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Arts Board Grant Application Advisory Reviewer Opportunities

Contribute your perspectives remotely

Please note that the Arts Board office is currently closed due to the coronavirus pandemic and we have moved all grant application reviews to remote participation.

The Minnesota State Arts Board seeks qualified individuals to serve as grant application reviewers for the FY 2023 Creative Support for Individuals and Creative Support for Organizations grant programs, and artistic evaluators and panelists for the FY 2024 Operating Support grant program. These individuals play a crucial role in the grant making process as evaluations are used in the assessment of the quality of the applicant activities and reviewer scores help determine which applications will be recommended to the board for approval and in doing so, advance the Arts Board's mission to stimulate and encourage the creation, performance and appreciation of the arts in the state.

Creative Support reviewers:

  • serve a four-week term for either Creative Support for Individuals or Creative Support for Organizations grant program during July 2022 - February 2023; *
  • read and score a set of 25-27 applications online;
  • participate in an online training session;
  • participate in a full-day panel meeting remotely to discuss all assigned applications;
  • can expect to spend, on average, 30 hours total; and
  • receive a financial stipend of $200.00.
* Reviewers will be assigned to teams based on their availability.

Find out if this is the right fit for you, download the complete remote Grant Application Reviewer description.

Artistic evaluators:

  • participate in a self-guided online training session;
  • coordinate directly with six assigned organizations FY 2023 grantees and / or FY 2024 applicants of the Operating Support grant program; *
  • experience an activity either remotely or in person during July 2022 - June 2023; **
  • complete a two-page questionnaire following each experience;
  • can expect to spend, on average, 15 hours total; and; and
  • receive a financial stipend of $150.00.

* Organizations will be matched with artist evaluators who live near them. Artistic evaluators will make arrangements with the assigned organization to attend an in person activity or experience a virtual activity, that fits the evaluator's schedule.

** Evaluations for full applicants must be complete by February 24, 2023, while evaluations for interim applicants must be complete by June 30, 2023. The deadlines will be communicated to each evaluator based on their assignments.

Find out if this is the right fit for you, download the complete Operating Support artistic evaluator description.

Operating Support Panelists:

  • serve a four-month term for the Operating Support grant program during February 2023 - May 2023;
  • read and score a set of 17-20 applications online;
  • participate in an online training session;
  • serve as primary reader for one or two applications and secondary reader for one or two applications (requires a deeper read and preparing questions for four applicant organizations);
  • conduct two administrative visits (phone or video conference meetings with two applicant organizations) in March or April 2023 and prepare a brief report;*
  • participate in two full-day panel meeting discussions remotely in May 2023;
  • can expect to spend, on average, 45 hours total; and
  • receive a financial stipend of $400.00

* Administrative visits will be coordinated by Arts Board staff and scheduled based on the panelist, applicant organization, and program officer's availability.

Panelists will be assigned to panels based on their availability.

Find out if this is the right fit for you, download the complete Operating Support Panelist description.

Who can serve?

The Arts Board seeks individuals from a variety of backgrounds. Public funds belong to all Minnesotans, so a broad spectrum of perspectives and experiences is vital to our grant making process. When selecting reviewers, the Arts Board will give special consideration to geographic representation from throughout the state, ethnic and racial diversity, and a balance of those with previous experience with people who will bring new perspectives to the grant review process.

Selected grant application advisory reviewers must:

  • be a Minnesota resident;
  • have access to a computer with an Internet connection and intermediate computer skills; and
  • have a background in at least one art form, artistic tradition, or arts administration; or
  • have knowledge of or experience with an organization working for public benefit, whether that is a nonprofit organization or a government entity; and
  • be committed to completing all aspects of the grant application review.

Reviewers MAY NOT review applications in a grant program from which the reviewer is an applicant seeking funds. An applicant seeking funds includes: an individual who is applying for funds as an artist or culture bearer; an individual who is a salaried or contracted employee of an organization applying for funds, or an individual who serves on the board of an organization applying for funds.

What do I do if selected?

Upon completion of the grant application advisory review interest form, selected individuals will confirm their availability and receive their term assignment from the panel coordinator. The amount of time and specific tasks required may vary, depending on the grant program in which the individual serves. The panel coordinator will communicate next steps and provide specific instructions for each role. Submitted biography statements will be presented to the members of the Minnesota State Arts Board who will officially appoint advisory reviewers to serve.

To receive the financial stipend, individuals must be registered as a supplier in SWIFT, the State of Minnesota's online accounting system, or update an existing account if any information has changed. An annual plan agreement that incorporates the supplier account number will be sent through DocuSign and must be completed before the term assignment begins. An Arts Board invoice will be emailed following the term assignment and must be promptly completed for payment. For more information, download the SWIFT FAQ.

Arts Board staff will begin reviewing applications for eligibility and completeness after the grant program deadlines. Selected individuals will declare conflicts of interest according to the Arts Board's Conflict of interest policy and the panel coordinator will try to avoid as many conflicts as possible when assigning applications.

Reviewers and panelists begin by participating in an online training session provided by the program officer and then read and score assigned grant applications using the WebGrants online grant management system in advance of the scheduled panel meeting. They must attend the entire panel meeting and participation in the discussion is mandatory. All panel meetings will be conducted by telephone and or video conferencing using Webex Events.

Artistic evaluators begin by participating in an online training session provided by the program officer and then coordinate directly with the primary contact of each assigned applicant to plan to attend or experience one of their scheduled artistic activities. A brief evaluation questionnaire must be promptly completed following experiencing this activity.

Why support the arts community in this way?

Your involvement is vital to ensure that all Minnesotans have the opportunity to participate in and benefit from the arts. Serving as a grant application reviewer is a great way to contribute expertise, have a voice in Arts Board grant making, be inspired by Minnesota's artists and arts organizations, and build skills related to grant seeking and project evaluation.

Past reviewers comment enthusiastically about what an interesting and engaging experience it is to serve. Top reasons mentioned include:

  • In-depth exposure to what's happening in the arts throughout the state;
  • A terrific learning opportunity about what makes for an effective (or not so effective) application;
  • Giving back to the artistic community, and the citizens who so generously support the arts in Minnesota.

How can I apply?

The Arts Board uses an open nomination process to identify potential grant application advisory reviewers. If you'd like to nominate yourself or someone you know who fits the description, please complete and submit our interest form.

Equal opportunity and access

Equal opportunity to participate in and benefit from programs of the Minnesota State Arts Board is provided to all individuals regardless of race, national origin, color, sex, age, religion, sexual orientation, or disability in admission, access or employment.

The Arts Board offers accessibility services and materials in alternative formats upon request. Please contact the Arts Board's accessibility coordinator if you require an accommodation (i.e. ASL-interpretation; open captioning; audio description; digital, large-print or Braille materials, etc.) to fully participate.

For more information, please contact:
Jenea Rewertz-Targui, advisory panel review coordinator & accessibility coordinator
(651) 539-2657 or toll-free at (800) 866-2787

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