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In November 2008, Minnesotans passed the clean water, land, and legacy amendment to the Minnesota Constitution.  As a result, over the next twenty-five years, 3/8 of one percent of the state’s sales tax will be dedicated as follows:
33 percent to a clean water fund,
33 percent to an outdoor heritage fund,
14.25 percent to a parks and trails fund, and
19.75 percent to an arts and cultural heritage fund

Proceeds from the arts and cultural heritage fund “may be spent only on arts, arts education and arts access and to preserve Minnesota’s history and cultural heritage.”

25-Year Vision, Framework, Guiding Principles, and Ten-Year Goals

The 25-Year Vision, Framework, Guiding Principles, and Ten-Year Goals for the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund (PDF) was presented to the legislature on January 15, 2010.

For the two-year period from July 2009 through June 2011, the Minnesota State Legislature has appropriated a significant portion of the arts and cultural heritage fund to the Minnesota State Arts Board and Minnesota’s eleven regional arts councils.  These funds will help make high-quality arts experiences more accessible and available to Minnesotans throughout the state.

New funding opportunities available

Artists, arts organizations, community groups, human service organizations, public agencies, educational institutions, and others are invited and encouraged to take advantage of the following new grant programs the Arts Board will offer.

For additional information

Contact Sue Gens by e-mail or by phone at (651) 539-2658 or (800) 866-2787.

To see a comprehensive list of Legacy Amendment projects funded by the arts and cultural heritage fund, outdoor heritage fund, clean water fund, and parks and trails fund visit the Legislative Coordinating Commission's searchable Web site.


Arts and Arts Access

Investing in high quality arts activities and experiences for all Minnesotans

Arts Access—Project grants that arts organizations can use to broaden arts opportunities for underserved groups by reducing or eliminating barriers to participation.

Arts Tour Minnesota—Project grants to support touring performances, exhibitions, and other related activities throughout the state. Minnesota professional artists, arts organizations, presenting organizations, and public agencies may apply.

Partners in Arts Participation—Project grants to human or social service non-arts, nonprofit organizations to give underserved individuals or groups opportunities to experience the arts.

Arts Education

Investing in lifelong learning in the arts

Arts Learning —Project grants to support lifelong learning in the arts. Minnesota professional artists and arts organizations may apply. Nonprofit and community organizations, public agencies, arts organizations, educational institutions, and others also may apply.

Community Arts Education Support —This program provides operating support to build and strengthen the capacity of exceptional arts education organizations, or of arts education programs of public or nonprofit organizations that have a sustained commitment to providing ongoing, rigorous arts education opportunities in community settings.

Arts and Cultural Heritage

Building bridges between people via arts traditions

Folk and Traditional Arts —Project grants to give Minnesotans more opportunities to experience folk and traditional arts and artists.

Minnesota Festival Support —Project grants to showcase Minnesota artists through arts festivals and broader community-based festivals. 


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