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Arts Board Grant Program Advisory Panel Member

What qualifications are needed?

Successful candidates for the panelist role include an individual who doesn't work in the arts but has a knowledge of or passion for the arts; an individual who has experience as an employee or volunteer with nonprofit organizations; or a person who works in the arts as an artist, administrator, or volunteer. They will have the ability to work independently to carefully read and score a set of grant applications. They will have group discussion experience to effectively participate in an open public meeting virtually. They will have strong written and verbal communication skills, and time management skills. Panelists must be able to meet deadlines, be objective, and thoroughly understand each assigned application to offer constructive feedback utilizing the review criteria.

Selected panelists must:

  • be a Minnesota resident; and
  • have access to a computer with an Internet connection and intermediate computer skills; and
  • have a background in at least one art form, artistic tradition, or arts administration; or
  • have knowledge of or experience with an organization working for public benefit, whether that is a nonprofit organization or a government entity; and
  • be committed to completing all aspects of the grant application review; and
  • commit to participating in the public review meeting that will be held virtually.

Advisors MAY NOT review applications in a grant program from which the individual is an applicant seeking funds. An applicant seeking funds includes: an individual who is applying for funds as an artist or culture bearer; an individual who is a salaried or contracted employee of an organization applying for funds, or an individual who serves on the board of an organization applying for funds. Advisors may only serve three consecutive years in one grant program.

Which grant program is the best fit for you?

Accessible Arts

FY 2024 Project grant panelists:

  • serve a four-week term for one of the project grant programs during July 2023 - February 2024*
  • read and score a set of 25-27 applications online
  • participate in a live virtual training with the program officer
  • participate in a full-day virtual public panel meeting to discuss all assigned applications
  • can expect to spend, on average, 30 hours total
  • receive a financial stipend of $200.00
* Panelists will be assigned based on their interest, availability, and make-up of the panel.

Find out if this is the right fit for you, download the panelist description for project grants.

FY 2025 Operating Support panelists:

  • serve a four-month term for the Operating Support grant program grant program during February - May 2024
  • read and score a set of 17-20 organization applications online
  • participate in a live virtual training with the program officer
  • serve as primary reader and secondary reader for two to four applications
  • conduct two administrative visits by video or phone conference in March or April 2024 and prepare a brief report*
  • participate in one of the two full-day virtual public panel meeting discussions in May 2024**
  • can expect to spend, on average, 45 hours total
  • receive a financial stipend of $400.00

* Administrative visits will be coordinated by Arts Board staff and scheduled based on the panelist, applicant organization, and program officer's availability.

** Panelists will be assigned to panels based on their availability.

Find out if this is the right fit for you, download the complete Operating Support Panelist description.

What are the required activities for grant application advisors?

  • complete the interest form and include an updated biography statement
  • complete SWIFT registration if you would like to receive the financial stipend
  • declare conflicts of interest with applicant list and indicate your availably for panel meetings using an online form
  • participate in Advisor training via Webex Events
  • read and preliminary score applications via WebGrants
  • participate in the entire public panel meeting discussion and submit final scores via Webex Events

How can I apply?

The Arts Board uses an open nomination process to identify potential advisors. If you'd like to nominate yourself or someone you know who fits the description, please complete and submit our interest form.



For more information, please contact:

Equal opportunity and access

Equal opportunity to participate in and benefit from programs of the Minnesota State Arts Board is provided to all individuals regardless of race, national origin, color, sex, age, religion, sexual orientation, or disability in admission, access or employment.

The Arts Board offers accessibility services and materials in alternative formats upon request. Please contact the Arts Board's accessibility coordinator if you require an accommodation (i.e., ASL-interpretation; open captioning; audio description; digital, large-print or Braille materials, etc.) to fully participate.

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