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Minnesota Presenters Network

The Minnesota Presenters Network (MPN) is a consortium of presenting organizations in Minnesota ranging from small local community groups to large university and municipal presenters.

The goal of MPN is to support and enrich the activities of presenting organizations in Minnesota. These activities serve a larger commitment to Minnesota communities, both rural and urban, by providing opportunities for public participation, increased exposure, and access to live performances by local, regional, and international artists.

The Arts Board provides assistance to MPN and also offers grants to small, midsize, and large presenters throughout the state. If you would like to get on the MPN mailing list, see the Contact information at the bottom of this page. If you would like an application for the Arts Tour Minnesota grant, please contact the Arts Board at (651) 539-2658 or (800) 866-2787.

MPN Goals

  • Increase communications
    MPN acts as a tool to share, distribute and exchange information pertinent to Minnesota presenters including booking, artist fees, contact information and other issues. 
  • Tour development
    MPN stimulates cooperative projects through booking and block-booking information exchange.
    MPN provides access to diverse artists through reduced-price, cooperative booking.
  • Professional development
    MPN offers seminars and lectures as part of the annual meetings.
    MPN encourages ethical practices in the presenting field.

Member benefits

  • Networking, booking, information exchange, and professional development
    1. Members receive an annually updated directory of Minnesota presenters, which includes contact information, typical artist fees and budgets, kinds of artists presented, and facility information.
    2. Members receive a registration discount at the mid-winter seminar and summer retreat.
    3. Members become a MPN list-serve member. The MPN list-serve allows members to exchange block-booking information and to discuss issues on a daily basis.

Membership eligibility

Any nonprofit or tax exempt presenting organization is eligible for membership.
A presenting organization is defined as an organization that contracts, markets, and accepts financial risks for an arts presentation that is not self-produced.

Cost of membership

Membership fee is based on the amount of artist fees paid annually by the organization. Membership is from July 1 to June 30.

An affiliate member is not a presenting organization, but has an interest in the presentation of the performing arts.

Contact information

Minnesota Presenters Network
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