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Vision, Guiding Principles, Goals and Key Strategies


In twenty-five years, Minnesotans will have made a significant investment in the arts. As a result…

In Minnesota, the arts define who we are. This is a place where people are transformed by high-quality arts experiences, and see the arts as essential to their communities. The arts are integrated into all aspects of our lives, connecting people of all ages and cultures, fostering understanding and respect.

Arts and culture are central to Minnesota's educational system and lifelong learning opportunities. The arts develop creative minds that maximize new opportunities and find solutions to life's challenges.

In Minnesota, the arts industry is an integral part of the economy. Because of the arts, Minnesota communities are successful, dynamic, attractive places to live and work.

Minnesota is a recognized national arts leader. It attracts, nurtures, and sustains creative people and organizations and recognizes them as assets. It is a magnet for arts enthusiasts and a destination for tourists. Residents and visitors are assured a world-class, quality arts experience.

Every Minnesotan appreciates, creates, attends, participates and invests in the arts. Minnesota's effective, innovative, vibrant, public-private support for the arts is the strongest in the country. Universal support and appreciation for the arts help ensure the state's exceptional quality of life.

Guiding Principles

Decisions that the Minnesota State Arts Board and the regional arts councils will make about how best to invest arts and cultural heritage funds will be grounded in the following guiding principles:
  • Accountability and stewardship—Public funds belong to Minnesotans. The Arts Board and regional arts councils will use them in the most effective manner possible and will routinely report the outcomes achieved through the uses of the funds.
  • Statewide approach—The needs and interests of the entire state will be considered when determining how best to allocate funds.
  • Transparency and public involvement—Broad public input and engagement in decision making will be vital to produce the outcomes that Minnesotans expect.
  • Demographic and geographic fairness—Minnesotans of all types, and in every community, will recognize and experience the tangible results of the arts and cultural heritage fund.
  • Comprehensive—The full spectrum of arts providers and arts disciplines will be considered when determining how best to serve Minnesotans with these funds.
  • Sustainable—Some arts activities are meant to be one-time or short term; others are meant to exist and thrive over time. All are valuable and will be eligible for support. In the latter case, funds will be allocated strategically so that the activity or organization funded can be successful into the future, beyond the life of the arts and cultural heritage fund. Funds also will be used to create a sustainable climate in which artists can live and work.
  • Anticipatory and flexible—Decisions about how best to allocate the funds will be reassessed on a regular basis and will adapt as needs and opportunities change.

Goals and Key Strategies

In order to realize our legacy vision, the Minnesota State Arts Board and the Minnesota's regional arts councils must work together to accomplish the following goals:

Overarching goal The arts are essential for a vibrant society

Goal The arts are interwoven into every facet of community life
Strategy Develop strategic relationships and partnerships

Goal Minnesotans believe the arts are vital to who we are
Strategy Enhance public understanding of the value of the arts

Goal People of all ages, ethnicities, and abilities participate in the arts

  • Fully engage with nontraditional and underrepresented participants
  • Transform everyone's life by experiencing the arts

Goal People trust Minnesota's stewardship of public arts funding

  • Provide an accountable arts support system
  • Be responsible stewards of public funds

Goal The arts thrive in Minnesota

  • Foster visionary, skilled arts leaders and organizations statewide
  • Ensure sufficient resources to sustain the arts and artists
  • Serve as a clearinghouse of information on best practices and successful programs

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