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Arts Board History

1903 The Minnesota State Legislature establishes the State Arts Society to “advance the interests of the fine arts, to develop the influence of art in education, and to foster the introduction of art in manufactures.”
1912 Maurice Flagg is hired as the society’s first director.
1965 The legislature changed the agency’s name to the Minnesota State Arts Council, and refined its mission to “advance the interest of the arts, develop the influence of art in education, and promote and encourage the performing and fine arts in Minnesota.”
1975 The agency’s enabling legislation was amended, again, and its name was changed to the Minnesota State Arts Board.
1977 Minnesota’s regional arts council system was created to provide an effective means to distribute arts funds throughout the state. The eleven councils facilitate local decision-making and foster involvement in the arts in every community of the state.
1997 Robert C. Booker is named executive director of the Minnesota State Arts Board. He had served as the board’s assistant director since 1990.
1997 Governor Arne Carlson signs into law a $12 million increase in the state’s biennial funding for the arts, the largest increase in public arts funding in the state’s history. Some of those new funds are used to create Arts Across Minnesota, a new program to support arts touring and festivals.
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