gospel music compositions, as well as an additional five existing original compositions in a ninety-minute concert.
Clare Cooley, Duluth $  10,000
Cooley will live stream questions and answers about her published memoir and create an online written and video curriculum demonstrating how to self-promote one's book to help give voice to older adults in greater Minnesota.
Cecilia M. Cornejo, Northfield $  10,000
Continuing her exploration of home and belonging, Cornejo will work with community members and organizations in Red Wing to construct a community quilt based on audio testimonies recorded and embroidered with Red Wing residents.
Christina A. Cotruvo, Duluth $  10,000
Cotruvo will grow the number of Minnesota musicians with disabilities she engages with her work, supporting and teaching musicians with visual challenges and their advocates.
Susanne M. Crane, Albert Lea $  10,000
Crane will create and present an amusing book of short stories from her unique perspective interacting with the world around her.
Starrla G. Cray, Winsted $  9,895
Cray will revise her Minnesota based mystery novel and share an excerpt of her work at a community reading event in Winsted. Local writers of any age, published or unpublished, will also have opportunities to read their work.
Kandace Creel Falcón, Erhard $  10,000
Falcón will expand the scope of their creative nonfiction based writing project, the Art of KCF Newsletter, by creating new rural arts criticism content, and reach more Minnesota readers.
Guillermo Cuellar, Shafer $  10,000
Cuellar will research technical and aesthetic challenges of transitioning his pottery firing process from fossil fuel to renewable energy, while continuing to produce work that is exciting to him and engaging and useful to his audience.
José A. Curbelo, Minneapolis $  10,000
Curbelo will complete multilingual research, oral history collection, print publications, artistic video documentary, and community round tables regarding the history of culturally diverse Latinx immigrant, diasporic, festive traditions held at 27th and East Lake in south Minneapolis.
Leon Valencia Currie, Minneapolis $  10,000
Valencia Currie will exhibit a multimedia piece based in film photography that will engage their community in discussions about mental health in marginalized communities.
Kiersten Dahl-Shetka, Webster $  10,000
A community sculpture designed and facilitated by artist Dahl-Shetka will be restored and relocated to the New Prague Public Library. Visitors will view past artists' history and share their culture.
Joy B. Davis Ripley, Winona $  10,000
Joy Davis Ripley will explore the impact of COVID-19 on mental health and will highlight practices of resilience through community based photographic storytelling and narrative storytelling.
Lucas A. Dietsche, Mankato $  7,300
Dietsche will collect justice involved art and writings for zine collections. Zines will be used to describe and express themselves in justice involved persons for their own writings, art, and poetry of their justice involved selves.
Kevin R. Dobbe, Rochester $  10,000
Kevin Dobbe will create synchronized video set projections, original music, and lighting for a performance of dance and new media with the Rochester Ensemble of Dance on March 25 and 26, 2023.
Jayson Douglas, Minneapolis $  10,000
Douglas will continue to explore the capabilities of SoMo technology to influence a new choreographic full work, sharing work in progress and demonstrating the technology at community engagement events.
Lisa A. Douglas, Winona $  4,870
Douglas will explore ways to use technology and readily available tools such as pen, pencil, and colored pencil, to bring fun, easy to learn nonrepresentational art to people aged fifty-five and older in southeastern Minnesota.
Jax Downs, Alexandria $  10,000
Jax Downs is an artist who uses his craft to explore the myths of culture and history to create a crucible in which they may be analyzed. He focuses on these elements in hopes of finding a beautiful future, for herein contains the hope of humanity.
Erin Drummond, Winona $  9,039
Drummond will develop contemporary choreography into a film, sharing the process through a public workshop and two showings.
Antonio Duke, Minneapolis $  6,000
Duke will meet a playwriting mentor biweekly to write and perform his solo performance play CORDELL, an investigation of brothers reuniting within the Black community. A virtual, 10-minute excerpt will be posted on Facebook.
Wendy Durrwachter, Duluth $  10,000
Through the creation of a "pocket opera", Durrwachter will engage Minnesota's underserved populations with a dynamic, sung, theater piece set in a familiar setting with characters we know, entangled in situations we recognize and embrace.
Pamela J. Edevold, Bagley $  10,000
Edevold will photograph Anishinaabe volunteers in their regalia, create eight to twelve large acrylic paintings with accompanying narratives of what the regalia means to each model, and display the art in shows throughout Minnesota.
Kent R. Estey, Naytahwaush $  10,000
Estey will create new works of art that celebrate the joy and happiness expressed in the shared stories of Native American families on his reservation.
Anika Fajardo, Minneapolis $  10,000
Fajardo will visit Minnesota bookstores in support of her memoir and middle grade novels, and work on her first novel for adults.
Julie M. Fakler, Faribault $  10,000
Fakler will grow her pottery skills while creating new work for exhibitions, finish her pottery studio, and develop a clay class for older adults.
David N. Fallon, Saint Paul $  10,000
Fallon will create a series of sixteen paintings and illustrations studying the relationships between color and music. He will then hold two public exhibitions and discussions addressing misperceptions about disabilities and their hidden potential.
Brian K. Farrey-Latz, Edina $  7,000
Farrey-Latz will work with a Minnesota poet to edit his collection of poems about growing up closeted during the AIDS crisis of the 80s. He will do a public reading of the finished works and facilitate writing workshops with queer youth groups around the state.
Brian L. Frink, Mankato $  10,000
Frink will create large-scale paintings for exhibition and offer exhibitions of regional and local artists in his rural gallery space, The Rural America Contemporary Art gallery.
Andrew J. Frye, Duluth $  9,990
Frye will hire choreographers and performers to create and produce Dance TV, a live production celebrating diversity, inclusion, and advocacy. Undergraduate theater students will observe a rehearsal and receive mentorship in production.
Aaron A. Gabriel, Minneapolis $  10,000
Aaron Gabriel will take the next steps in producing the concept album for their original musical "Hearts Are Broke", a show celebrating genderqueer stories and characters.
Marybeth Garmoe, Grand Marais $  8,000
Marybeth Garmoe will craft a series of eight baskets utilizing bases and lids that she creates using a wood turning lathe. Through this process she will explore relationships among native materials and create new class content.
Marc S. Gartman, Duluth $  9,750
Gartman will release and perform live an album of original music and lyrics based on a traditional Japanese short story his Jewish father read to him as a child.
Susanna C. Gaunt, Duluth $  10,000
Gaunt will produce solo exhibitions at the Great Lakes Aquarium and Watermark Art Center to expand her audience and enhance her skill set through exploration of community based projects and through exposure in new and nontraditional venues.
Parker Genné, Minneapolis $  10,000
Genné will tour her first folk opera, Silver Hands, with her intergenerational band, Folktopia, to share its healing and regenerative power in participatory workshops and performances with all ages and abilities audiences in Minneapolis and Bemidji.
Merle H. Geode, Minneapolis $  10,000
Geode will create new poems based on a series of sensory deprivation experiments and place based writing at the International Dark Sky Park at Voyageurs National Park. The poems will be shared at two public poetry readings.
Philip A. Gonzales, Edina $  10,000
Gonzales will record songs from his musical Brilliance!, inspiring a new form of inclusion for people with disabilities, with songs and stories on an interactive website connecting the public and specialists serving people with disabilities.
Miguel E. Gonzalez, Apple Valley $  10,000
Gonzales will complete and promote his new Latin infused progressive rock album, Matteria, an instrumental exploration of his experience as a Mexican immigrant in Minnesota.
Christy M. Goulet, Dilworth $  10,000
Goulet will create new work in the form of a literary book with "knowledge keepers" on the creation story/history of the MLOB jingle dress tradition; archiving languages/songs/dance using Zoom, YouTube, Voice recorder's, and pictures as the medium.
Karen E. Goulet, Bemidji $  10,000
Goulet will create new work for an exhibition at the Whit Gallery in Saint Cloud, focused on the Misi-ziibi and other bodies of water. Goulet will also begin a body of work that examines the intersection of family history and daily life experiences working with photo images, cyanotype, and inkjet printed fabric and shibori techniques.
Margo Gray, Side Lake $  10,000
Gray will create an interactive audio tour for a forty-mile section of the Mesabi Trail, a paved biking and walking trail, to reach from Grand Rapids to Hibbing.
K E Grenier, Bemidji $  9,705
Grenier will work with a variety of traditional folk artists, including Indigenous artists, to engage community members in hands on workshops that include storytelling and Ojibwe language as a strong component.
Christopher E. Griffith, Minneapolis $  9,996
Puppetry artist Griffith, a Cherokee tribal member, will gain new video making skills via training at FilmNorth and Catalyst Story Institute to advance the development of his Indigenous futurism Web series Star Turtle.
Teddy Grimes, Saint Paul $  10,000
Grimes will host Summer Cypher, an event that creates authentic hip-hop spaces where people in community immerse themselves into a process of self-exploration and critical reflection, within the raw elements of hip-hop.
Laura A. Grisamore, Park Rapids $  9,911
Grisamore will develop her scope of work by creating a body of photo documentary work focused on unincorporated rural towns, engage rural Minnesota during the project through online platforms, and showcase the work and project through public and Zoom presentations.
Guerreiro, Saint Paul Park $  10,000
Guerreiro will expand ways to teach capoeira that provide a culturally immersive experience of the Afro-Brazilian art form and include movement, folkloric dance, language, and music.
Kathryn J. Haddad, Minneapolis $  10,000
Haddad will develop a series of public dialogues with local director Dipankar Mukherjee exploring our cultural work over the past 30 years. This will result in videos and a publication exploring our crosscultural artistic organizing in Minnesota.
Rachael T. Hanel, Madison Lake $  9,040
Hanel will explore the genre of lyric essay by writing a collection of essays about beauty and aging. She will incorporate interviews with Minnesotans who identify as women of varied backgrounds about their notions of beauty and aging.
Laura Harada, Minneapolis $  10,000
Harada will develop and perform in three Arabic music concerts and offer workshops with ensemble Amwaaj in metro and greater Minnesota.
Nelia Harper, Duluth $  10,000
Harper will create new artwork and coordinate plein air painting opportunities for youth and adults in northeast Minnesota.
Naomi T. Hart, Saint Cloud $  10,000
Hart will create new work for three solo exhibitions in 2023 and explore unique methods of drawing diverse populations into these exhibits.
Sahar Hassan, Saint Paul $  7,000
Hassan will present a live, in person concert that will be professionally recorded and available online to audiences across Minnesota.
Sequoia Hauck, Saint Paul $  10,000
Hauck will share their next documentary, They Didn't Deserve to Die, in a public screening. This six-episode documentary series highlights Native families sharing their heart-wrenching stories of loved ones lost to police brutality.
Nicole A. Havekost, Rochester $  10,000
Havekost will create new work for her 2023 St. Catherine's University exhibition Bewitch, and offer an artist talk and workshop to the university community.
Susan Hawkinson, Grand Rapids $  8,251
Hawkinson will present her new novel, The Adventures of Annie McCallum, through one-week, in person programs with a supplementary online component in six northern Minnesota classrooms.
Scott J. Hebert, Duluth $  10,000
Hebert will host and produce four live podcast shows in greater Minnesota. These live events will be free to the public, continuing a four-year story. Funds will be allocated for artist compensation, equipment, rentals, and skilled laborers.
Nicole L. Helget, Saint Peter $  10,000
Helget will host three writing workshops in three rural communities and revise her essay collection.
Paul D. Herwig, Minneapolis $  10,000
Animation and projection artist, Herwig, will train with Forecast Public Art to develop a public art practice, and engage the community through public performances and an animation workshop with underserved youth hosted by a local nonprofit.
Jill Hildebrandt, Saint Peter $  9,940
Through personal narratives and research, Hildebrandt will create Rural Therapy, a one-person show that highlights rural Minnesota's mental health crisis-suicide statistics, stigma attached to seeking help, and shortage of services.
Jon Hinkel, Duluth $  10,000
Jon Hinkel will guide six volunteer participants to create a fine press book edition documenting the building of a traditional Norwegian rowing boat. The book project will include an open house event and the preparing of a public slide presentation.
Hip Hop 'P', Minneapolis $  10,000
Rhea's Hip-Hop Learning is a more familiar, fun, and mainstream platform for children to learn. Using math facts, nursery rhymes, and personal care in a more entertaining media form, he hopes the lessons will resonate with communities' children.
Josephine L. Hoffman, Minneapolis $  10,000
Hoffman will create a series of workshops for Native American youth and adults in the Twin Cities and rural Minnesota in which they will explore aerial movement in an environment that is culturally sensitive toward their needs.
Jaysen T. Hohlen, Minneapolis $  10,000
Hohlen will produce a photography publication and hold two public launch events.
Carolyn L. Holbrook, Saint Paul $  10,000
Holbrook will complete her first novel which speaks about how both trauma and resilience have been passed down through the DNA of Black women and girls, looking at abuses, disappearances, and deaths since the beginning of slavery up to the present.
Jena T. Holliday, Brooklyn Park $  10,000
Holliday will create a new body of illustrations and continue to develop online content to maintain connection, share stories, and teach art techniques.
Gao Hong, Northfield $  10,000
Gao Hong will hire Minnesota musicians, a producer, and a recording engineer to produce a CD of her pipa concerti that will receive worldwide distribution.
David Hood, Delano $  9,410
Hood will compose, record, and publish two original pieces of music, one for concert band and one for handbell choir, expanding the repertoire of original American music for those ensembles by a Black composer.
Elizabeth Horneber, North Mankato $  10,000
Horneber will generate new work through an intensive study of the flash essay form. She will present a community workshop on flash nonfiction and host an open mic, where she'll also share new work.
Kayleen A. Horsma, Menahga $  10,000
Horsma will share art with 800 students in up to ten greater Minnesota public schools to facilitate discussion and inspire creativity as a tool for success. Finished artwork will be reproduced as a souvenir and archived online for public viewing.
Marissa Humburg, Mankato $  10,000
Humburg will conduct weekly one-on-one music therapy sessions with kids at MyPlace Mankato, giving them access to creation, self-expression, socialization, and trauma relief through music.
Amanda M. Hunter, Duluth $  10,000
Hunter will create a series of painted and collaged dioramas exploring the delicate and unique ecosystems of northern Minnesota and the Lake Superior region. The work will be exhibited online and at a public gallery or community space.
Su Hwang, Minneapolis $  10,000
Hwang will complete her second poetry collection, ROOST, which interrogates e history of violence within the context of deep time through a feminist, ecological lens; and will offer three free, in person poetry workshops in the Twin Cities.
Benji Inniger, Mankato $  9,595
Inniger will engage musicians and artists to create and produce a nature documentary style film with an original musical score showcasing and describing the amazing and diverse natural beauty of Minnesota.
Peter Jadoonath, Shafer $  10,000
Jadoonath will make large-scale sculptural, animated, zoetrope clay vessels that will cast shadows of color and spill painterly modern mythology narratives out of the surface of the pottery shapes.
Rae Jaeger, Mankato $  8,829
Jaeger will finish the film Chester Boo, a reflection of her personal experiences as a woman who has struggled with poverty and relationships while trying to maintain independence.
William Jeter, Jr., Minneapolis $  9,450
Printmaker Jeter will create a printmaking forum for African American artists. Artists will meet, critique peer work, and submit created prints. All artists will have work featured in a February 2024 exhibition, as well as engage in artis talks and hands-on workshops.
Heidi A. Jeub, Saint Joseph $  10,000
Jeub will conduct workshops in collaboration with multidisciplinary artists to build up the unique narratives of those currently living in central Minnesota.
Deborah K. Jiang-Stein, Minneapolis $  10,000
Jiang-Stein will launch a pilot series of video content for Web and specific social media channels, on Instagram and YouTube, with a collage of audio from prison interviews, writing from Minnesota prisons, and video images of discarded face masks.
John S. Jodzio, Minneapolis $  10,000
Jodzio will complete a novel and share it with outstate communities with community readings, as well as teaching community writing workshops.
Blossom Johnson, Saint Paul $  7,025
Johnson will use the grant to write a new play that centers Diné people's joy, humanity, and love against the backdrop of the coal mine boom that has affected the community and land in different ways.
Sarah J. Johnson, Winona $  10,000
Sarah Johnson will facilitate and codesign sessions with partner families, repair clients, and staff of Habitat for Humanity focusing on stories about housing insecurity and needs. The sessions will inspire a mural that will be cocreated with community members.
Aaron Johnson-Ortiz, Saint Paul $  10,000
Community engaged public artist Johnson-Ortiz will create and engage the community through a "muraltar" (mural/altar) to honor the lives of Latinx peoples who have passed on during these difficult times.
Megan R. Jorgenson, Kimball $  10,000
Jorgenson will create new ceramic artwork and provide opportunities for the public to learn about ceramic artwork through open studio events.
Ginger R. Juel, Duluth $  10,000
Juel will curate a sensory friendly exhibit in collaboration with local artist, Diegetic, that tones down overwhelming smells, sounds, and lighting in order to engage with sight, sound, and touch in a calming way, creating a safe space to experience art and joy for those with PTSD and sensory processing disorders.
Penny M. Kagigebi, Detroit Lakes $  10,000
Through creative collaboration, Kagigebi and other Indigenous, two-spirit artists will design embellished birchbark basketry and sculpture and build community, foster healing, and reclaim culture. This is queering Indigeneity.
Rick Kagigebi, Detroit Lakes $  8,000
Kagigebi will teach in an open studio format on the White Earth Ojibwe Reservation, with focus on three levels of skill: 1) basic sewing machine operation; 2) how to make checkerboard blankets; and 3) how to make appliquéd mural blankets.
Asuka Kakitani, Northfield $  10,000
Kakitani will produce a CD and digital recording of her vocal quartet piece, "Songs of One's Own," featuring the Quince Ensemble, to reach Minnesota audiences and beyond.
Patti Kameya, Saint Paul $  10,000
Kameya will engage Minnesotans in conversations on Minnesota history and identity as she writes and researches The Kimono Shop off Nicollet, creative nonfiction about Japanese Americans in Minnesota.
Shana R. Kaplow, Saint Paul $  10,000
Kaplow will produce and exhibit artworks that deal with grieving and renewable energy. She will convene a consortium of artists and scientists to reimagine energy use, engage dialogue, and initiate creative projects.
Lance T. Karasti, Duluth $  10,000
Karasti will exhibit Beyond The North Woods around Minnesota and develop preproduction documents for his next film.
Caitlin Karolczak, Minneapolis $  10,000
Karolczak will create a body of work highlighting the plight of missing and endangered women throughout Minnesota to be publicly exhibited with supplementary video and printed material.
Ani D. Kasten, Shafer $  9,760
Kasten will create a body of original ceramic objects and host two sales highlighting the culture of ceramics and pottery in the Saint Croix valley. The sales will be free to attend for audiences from greater Minnesota to enjoy art unique to the area.
George Keller, Minneapolis $  10,000
Keller will write a play about mixed race identity in Minnesota that can eventually tour throughout the state.
Serenity Kenan, Duluth $  10,000
Kenan will expand entry points into pottery by creating a new body of work for exhibit, and mentorship of an emerging visual artist.
Kathleen Kenney Peterson, Winona $  10,000
Kenney Peterson will present her play exploring an older, gay actor's struggle with multiple sclerosis and the necessity of receiving help from his estranged family.
Hei Kyong Kim, Saint Paul $  9,000
Hei Kyong Kim will complete her speculative memoir and work on revision edits while working with a creative nonfiction writer. She will engage the Korean adoptee community in a collaborative space exploring arts and ancestral healing.
Janna Knittel, Minneapolis $  10,000
Knittel will promote their first book, Real Work, draft and organize their second book, and plan a workshop and collaborative reading in Saint Cloud for students and the public.
Naomi E. Ko, Savage $  10,000
This grant will support the staging of a live performance created, performed, and written by Ko.
Kerry Kolke-Bonk, Appleton $  10,000
Kolke-Bonk will continue her role in creating public art by producing paintings of the fallen servicemen from Appleton for whom the streets have been renamed.
Cindy H. Kolling, Gully $  10,000
Kolling will depict two native Minnesota plants, each in twelve unique hand prints for gallery presentation. The series sets are intended to encourage appreciation for each piece on its own, in sets, and in the overall series.
Elisa Korenne, Baxter $  10,000
Elisa Korenne will teach prose and songwriting skills to survivors of sexual violence in central Minnesota, and finish her novel about sex trafficking.
Jennifer A. Kramer, Minneapolis $  10,000
Kramer will write a feature-length screenplay inspired by the true stories of senior women in rural Minnesota.
Keren Kroul, Plymouth $  10,000
Kroul will create a large-scale, suspended installation of cut and painted paper. Exhibited at St. Catherine University in 2024, the installation will be a meditation on exile and loss. The exhibition and related programming will be free and accessible.
Matthew D. Krousey, Harris $  10,000
Krousey will research and incorporate local raw materials for clay and glazes and develop those into a new body of work made with bisque clay molds. The pieces and process will be shared with the public at two events.
Sarah J. Krueger, Duluth $  10,000
Krueger will foster community connection between the fields of music, videography, and sound engineering by creating professional video recordings of three original Lanue songs performed live by musicians with direct ties to Duluth.
Bethany S. Lacktorin, Brooten $  10,000
Lacktorin will build a pop-up camper recording studio for the purpose of providing ongoing, accessible recording and mixing capabilities for community use and for her own use as a musician and composer.
Mika N. Laidlaw, Mankato $  10,000
Laidlaw will exhibit her ceramics at a Mankato gallery showcasing work to talk about her journey as an immigrant. The event will also focus on how Minnesota nurtures immigrant artists and how immigrants enrich Minnesota in return.
Paul LaJeunesse, Duluth $  10,000
LaJeunesse will create a mural for the Lincoln Park neighborhood in Duluth. He will have community engagement components including interviews, photographs, and community days when the public works directly on the painting.
Steven Lang, Lauderdale $  7,000
Lang will finish his short story collection with the goal of raising awareness of mental health issues in the artistic community in Minnesota.
Kate Langlais, Faribault $  10,000
Langlais will teach painting and drawing classes free of charge in the spring and summer of 2023. Classes will be held outdoors as well as online.
Eric Larson, Minneapolis $  10,000
Larson will revisit his past two theater pieces in light of new personal discoveries, and craft a work in progress showing based on this revisiting.
John G. Larson, Milan $  10,000
Larson will create a new series of assembled large ceramic sculptures and document the process on social media and his personal website.
Sarah B. Larsson, Minneapolis $  10,000
Larsson will study Yiddish language and folk songs with master teachers, and present concerts of original music based on Yiddish folk tradition.
Ed Bok Lee, Saint Paul $  10,000
Lee will conduct three open community workshops on new and hybrid forms of writing at public library events in three different counties (urban, suburban, and nonmetro area).
Soojin Lee, Rochester $  10,000
Lee will collaborate with other musicians from diverse backgrounds and genres to create a solo or ensemble repertoire and hold three concerts. The performance of a new repertoire will be video recorded and shared on a website.
Yoni Light, Saint Paul $  10,000
Yoni Light will produce a narrative dance short film series titled Sacred Ties centered around fictional stories of Afro-Indigenous and Black American people and the connection to ancestral knowledge and power.
Su Love, Roseville $  10,000
Love will document the experiences of Minnesota's Atomic Veterans and the Prairie Island Indian Community, weave in basic water and nuclear science, and build a shared story told through poetry about nuclear radiation in Minnesota.
Shannon J. Lucas Westrum, Bemidji $  10,000
Lucas Westrum will complete an exhibition, woven around driftwood and antlers, that evokes the texture of life in the Minnesota northwoods. She will then offer six, free workshops with regional organizations to encourage new students in basketmaking.
Amy M. Lucas-Peroceski, Chisholm $  5,429
Lucas-Peroceski will provide adult arts programming in six rural communities to foster confidence in and enjoyment of the creativity process.
José A. Luis, Minneapolis $  9,511
Luis will embody his identities and his ensemble's to explore power dynamics in an expanded, collaborative evening-length work presented with a live band.
Ka Oskar Ly, Saint Paul $  10,000
Ly will develop their Moob batik workshop (a traditional practice by Moob Leeg tribes, a subgroup of Hmong) into a fuller residency curriculum to expand their artistic reach across Minnesota and hold critical discourse within their own community.
Jedi Maji, Richfield $  10,000
Berry will capitalize on 2022 public art commissions by increasing practice, marketing, connections, and professional development towards full-time work as a public artist.
April L. Malphurs, Saint Peter $  10,000
Malphurs will create new works of art that combine glass sculptures, mixed media, and video projection mapping technology. She will present her work as an installation exhibition, engaging Minnesotans through artist talks and school tours.
Roosevelt Mansfield, Minneapolis $  10,000
Mansfield will shoot a photography series styling BIPOC models in Victorian fashion and settings to explore the juxtaposition of the makers of said fashion to become the individuals wearing it as well, reversing the roles of power.
Sharon F. Mansur, Winona $  9,990
Mansur will create a dance film, cocurate an Arab/SWANA dance/art film series, and facilitate workshops to engage broader and deeper awareness and engagement regarding the concept of diaspora.
Chris Marcotte, Deer River $  10,000
Marcotte's Everyone Has a Story Project will offer older adults the opportunity to document and share their personal history with family and a local historical society. She will also engage in opportunities to improve her craft and visibility.
Elisha A. Marin, Albert Lea $  10,000
Marin will perform his new folk/Americana album, Shining Out, in a digitally broadcast concert at the Paramount in Austin, with notable recording artists including Matt Patrick of Library Studio, Zach Miller, and Aaron Fabbrini.
Bobby Marines, Rochester $  10,000
Marines will create a six-episode, live, Web series; on-site discussions; and recorded interview, exploring issues affecting the Latinx community while using art as catalyst.
Joyce Marrie, Richfield $  10,000
Marrie will explore and develop a short documentary of her story and the story of a great historian, courageous hero Sojourner Truth.
Natalie R. Martell, Minneapolis $  10,000
Martell will finish her queer young adult (YA) novel and begin a new YA project. She will also develop a newsletter and archive of free resources about YA writing, focusing on Minnesota writers, on her website.
Shanice M. Mason, Minneapolis $  10,000
Mason will continue bearing hip hop culture by curating a creative arts community event, in collaboration with music and movement artists in Minneapolis.
Brian T. Matuszak, Duluth $  8,800
Brian Matuszak will create a series of entertaining and educational programs showcasing Minnesota artists and artwork funded by the WPA's Federal Art Project, and present these programs in the communities where they were originally commissioned.
Claudia R. May, Arden Hills $  10,000
May's initiative explores how the writing of nature poetry fosters well-being, alleviates stresses accompanying racial trauma, and promotes restorative poetic renditions of nature as experienced in local parks and community gardens.
Adam J. McCauley, Duluth $  10,000
McCauley will create a new series of paintings and present his work in daily uploads on his social media sites, blog, and website.
Chris McCormick, Mankato $  10,000
McCormick will continue working toward the completion of his third book, a novel set in contemporary southern Minnesota.
Kathy McTavish, Duluth $  10,000
McTavish will create a series of generative, chance infused, quilt patterns, kits, and quilts called "the grid factory" which will be presented online and in physical installation. The patterns/kits will be available as a companion, interactive element of the final exhibit.
Kelley Meister, Saint Paul $  10,000
Meister will develop a guidebook for artists' emotional well-being and creative practice through a series of workshops that explore how to make art and support our artistic community in difficult times.
Kallie Melvin, Saint Paul $  10,000
Melvin will perform an original, portable puppet show, The Chosen Family Project: A Traveling Show to Delight Children of All Ages. The show focuses on the theme of chosen families followed by a related "make-and-take" activity.
Kelly J. Meyer, Saint Joseph $  8,000
Meyer will deepen her knowledge of using natural dyes and eco printing for use in her embroidery work. She will continue the ancient practices of natural dyes which is not only culturally vital but a necessity in our current eco crisis.
Lady Midnight, Minneapolis $  10,000
Lady Midnight will design virtual audio and visual sound chambers for meditation using the WEBXR platform to promote the release of stress and practice of mindfulness.
Samuel P. Miltich, Grand Rapids $  10,000
Guitarist Sam Miltich will present a monthly jazz performance series for the First Friday Art Walk in Grand Rapids.
Sunghee Min, Roseville $  10,000
Sunghee Min will create and display a sculpture at one of the public outdoor sculpture exhibits in Minnesota.
Rachel A. Moritz, Minneapolis $  6,000
Moritz will complete her creative nonfiction project Retrograde: An Essay, and teach life writing workshops to Minnesota seniors.
Alanna Morris, Saint Paul $  10,000
Morris will engage in creative research to deepen dance methodology, train with master teachers/career consultants to navigate a maturing career, and will acquire new equipment to enhance administrative and technical productivity.
Greg Mueller, Lutsen $  7,875
Greg Mueller will invite Cook County residents to his North Shore studio to create a collaborative public art community column.
Patrick M. Mulcahy, Duluth $  7,863
Mulcahy will teach lighting design and computer aided design to local students.
Desi Murphy, Saint Cloud $  10,000
Desi Murphy will create a body of ceramic fine art, exploring the concept of minimalism, that will be exhibited publicly.
Shannon R. Murray, Bemidji $  10,000
Murray will conduct research to build on her People's Music Series, write new songs, and complete a ten-concert series in communities throughout greater Minnesota, with a focus on rural and small communities.
Sona A. Nair, Hamel $  10,000
Nair will compose, perform, and publish an Indian classical dance form Mohiniyattam based on a popular lullaby composed in 1813 by a renowned Indian poet. Sona intends to make this unique dance form more popular and accessible for the Minnesota community
Kimberly Nelson, Marshall $  10,000
Nelson will develop her project, Backyard Photos of Southwest Minnesota, a project focused on the beauty of simple, everyday things that go unnoticed.
Nathaniel L. Nelson, Winona $  10,000
Nelson will undergo the research and development phase of a Minnesota focused documentary on punk music communities through the lens of mosh pits.
Diana D. Nguyen, Minneapolis $  10,000
Nguyen will publish a poetry collection and present it to the Twin Cities community in a live book release event.
J Nguyen, Minneapolis $  3,550
Nguyen will explore art techniques, particularly digital illustration, to further build on their ongoing narrative work centering queer Vietnamese and Asian diasporas.
Jon Nibbe, Saint James $  10,000
Nibbe will build a versatile kiln to further his own practice and mentor and collaborate with potters in southern Minnesota.
Sarah M. Nicolosi, Minneapolis $  9,713
Nicolosi is a Minneapolis musician who has been composing, recording, and performing since 2009. With grant support from the Minnesota State Arts Board, she is composing and recording an album of seven songs in the seven Greek modes.
Sho Nikaido, Minneapolis $  9,999
Nikaido will teach a photo workshop for ten weeks at a Japanese restaurant. Students will learn its history, technology, and how to approach the media. In the end, students will have an opportunity to show their work in a public space.
Karron Nottingham, Stillwater $  6,620
Teaching artist, Nottingham, will renew her work with Lake Elmo Elementary, the most diverse school in the Stillwater Area School district, by leading a mixed-media, self-portrait project to help students explore and express self-identity.
Aliza Novacek-Olson, Roseau $  10,000
Novacek-Olson will investigate traditional Scandinavian weaving and related folk art technique. The skills learned will be integrated into her exhibitions and demonstrations at public Scandinavian events in northwestern Minnesota.
Mark Odumuyiwa, Richfield $  6,000
Khan will start his project "Something to Say" which provides opportunities for artists to showcase their work in a book and exhibition, and also serve as a way for others to gather and enjoy art made in Minnesota
Alec J. Osthoff, Minneapolis $  10,000
Osthoff will revise his novel, Sawtooths, set on the Minnesota Iron Range. He will host readings on the Iron Range and teach a writing workshop in Ely that emphasizes preserving the stories of elderly Iron Rangers.
Sara Pajunen, Duluth $  10,000
Pajunen will develop two new audiovisual works as part of "Mine Songs: Sounding an Altered Landscape".
Lara Palmqvist, Faribault $  10,000
Palmqvist will stay connected to Minnesota communities and sustain her arts and teaching practices by 1) hosting two writing workshops, 2) offering individual writing feedback to all workshop participants, and 3) completing a draft of her novel.
Maggie Panetta, Rochester $  10,000
Panetta will launch Garages for Good, a residential mural initiative for southeast Minnesota.
Milo Parker, Minneapolis $  10,000
Parker (Arcanas Arts) will create and sell their art at upcoming anime conventions in the tristate area, bringing diversity and representation to the artist alleys in the tristate area.
Sarina Y. Partridge, Minneapolis $  9,965
Partridge will study and arrange traditional, unaccompanied Yiddish folksongs for ensemble harmony singing, and teach them in a series of public community singing sessions.
John C. Paulson, Winona $  9,970
Paulson will record new jazz music for his third big band CD. Distribution will be via live gigs, streaming, and video for his YouTube channel. A concert at the Winona History Center and a series of workshops will accompany the release of the CD.
A Pavan, Minneapolis $  10,000
Pavan will develop new compositions and present his ensemble, Aavartan, in a concert highlighting the poetic drumming tradition of north India. With this, Pavan will strongly expand his repertoire to reach new audiences, students, and collaborators.
Pooja G. Pavan, Minneapolis $  10,000
Pavan will work with experienced arrangers and musicians to produce a new album of original music for the Sufi poetry of great poets from India. With this, Pooja will gain a strong promotional tool to reach new audiences and collaborators.
Darrell J. Pedersen, Baxter $  9,997
Pedersen will complete the publishing process for his book, Campfire in the Basement - Reflections from a North Woods Lake, and then travel throughout northeastern Minnesota and via the Internet, e-books, etc., to market and sell it.
Savannah L. Pemberton, Cass Lake $  10,000
Pemberton will teach beadwork classes to youth in the Leech Lake community.
SEE MORE PERSPECTIVE, Minneapolis $  10,000
SEE MORE PERSPECTIVE will purchase video production tools and engage in mentorship to develop filmmaking skills with a narrative music video series addressing sociopolitical and personal grief, rage, and hope, to be screened in person and online.
Rosetta M. Peters, Marine on Saint Croix $  10,000
Peters will tour around the state to perform five live concerts of her poetry and music, with other community engagement activities.
Atlas O. Phoenix, Minneapolis $  10,000
Phoenix will explore ways to engage with Minnesotans with a retrospective of their work, limited edition merchandise, social media, and shooting footage for Beautiful Boi, a film about their FTM transition and 40+ year mental health journey.
Niphone Phommaras, Saint Paul Park $  10,000
Niphone "Birdy" Phommaras will engage students in traditional Laotian traditional dance.
Viviana Pintado, Minneapolis $  10,000
Pintado will arrange and notate traditional Afro-Cuban themes for performance by high school and college level choral and percussion groups, sharing a cultural tradition and creating a new revenue stream for the artist.
Wendy S. Placko, Northfield $  9,995
Placko will produce a pilot for her original series, D. S. Birch Carlson. She will network with other independent content creators at Catalyst Festival and share her artistic process through Web stories, emails, and a screening event.
Lane M. Powell, Harmony $  10,000
Powell will compose and distribute free copies of both brass band and jazz ensemble music to community and jazz bands throughout Minnesota, influenced by the Minnesota sounds of Prince, Horn Heads, and Corey Wong.
Thomas Putzier, North Oaks $  10,000
Putzier will install a solo exhibition at Gallery 120 in Saint Paul which will be viewable online, and will give an artist talk.
Karen E. Quiroz, Minneapolis $  10,000
Quiroz will partner with Brazilian culture bearers and diverse artists to develop public arts experiences featuring rural Coco music and the diversity of Brazilian culture and art.
Shruthi Rajasekar, Plymouth $  10,000
Rajasekar will work with Minnesota Indian-American music students, sound and video professionals, and visual performers to create a BIPOC centered cross-cultural music video of her new piece, My Best Friend, written for Indian and western musicians.
Aparna Ramaswamy, Minneapolis $  10,000
Ramaswamy will create and perform a new solo dance work, "Ananta: The Eternal Devotion," with live music, presented in a free, public showing.
Ashwini Ramaswamy, Minneapolis $  10,000
Ramaswamy will work on a new choreographic methodology called "Sacred Axis," manifesting from deep research on the aesthetic, history, and philosophy of Bharatanatyam as a boundless wellspring for artistic and cultural possibilities.
Emmett Ramstad, Minneapolis $  10,000
Ramstad will conduct professional development research about being a parent artist, connect with other parent artists and their families through facilitated workshops, and organize a collaborative exhibition of parent and child artists.
Beatrix Raven, Shoreview $  10,000
Raven will create new work and develop a workshop and a newsletter that address the challenges of making large-scale drawings, with particular attention to how aging affects and changes the ways in which artists work.
Yunior Rebollar, Osage $  10,000
Rebollar will professionalize his studio practice and create a new, high quality, multidisciplinary body of work for presentation in summer 2023.
Jes Reyes, Saint Paul $  10,000
Reyes will create LandLines, a new body of interdisciplinary artwork. They will also lead an intuitive weaving workshop.
Ashley Richardson, Saint Paul $  10,000
Richardson will complete new poems for an in progress poetry collection. She will host one virtual or in person reading featuring four to five BIPOC writers and host one writing workshop.
Deneane Richburg, Saint Paul $  10,000
Richburg will strengthen her creative practice and artistic work, allowing deeper practice in translating Black and African diasporic movement to the ice, which will be presented in an informal sharing of the work.
Marisel Riquelme, Mankato $  10,000
Riquelme will work toward compiling her immigrant family's stories and use that as a platform to work with diverse youth in the community at four different workshops/presentations, engaging them to take pride, and write their own stories.
Tracy L. Rittmueller, Sauk Rapids $  10,000
Rittmueller will develop workshops to engage older adults living with dementia in creative writing processes, in two formats for two audiences: in person for people living in care facilities, and online for unpaid dementia family caregivers.
Zak R. Rivers, Mankato $  10,000
Rivers believes Dale Sanders's inspiring journey is a story worth telling and will inspire others in ways beyond age. Sanders, age 87, has announced his plan to take back his title as the oldest human to paddle the Mississippi.
Jamie Robertson, Wadena $  9,498
Robertson will make photographic portraits of rural Minnesotans in the environment where they live and work.
Tracy A. Ross, Mankato $  10,000
Ross will arrange a public, virtual reading of finished original work with a question and answer session, along with a workshop afterward, exploring nonfiction quest narratives in content and form.
RRA, Minneapolis $  10,000
RRA hopes to take her music to the next level. She wants to learn how to create music others connect to and enjoy dancing to. She hopes to share her deep love for synth, Arab, hip-hop and punk music and live performance with the world.
Laura E. Ruprecht, Saint Cloud $  10,000
Ruprecht will be creating new mosaics to add to a growing body of work of MInnesota bird species that will be exhibited at St. John's Outdoor University.
Patti J. Ruskey, Mankato $  9,700
Ruskey will create ten paintings alongside original poetry to display in public settings. A chapbook of these works and poems will be distributed for free.
Dave Ryan, North Mankato $  9,965
Ryan will create a body of new media art works, integrating computer programming and video imagery, to be presented in a solo show.
Patrick M. Ryan, Mankato $  10,000
Ryan will perform The Humor of Pat Ryan and Parkinsons Part 2: The Miracle across greater Minnesota, providing entertainment and information pertaining to the disability of Parkinsons.
Sachiko 'La Chayí', Minneapolis $  10,000
Flamenco dancer Sachiko 'La Chayí' will bring Tablao on Wheels to communities in greater Minnesota in July 2023.
Lin Salisbury, Hovland $  9,375
Salisbury will hire an editor to complete a final draft of her memoir, Crazy for You, for submission. She will hold a series of three salons for North Shore writers, and develop a website to promote her work.
Lou Samsa, Bemidji $  5,000
Samsa will showcase his fifty years of experience as a guitarist online and in public performances throughout northern Minnesota.
JC Sanford, Northfield $  10,000
Trombonist/composer JC Sanford will produce a CD and a digital recording of original compositions with pianist Michael Cain and bassist Anthony Cox.
Betsy D. Saurdiff, Grygla $  10,000
Saurdiff will continue to make pottery for festivals and expand studio tours and online sales.
Fatawu Sayibu, Minneapolis $  10,000
Sayibu will increase opportunities for affordable, safe, and quality in person access to African drum, dance, and culture for K-12 students, and specifically teenaged community members.
Colin S. Scharf, Mankato $  10,000
Scharf will promote the vinyl release of his solo music project, Silver Summer, through free live performances and songwriting workshops in five southern Minnesota cities.
Cassidy J. Schlauderaff, Laporte $  10,000
Schlauderaff will showcase the art of music composition with an emphasis on improvisation and artistic expression through the release of recordings, performance of live shows, and publishing of online content.
Anika H. Schneider, Minneapolis $  10,000
Schneider will develop knowledge of eastern paper making techniques and learn how to make Asian collapsible lantern forms. She will also continue to make ceramic mahjong sets in order to host AAPI mahjong and tea evenings under lantern light.
Aubrey J. Scott, Northfield $  10,000
Scott will explore her trans journey, displaying the art she creates in a digital gallery showing open to Minnesotans and others online.
Patrick E. Scully, Minneapolis $  10,000
Scully will create a one-person, fifty-year retrospective show, and present it at Illusion Theater.
Lindsey N. Seavert, Minneapolis $  10,000
Seavert will complete and distribute a documentary film about a groundbreaking gene therapy, the first U. S. pediatric trial of its kind that took place at the University of Minnesota in 2021.
Christopher M. Selleck, Robbinsdale $  9,000
Selleck will complete his project body//building and will produce new artworks for a solo exhibition of his work at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts' MAEP Gallery in Minneapolis, scheduled for 2023.
April L. Sellers, Minneapolis $  10,000
Sellers will complete final development, performances, and audience engagement of her new work, "Echo....we are imperfect mortal beings," a performance and video blog premiering in Minnesota at Tofte Lake Center in Ely, in June 2023.
Laura M. Sellner, Duluth $  10,000
Sellner will lead the production of a single release and music video of the song Rattlesnake by Superior Siren.
Andrea R. Shaker, Minneapolis $  10,000
Shaker will directly engage Minnesotans in participatory hands-on reading and reflection sessions and work with two Arab American curators to create rough drafts and a final mockup of an artist designed book of images and text.
Sun Yung Shin, Minneapolis $  10,000
Shin will continue their formal study of the Korean language and incorporate it into their poetry manuscript on the history of firearms between the U. S. and Korea, and hold a public event with community partners.
Rosy Simas, Minneapolis $  6,000
Simas will organize two Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) raised beadwork workshops with master Haudenosaunee beadworkers. Participants will also gather weekly for sixteen weeks to practice this unique beadwork form together.
Lisa M. Simons, Kilkenny $  9,988
Simons will work with a writing mentor and take writing classes in order to revise her memoir to prepare it for agent submission. She will also lead writing workshops centered on grief/memoir in greater Minnesota.
Mairead Small Staid, Mankato $  10,000
Small Staid will continue working on her second book of nonfiction, TWICE WRITTEN, and share the work with the greater Minnesota community.
Jenna Smith, Red Wing $  10,000
Smith will learn and perform music from an older generation with folk duo Carriage House for a senior living facility in greater Minnesota. They will also record a new single and host a live event with the support of a Minnesota based opening act.
Jae Speller, Minneapolis $  10,000
Jae Speller will create a new series of functional stoneware to be featured at a pop-up market curated by the artist.
Jovan C. Speller, Osage $  10,000
Speller will produce a limited, home edition poster and puzzle series of her fine art works.
Harper L. Steinbach, Minneapolis $  8,580
Steinbach's How are You, You? A traveling queer interview will travel throughout Minnesota and interview five LGBTQ+ people about their stories and create a booklet from the experience.
Jeffrey M. Stenbom, Apple Valley $  10,000
Stenbom will complete a series of artworks by creating paper from worn U. S. military service members uniforms and embossing the paper with images of the effects of war and the sacrifices of our U. S. military personal.
Will Swanson, Harris $  10,000
Swanson will invite younger Minnesota ceramic artists to join him in presenting reasonably COVID safe, on-site settings for in-person sales and will continue to digitally present useful pottery to a widening, online audience.
Timothy C. Takach, Big Lake $  9,890
Takach will collaborate with the treble choir at St. Michael/Albertville High School to compose a new choral work, and he will update his home studio needs.
Bryan Thao Worra, Minneapolis $  10,000
Thao Worra will provide pop-up exhibits, performances, and videos reflecting on the Lao American journey over the last five decades, along with a selection of emerging and professional Lao Minnesotan and southeast Asian Minnesotan artists who have rebuilt their lives here.
Law Thao, Saint Paul $  10,000
Thao will create five video series on Hmong culture to educate, inspire, and highlight aspects of the Hmong American identity experiences.
Rene Thompson, Andover $  10,000
Thompson will create curriculum for a quartet on traditional Cuban dances to share with students. Additionally, he will choreograph routines for his dance ensemble that will later be showcased at theaters and festivals.
Morgan Thorson, Minneapolis $  10,000
Sourcing unused material from her 2000-21 rehearsal video archive, Thorson will research the space between documentation and storytelling to make a dance with two modes of sharing: pop-up offerings and website streaming.
Savannah M. Tines, Minneapolis $  10,000
Tines will experiment and explore identity along with affection through expressive multimedia. She will engage Minnesotans with a solo exhibition, expand her artistic education, and host events to connect the community in preparation.
Yuki Tokuda, Burnsville $  10,000
Tokuda will produce an original Japanese ballet based on the "Legend of Heavenly Raiment," collaborating with composer Asako Hirabayashi.
Azania C. Tripp, Minneapolis $  10,000
Tripp will work with artists and consultants to curate an accessible exhibit for her solo show in 2024 at the Duluth Art Institute. She will be facilitating workings for the institute's youth program using a critical theory lens.
Hedy Tripp, Saint Cloud $  10,000
Tripp will explore ways of creating, producing, and presenting antiracist poetry reading and writing workshops in greater Minnesota to engage different communities in new perspectives. The presentations will be online, hybrid, and in person.
Lisa S. Truax, Winona $  10,000
Truax will create and exhibit ceramic sculptures based on abstractions of the local environment, incorporating local and recycled materials, with a focus on rural Minnesota.
Doyle D. Turner, Bemidji $  9,986
Anishinaabe singer/songwriter Doyle Turner will write, record, and produce an album of original songs and debut them for the public at a new event called the Northern Minnesota Folk Festival.
Jim Umhoefer, Sauk Centre $  10,000
Umhoefer will continue to develop and publish Seasoned Vagabond, an online travel magazine featuring his writing and photography and devoted to travel and outdoor adventures for all ages, and he will facilitate in person Minnesota workshops to encourage others in their own writing and photography work.
Nancy X. Valentine, Underwood $  10,000
Valentine will develop digital illustration and painting skills to support the creation of a Chinese American culturally themed coloring book available for download through her website.
Molly M. Van Avery, Minneapolis $  10,000
Van Avery will develop and present a new music and story based work at Sugarloaf Cove Nature Center, designed for people to listen to using headphones as they follow a path that leads to the shores of the great lake.
Ryan W. Vine, Duluth $  10,000
Vine will devote uninterrupted time to the completion of a nearly finished manuscript of poems, his second full collection. He will coordinate a number of collaborative readings in west Duluth.
Lynn M. Von Sien, Coleraine $  10,000
Von Sien will create Snow Emergency Route, Book 2, a graphic memoir exploring adoptee issues that surfaced while caregiving her now late father, and host public library presentations about the graphic memoir genre and process.
Waabiigaagaagiikwebik, Laporte $  9,400
Nordrum will capture the cultural and emotional relationship that is shared between Animosh and Anishinaabeg on the seven Ojibwe reservations in Minnesota.
Chamindika K. Wanduragala, Minneapolis $  10,000
Wanduragala will develop skills/creative voice in filmmaking by creating a short puppet film, sharing the work as it progresses on social media, and screen the film, with an interactive component for the audience.
Dennis Warner, Clearwater $  10,000
Warner will present family concerts in smaller, rural communities of Minnesota. Following each performance, Warner will be available to greet the audience, answer questions, and share his story with aspiring musicians.
Sarah E. Warren, Minneapolis $  10,000
Warren will showcase stories by diverse Minnesota artists through outdoor children's book exhibits.
Stephanie E. Watson, Minneapolis $  10,000
Watson will lead writing and creativity workshops for families at 826 MSP, host a free weekly online writing and drawing workshop for adults and kids, and write and revise three new picture book manuscripts.
Michael J. Weatherly, Elbow Lake $  6,000
Weatherly will continue a series of large-scale prints on doors addressing the current opioid epidemic, and continue outreach with recovering addicts with discussions and teaching printmaking.
John A. Wells, Red Wing $  10,000
Wells will create and exhibit a continuing series of six larger paintings focused on geometric forms, lines, and materials.
Bodhi Werner, Duluth $  10,000
Werner will complete his second novel. He'll live stream the behind-the-scenes process of distributing his book and accompanying illustrations online. He'll make a multimedia online curriculum showing how to pitch a book to agents and publishers.
Jacob White, Ely $  10,000
White will develop free film production workshops in rural Minnesota that are accessible to people of all ages. He will lead students in producing their own short films. He will also begin production on two community centered documentary films.
Amy Wilderson, Minneapolis $  10,000
Wilderson will increase her jewelry making techniques and skills, workshop development skills, and improve her website.
Taja Will, Minneapolis $  10,000
Support for choreographer Will's new work, "Dearest Liberator, DISASTER! DISASTER! DISASTER!" in a week-long residency at 331 Space. A culminating work in progress showing with community feedback and reception will occur during the grant period.
Makada N. Williams, Saint Paul $  10,000
Williams will write a book of poetic affirmations for African American children and pair it with a digital print of her own painting or illustration, build a website for her spoken word and art, and perform at various community events.
Symone M. Wilson, Saint Louis Park $  10,000
Wilson will connect with community through directly collaborating and performing with members of the local community, receiving additional technical training, and acquiring performance augmenting equipment to produce a live show.
Matthew J. Winkler, Pine Island $  7,140
Winkler will create and exhibit a new group of mixed-media paintings and sculpture focused on landscape and abstraction in Winona. He will present a public talk and facilitate a series of youth art workshops related to the exhibition.
D. Helene Woods, Monticello $  10,000
Woods will create five large format paintings reflecting well-being and its intersection with gender equity.
Terrell X, Inver Grove Heights $  10,000
Terrell X (aka Carnage The Executioner) will partner with three artists and GREAT Theatre to create and record a live "theater in the round" experience.
Txhee B. Xiong, Saint Paul $  10,000
Txhee Xiong will take the next steps in editing her memoir manuscript on being a victim and survivor of a rape crime in Minnesota and how it has affected her life growing up as a Hmong American woman.
Kao Yang, Saint Paul $  10,000
Yang will work on a young adult memoir titled A Story of Our Own, of her Hmong American experience in Saint Paul.
Peter Yang, Saint Paul $  10,000
Yang will research and write a play about the lives of four Hmong men navigating mental health and shifting cultural norms.
Shia Yang, Saint Paul $  10,000
Yang will showcase two photo exhibitions and conduct three workshops on Hmong American roots and the evolution of cultural movement in modern-day America.
Tsuab Yang, Brooklyn Park $  10,000
Yang will create a short film that celebrates Hmong American women and embracing their sexuality in an over exoticized industry.
Kaonam Ya-Vang, Minneapolis $  10,000
Ya-Vang will purchase a camera and lens to finish her short film Seek. She will explore ways to bring communities together and create a new kind of film worth preserving as a part of Hmong cinema and culture.
Kyle G. Young, Saint Cloud $  9,980
Young will arrange the music of Horace Weston for student ensembles to perform. The students will learn the process of arranging as well as the history of this important African-American composer from the nineteenth century.


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