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RFP for Public Art at Wade Municipal Stadium

The Minnesota State Arts Board, on behalf of the City of Duluth, requests proposals from professional public artists or artist-led teams for permanent, site-specific public artwork at Wade Municipal Stadium in Duluth, Minnesota.

Eligibility: Residents of Minnesota, Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, North Dakota, Wisconsin, and Ontario, Canada, at least 18 years of age
Budget: $39,150, all-inclusive
Deadline: 11:59 P.M. (MST), Thursday, January 12, 2017
RFP Request: To request the full RFP, complete the following form
RFP Questions: To request information or clarification of clauses within the RFP, e-mail PercentforArt@state.mn.us. The deadline to submit questions regarding this RFP was 4:30 P.M. (CST), December 29, 2016.
RFP Addenda:

Addendum 1 (Responses to questions submitted by December 5, 2016 and changes to the RFP regarding insurance requirements)

Addendum 2 (Deadline extension for Phase I RFP submissions and modifications to the projected timeline)

Addendum 3 (Responses to questions submitted by December 29, 2016)

Construction Docs:

Click here to view construction documents and photographs of spaces available for artwork placement

CaFÉ™ Registration
The Arts Board will use CaFÉ™ to manage proposals for this project. Creating an artist profile in the CaFÉ™ system is a requirement of the application process and must be completed before beginning an application.  Online instructions for creating a CaFÉ™ profile, work sample formatting requirements, and uploading work samples to your CaFÉ™ portfolio are available at CaFÉ™.

Sample Contract
Responders should be aware of the State of Minnesota’s standard contract terms and conditions in preparing their response. Much of the language reflected in the contract is required by statute. If responders take exception to any of the terms, conditions or language in the contract, responders must indicate those exceptions in their response to the RFP; certain exceptions may result in the responder’s proposal being disqualified from further review and evaluation. Only those exceptions indicated in the response to the RFP will be available for discussion or negotiation. Use this link to download a sample State of Minnesota Percent for Art in Public Places Program Professional and Technical Services Contract.